Baby eczema is related to genetic, nutritionist: three nutrients during pregnancy to prevent children from eczema

Introduction: From September and in May of the following year, many parents are not calm, because the children’s eczema repeatedly repeatedly makes parents feel helpless.

Eczema is indeed a relatively complicated skin inflammation. Even some parents do not know why their children have eczema. As the child grows up slowly, eczema will be fine.

The 5 -month -old Xiangxiang face has a lot of red rashes with a lot of red, and the surrounding skin is still a little red and swollen, and the skin looks very dry and peels.Grasp.Later, I went to see the doctor. The doctor said that it was eczema. It was a eczema. It was fine for a few days.

There is a child in the community that has a rash that is not the same as Xiangxiang. The rash is relatively small. There are some light yellow liquid liquids covering the rash, and some thick yellow fur.I can catch it too much, it may not be particularly itchy.

Xiangxiang’s mother said: You must not be eczema. Eczema is like our family Xiangxiang will be dry, peeling, and itchy.

But later, I went to see the doctor and diagnosed it as eczema.The doctor also opened Uzor, and it was obviously wiped for about a week.

Why are the symptoms different, but the diagnosis and treatment are the same?

Others are like we have a cold. Some are mainly cough. Some people are mainly runny nose. Some people just have a fever and headache. The same disease may have different symptoms.

Eczema is a common skin disease in infantile periods. There are three types of clinical:

Dry type:

Like Xiangxiang’s eczema is a typical dry eczema. It looks a bit scary, red and swollen, and bran -like dehydration and dry crusting.It may cause secondary infections, so it is also critical to prevent children from catching injuries.

Daltic spill:

Like obviously seborrheic eczema, the skin is red, and the light yellow seborrheic liquid seeps out of the small spots on the rash, and it may also form a thicker yellow fur.It looks a bit oily.


This type likes the fat doll most. There are water sores and erythema between red rashes. In severe cases, skin tissue swelling will appear.It can spread to the torso limbs and the whole body, and it is easy to follow the skin infection.

Note: The rash refers to the red rash on the surface of the red without highlighting the surface of the skin, and the pimple refers to the rash that highlights the skin surface (within 1 cm).

There will be many skin diseases in infants and young children, and some parents will confuse the tweezers and eczema

1. Grasson is hot, so it usually appears in summer, but the cause of eczema is more complicated. In autumn, winter, spring is more common in spring.

2. The dumplings are independent one by one, and eczema is generally united, and it is connected.

3. The dumplings are gone to cool down a air conditioner, and the air conditioner of eczema will be more serious because of low air.

4. Eczema is generally in the scalp, forehead, auricle and other places.

5. The mule is too much. The weather is cold, but eczema is repeated. It will be better to wait for the child to grow up slowly.

1. Genetic

Long Shenglong, Feng Shengfeng, and the son of mice will be holes. Inheritance is a particularly wonderful thing. Experts from all parties have found that eczema is related to genetics.

For example, parents have allergic diseases, such as asthma, skin allergies, allergic rhinitis, etc., then children’s possibility of eczema will be higher.

2. Allergies

Some doctors directly treat eczema as allergies. Eczema does have a certain relationship with allergies, but allergies cannot include eczema.

Yunyun is 4 years old today and is thin and small, because he has eczema since he was a child. Some doctors say that it may be related to food allergies. Parents do not drink milk and eggs for their children, and even beef and soybeans may be allergic.And high -protein foods such as seafood and fish should be eaten less.

And her mother thought deeply, so Yun Yun was rough tea every day, causing the child to be malnourished by themselves.Later, her mother took Yunyun to see a large hospital in the province. The doctor suggested that the allergen test was performed. It was found that the child was not allergic to milk, eggs, and beef and soy beans, but it was allergic to dust mites, mold and cat hair in the air.

After returning home, her mother lost her carpet and sent the cats at home to her grandmother’s house. After paying more attention to the family, she found that the child was amazing.After that, you can drink milk, eat eggs, and eat meat, and Yun Yun’s weight has grown up.

Allergies include food allergies (allergies caused by eating, which are also allergic to many people) and inhalation allergies (allergies caused by various allergies in the air)

3. Poor skin immunity

Eczema is a kind of inflammation of the skin, so it is mainly because the child’s skin’s immunity is too poor, and there is no resistance to various substances in the environment. As a result, a little thing can stimulate the child’s allergic reaction.

Our skin is the first barrier to protect the human body, and the skin is harder than muscles.

Our home is protected by the wall, and the wall is mainly composed of bricks and mash. The skin of the human body is a hard wall of our body.Brick pieces are like the keratinocytes of the skin play a physical protection role. The oil and water secreted by the skin are equivalent to our mash, which plays the role of water storage and nourishing the skin.Wall.

However, during infants and young children, the organs and skin of the child’s body were still developing. The town cells of the skin were relatively small and thinner, and the sebum secretion was relatively small. ThereforeIt will be more sensitive to changes in the environment.

If the parents do not pay attention to care at this time, for example, the air conditioner at home does not put a humidifier, causing the indoor humidity to be less than 40 degrees, the skin’s moisture continues to lose, and the immunity is worse.

If you do not pay attention to the hygiene at home, the material in the environment will constantly stimulate the child’s skin more easily to cause children to grow eczema.

1. Moisturizing and moisturizing

Many parents believe that eczema is too much moisture, especially in the south. Many parents see their children eczema and give their children some sculptures and red bean water. In fact, the child’s eczema is afraid of dryness and wetness.

We mentioned that the cause of eczema was because the skin’s water -locking ability was poor. We should pay more attention to adding a protective layer to the skin.

We add a thick layer of moisturizing cream outside the skin, which is equivalent to adding a layer of lime to our wall.

