Auxiliary food is indispensable, but it is easy to eat wrong. Some children are killed by eating eggs.

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Remember that when we were studying nutrition, the teacher focused on eggs. The protein content in the eggs was high and the absorption rate was high. Especially if it was boiled directly, the protein could absorb 98%.

Advantages 1: Cheap, high nutritional value

A small egg is about 50 grams, which is about one dollar, but it contains about 7 grams of protein, which is equivalent to the content of a box of milk protein!

Advantage 2: Easy to carry

We cook the eggs directly in the pocket. It is very good to take the meal for children. Unlike meat foods, it is not convenient to eat without tableware.

Advantage three: easy to store

At room temperature, our eggs are not big for a week, two weeks, and it is difficult to save if the meat is not placed in the refrigerator.

Eggs In the difficulties of our parents, it was an indispensable nutritional product for every family, so when children add supplementary food, an essential food is an egg!

Error 1: At the beginning, eat eggs when you eat supplementary food

In 2022, the "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" suggested that when children first added supplementary food, they added high -speed rail meat, liver puree, or cereal foods of high -speed rail instead of eating eggs.

At least wait for the children to eat rice paste, meat, pure liver, and a small amount of vegetables, and then add eggs to the child. Do not add it in a hurry, because even egg yolk may have the risk of allergies.

Coupled with eggs, if you cook it alone, it is difficult to swallow it. It will be better to add water or add it in rice paste.

【Reminder of Jing Mom】

The baby’s first auxiliary food is not egg yolk, but meat, liver mud or rice paste. These are relatively allergic mud -shaped foods.

Error 2: Eat the whole egg for the first time

A grandmother in Weifang, Shandong ate egg yolk for his grandson for 5 months, and it was a whole when he was eaten. As a result, the child was allergic to egg yolk.It’s right.

Fortunately, the doctor was very responsible at the time, holding the child to the rescue room, and rescued the child in time.

【Reminder of Jing Mom】

The baby just started to eat egg yolk, first added from 1/8. After the child eats for about three days, there is no problem and then add to 1/4. Be sure to do it step by step.Egg yolk.

Mistake 3: Eat egg yolk to supplement your child

Many parents think that eating egg yolk often can play a good effect of iron supplementation, and even did not even give him the liver of animals, and rarely gives him meat.

In fact, the iron content in the egg yolk is not very high. 100 grams of egg yolk is only 6.5 grams of iron, and the absorption rate of iron in the egg yolk is not as high as meat foods, so we want to supplement the child for iron, we cannot single alone, we cannot single alone.Egg yolks can give children a small amount of eggs every day, but they also need to eat meat. Eat animal internal organs twice a week, so as to prevent children’s deficiency anemia.

Mistake 4: Eat protein or steamed eggs for children prematurely

Before, a grandmother gave the child steamed eggs when the child was 8 months old, because she felt that it was difficult for the child to eat egg yolk. The water egg would digest better. As a result, after the child was eaten, he immediately had a rash in his body.Essence

Because egg whites are easier to allergic than egg yolk, it is a high -quality protein. These high -quality proteins are not very digestible for children.

Therefore, we recommend that children take at least 10 months or even one year old to consider the protein of eggs. The protein that eats eggs prematurely can easily cause children to be allergic, and serious allergies will even affect the child’s development.

Mistake 5: Method for cooking

We generally recommend that eggs are steaming, or boiled or fried directly, but it is not recommended to fried eggs. Fried eggs are really fragrant, but the fat content is very high, which is not conducive to the baby’s growth.

The addition of your baby’s supplementary food requires science and gradual step by step, so that the baby can eat well.

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