Authoritative experts support: How to prepare for the new crown epidemic?

Under the new crown epidemic, there are special concerns about the preparation of pregnant people.From suspected pregnant women, to newborn infection cases, and then the news of maternal and infant transmission may be transmitted, which brings great psychological panic and ideological burdens to those prepared people.Can I prepare for pregnancy during the epidemic?Can patients with infertility still be auxiliary reproduction?Will those who are infected in childcare affect reproductive capabilities after he getting?How to deal with new crown pneumonia during pregnancy?

At the recent live broadcast meeting with the theme of "Preparation and Preparation and Preparation of Premier and Pregnancy and Pregnancy in the Post and Control of the Epidemium", experts responded around these issues.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor Huang Hefeng, Dean of the International Peace Maternal and Child Health Institute affiliated to the School of Medicine of Shanghai Jiaotong University, pointed out that multi -disciplinary cooperation is needed to combine online and offline activities to do a good job of preparation and early pregnancy management, health management of maternal maternals, and health management.Auxiliary reproductive diagnosis and treatment management.

Pay attention to personal protection during pregnancy

The new crown epidemic has a great impact on the pregnancy preparation plan of many families. According to the "Research Report on the Influence of the Number of Birth and Saids in China" released by IQVIA in May 2020Preparation mothers have delayed pregnancy plans because the epidemic is postponed, and 57 % of the post -preparation mothers predict that they will conceive before the end of this year.The prevention and control of the epidemic has entered the "new normal", and the number of pregnancy preparation may resume growth trend. Prospects will face new challenges under the epidemic.

In response to the management of pregnancy, experts recommend that personal protection during pregnancy, pay attention to balanced nutrition, improve immunity, at the same time, regular work, avoid staying up late, exercise appropriately, and maintain spiritual pleasure.In addition to oral folic acid during pregnancy, some patients consider avoiding traveling during the epidemic period, and they will choose to buy health products on the Internet to improve their ability to conceive. To this end, experts are specifically proposed that do not blindly take medicine.Essence

Academician Huang Hefeng said that the new crown virus may have a potential long -term impact on fertility. Under the "new normal" of the epidemic prevention and control, for the prospective parents who prepare for pregnancy, especially patients with infertility that need to be auxiliary reproductivefocus on.Academician Huang also called on multidisciplinary cooperation including reproductive centers, obstetrics, pediatrics, psychology, etc., combined online and offline, and do a good job of health management of mothers under the normalization of the epidemic.

Reproductive centers under the epidemic situation

Due to the complexity of the auxiliary reproductive diagnosis and treatment, infertility patients need to be treated multiple times in the hospital.Under the new crown epidemic, the risk of infection of such patients will be increased.

Professor Sun Yan, Executive Director of the Reproductive Center of the Renji Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, shared the experience of the Reproductive Center of Renji Hospital in epidemic prevention and control.Many IVF centers abroad are shut down. In order to meet the normal needs of patients, the Reproductive Center of Renji Hospital runs smoothly during the epidemic and achieves zero infection.

First of all, we will strengthen the prevention and control and education of personnel in the hospital. Under the prevention and control guidance of the National Health and Health Commission and the Shanghai Health and Health Commission, the prevention and control measures of reproductive centers have been formulated to ensure safe and effective operation.

The second is that the diagnosis channel has changed from a single offline consultation to online consultation. Through the Internet and WeChat platforms, doctors and patients can communicate and communicate, and provide some conventional treatment suggestions and guidance for patients.

The third is to adjust the conventional ovulation -promoting treatment scheme, choose a simple, efficient and safe ovulation promotion solution to reduce the number of patients to come to the hospital and stay in the hospital.

Professor Jin Li, director of the International Peace Maternal and Child Health Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, said that the International Peace Maternal and Child Health Hospital has also undergone multiple screening in the prevention and control of the epidemic, including my health code, action trajectory, and history of epidemiological diseases.Research and testing of multiple body temperature.Before embryonic transplantation, patients who are about to enter pregnancy are about to enter the CT examination before the CT has little effect on the embryo.After the prevention and control level is lowered, if this pregnant patient has no new crown infection with high -risk factors, it is not recommended to perform conventional CT examinations.