Liu Xiaoyan, chief physician of the Chief Dermatology of the Children’s Hospital of the Capital Pediatric Institute, is the secret of Liu Xiaoyan: a large amount of moisturizing cream, the recommended dosage is 250 grams a week, half a catty!60%of eczema rely on moisturizing, and many eczema can be cured with moisturizing, and no medication is required.

Jing Ma’s suggestion is to use a general moisturizing cream. Note that it is frost or paste -like, because frost -like and ointment are all oily waters, and the moisturizing time is long.

However, it should be noted that it is recommended to choose not to contain spices, dyes, alcohol and preservatives. Generally, the skin defense houses have their own moisturizing creams, such as the vitamin E cream of the Guangzhou Leather Defense Institute, or silicon cream.Even Yu Meijing is okay.

Of course, if your mother is a local tyrant, you can also choose some imported low -sensitivity moisturizers such as Sitap, Avene, Miaosile.

Important: non -irritating moisturizing cream, repeated amounts of amount, wiped out to see the skin, just like the wall can not see the wall on the wall.

2. Environment

Parents who have eczema children:

If you have a carpet, let’s let go of the carpet so that the dust mites have nowhere to hide.

If your family raises dogs and cats, you can consider bringing children to a place without a cat and dog. If the child’s eczema is ease, you may need to choose between cats and dogs and children.

If your home is located on the side of the highway, you may have to think about ways to prevent more dust in the room.Try to protect the room quietly.

If you like to buy some beautiful clothes for your children, you should pay attention to change the child in the future. Do not have the color of the color.

If your family is a grandma with a baby, then be careful not to take a bath with the water temperature of the grandmother to take a bath, because the grandmother’s skin sensitivity is low, and it will usually take a bath with a relatively hot water temperature. For childrenEssenceYou can buy a water thermometer for grandma, and the temperature of the bath is 37-40 degrees.

If you are a mother who likes to give children with a shower gel, Jing’s mother suggests not to use it.Children’s skin will secrete fats themselves, and these oils of fats are shower gel.The shower gel can easily disappear your fat.If you really want to use it, you must pay attention to the shower gel and shampoo dedicated to the weakly acidic infant.

If you are a mother who likes adults and children’s clothes, then pay attention when the child has eczema that the child’s clothes are washed alone, and the child’s special irritating laundry solution is used.Moreover, it is recommended to expose it in the sun for 4-6 hours, and the dust mites and molds that may cause eczema on the clothes will be exposed.

If you are a person with heavy hands, your child should be lighter for eczema. It is recommended that you do n’t need to rub your child when you wipe your body.

If you usually wash the sheets once a month or even a quarter, then you may be a diligent mother. Wash the bedding on Monday, and use a special irritating laundry solution.EssenceIf the air conditioner is turned on at home, the air conditioner is cleaned once a week.

3. Records of the diet list

Children with eczema, mother, please record the child’s diet list, record the child’s diet and eczema, and correspond to the food that causes the child’s eczema.

According to the Department of Inspection and Dermatology of Shenyang Children’s Hospital, 354 cases of children’s eczema allergens were detected and analyzed that it was common for children’s food to be 36.16%of milk, 33.33%, 15.25%beef, 9.6%soybeans, 9.6%soybeans 9.6%.

Of course, some children are allergic to wheat, or allergies to peanuts, or even children who are allergic to rice (rice is sad)

Therefore, parents try to make a diet watches themselves: time, the food (category and quantity) of food (category and quantity) of children (serious or still) every day, for example, it is better to find that children just drink egg eczema.Eggs are sensitive.Try not to eat such foods in the future.

4. Three types of nutrients help prevent and reduce eczema

Omega-3 fatty acids:

"British Medical Journal": Researchers at Adelaide University in Australia studied 706 pregnant women with a family allergies.Half of pregnant women take fish oil supplements (Omega-3 fatty acid supplements), 3 times a day, from 21 weeks of pregnancy to delivery.Other pregnant women take rapeseed oil.It was found that the chance of having eczema for children who supplemented fish oil during pregnancy were one -third lower than those of other pregnant women.

These foods are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids: sea fish oil, marine algae, sea dog oil, seal oil, linen seed oil, perilla oil.

If there is a family allergies, it is recommended to replenish fish oil and linolen oil in the middle of pregnancy, and babies can add spontaneous food oil or perilla oil or cooking oil for six months to add supplementary food


Jing Ma checked multiple medical research: probiotics (these probiotics include bisidobacterium, eosinophilic lactobacillus, wax -like Bacillus, and Piccinus, Roy Lactobacilla, Mouse Lactobacillus)

Probiotics can effectively improve the imbalance of the flora and promote the recovery of intestinal function.Eczema may be caused by food allergies, and the supplement to intestinal probiotics can prevent food allergies.

Experts have found that the total effective rate of treating eczema with probiotics can reach 92.40%

Vitamin D:

Studies have found that the level of vitamin D3 in eczema children will be lower, so treating children’s eczema can start from supplementing vitamin D, and generally commonly used vitamin D preparations to supplement.

5. Use medicine if necessary

external use:

Generally uses a 0.1% hydrogenated hydrogenation of Uzor in China, and some hospitals are self -made for exoplaton sedogesone ointment.

If eczema is damaged, antibiotics are generally used under the advice of a doctor.


If the child itchy, it is generally recommended to use antihistamines: poker sensitivity and pine deserving.

Parents are not recommended to use eczema medication. If necessary, it is recommended to go to the hospital to guide.Especially for hormone ointment, it is generally not recommended that after the skin eczema is good, we must continue to take the medication for about a week to prevent eczema from repeated.

Mother Jing’s message: Eczema incidence in infants and young children, and recurrence, family care is critical, correctly understand eczema, and prevent repeated attacks.Also the baby is skin -like skin.


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