The effect of virus on male reproduction

According to domestic and foreign research literature reports, the new coronal virus is an all -round attack on human organs. It is not only aimed at the respiratory tract and immune system, but also the reproductive organs have also been invaded to varying degrees.Domestic studies have found that semen of patients with new crown pneumonia rehabilitation can detect the existence of new coronal viruses.In particular, a recently published autopsy report, including 34 autopsy and 57 cases of micro -autopsy, has clearly detected the new coronal virus in the testicular tissue and the injury of new crown viruses for sperm cells.This reminds that men’s semen will be risked by new coronal virus infection.

Does the new coronal virus damage the male reproductive function?

Professor Jin Li believes that the target organs of the new coronal virus are often organs containing ACE2 receptors. Men’s testicular tissue and women’s ovarian tissue, including endometrium, also have such receptors.Whether or not to attack the reproductive organs, which affects the fertility function, also needs to further make a comparison research confirmed by a further sample.In addition, the new coronary virus in the semen is in the slurry or in the sperm, and it is necessary to study it as a support.If this RNA virus can confirm that sperm can be integrated, its embryo will cause vertical transmission.

Professor Sun Yan said that now it is necessary to pay attention to whether the environment has an impact on male reproductive health. If the guidance of prevention and control in the epidemic is not disinfected, the residue of excessive disinfection agent in the environment may also be on the environment.Causes impact.

Auxiliary reproductive needs to be combined with "prevention and control"

For patients who are eligible and entering the auxiliary reproductive treatment stage, experts propose to "prevent" and "govern" combination to prevent new coronal virus infections on the one hand, and on the one hand, they are treated according to specifications.

Professor Li Wen, Director of the Reproductive Medicine Center of the Second Military Medical University, put forward three major consultations of diagnosis and treatment for the auxiliary reproduction.

The first is to use safe and effective ovulation -promoting solutions.In combination with the characteristics of the epidemic prevention and control, in order to facilitate the patient’s consultation and reasonably reduce the number of consultations in the consultation, try to choose a short period of time, easy to control, safe and effective, and control the ovulation.For example, the treatment plan for antagonists, its treatment time is relatively short, which is also beneficial to the completion of our cycle, and it is also convenient for doctors at all levels to operate.

The second is to choose more convenient drugs.Li Wen said, "In the use of ovulation -promoting drugs, we are also very grateful to the current drugs, including the continuous progress of the biopharmaceutical industry, and can have better, more convenient and easy -to -control drug treatment."For example, Merck’s reproductive products, technology and services, each step in the process of assisted reproductive treatment provides patients with integrated solutions.

During the pregnancy, in order to facilitate the use of medications, drugs that facilitate patients to inject themselves, such as a new type of pre -charged injection pen.But at the same time, we must pay attention to medication under the guidance of a doctor.

The management of patients after embryonic transplantation is very important in medication, especially luteal support.Li Wen suggested that under the guidance of a doctor, choose effective and safe drugs that are convenient to use at home, including luteal support for oral and vaginal administration, such as vaginal progesterone gel, and can also be used in combination.

The third is to delay embryo transplantation.In order to prevent the complications of the ovarian excessive stimulation syndrome and reduce the risk of new coronal virus during pregnancy, it is recommended to consider cancel the fresh cycle transplantation, freeze all embryos, and then freeze the embryo transplantation after the epidemic is stable.

Pay attention to the effect of virus on mother and baby

How does a pregnant woman infection with new coronal virus affect the fetus?How to choose the method of childbirth under the risk of maternal and baby vertical communication?

Professor Wang Yanlin, Director of the Police Diagnostic Center of the International Peace Maternal and Child Health Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, believes that there is no confirmation of evidence to prove that pregnant women have infected with new crown viruses and will cause fetal malformations."This also reminds us that we should conduct more high -level RCT research in the future and conduct a forward -looking queue study in order to further draw a reliable conclusion."

Professor Wu Yanting, Chief of the Science and Education Section and Director of Major Scientific Research Projects Office of the International Peace and Child Health Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College, said, "There are two research conclusions. One is that vaginal delivery is relatively safe.If there are no other cesarean section indications, it is not recommended to blindly use caesarean section to reduce the vertical spread of maternal and infants; the second is that breastfeeding should be very cautious. It is necessary to ensure that the milk and mother’s nucleic acid detection are negative, and then breastfeeding is recommended. "

Source: Economic Daily Economic Point Science Studio

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