Aunt is here again

The following is a conversation with my husband.

Me: Do you really have a child in this way?Are we understanding wrong?

Husband (his expression at the time was like this: [laughing and crying] [cover face]): This is not this way, how can you get pregnant?

Me: After all, no one has taught how to have children since childhood. These are what we realize. We only know that it is necessary to combine sperm and eggs. How can we determine that we speculate that it is right?

Husband: How about the combination of sperm and eggs?

Me: I don’t know, no one has taught it.Why are you so sure?Are you sure you are?

Husband (his expression at that time: [despise] [black line]): I’m sure!

Seeing him was so sure, I finally relieved.

Yesterday afternoon, my aunt came again.

When I felt faintly, the whole heart sank.

It has been removed for two months that have not been used for ovulation testing and yang, and it has been five months.Although you can’t go to the hospital for more than a year, you can go to the hospital, but when you see some ovulation test strips, the words "I haven’t hired for three months to go to the hospital" are still mixed in my heart.After all, I caught the ovulation period, and it may be a long time for five months -I feel unable to sit still.

I thought it was good last year. I thought I was very simple. I always felt that it was a matter of one or twice. According to the plan, I should now be prepared for maternity leave in the third trimester, haha.

For a long time for pregnancy, especially when you are older, you start to prepare for pregnancy. The mentality is really easy to collapse, and it is more sensitive to the words of the people around you.

Last year, when my colleague and I mentioned that when I was preparing for pregnancy, the other party (more than one year younger than me, and had a child when I was 27 years old) and said, "You are not big, what’s so anxious?" I said, "I do n’t think I don’t think I do n’t think I do n’tSmall (I was 32 at the time).

As a result, I had not moved for more than half a year, and my colleagues who said no need to worry about it are now for a few months.

Maybe I became sensitive, and I always felt that others were not in a hurry, but people who were young were not good at life.

Speaking of my pregnancy experience, I never dreamed that I would not think that I would do so many strange things.

In December last year, two days before ovulation, I was Yang.However, I was extremely anxious, and I told my husband to come in the same room -at that time he was also Yang, but the symptoms were mild.My husband felt that I was going into the demon, and I had no choice but to give up that month, and I had to give up.

As a result, the auntie of that month was postponed for a long time. To be honest, I didn’t hope, because I felt that I had missed the ovulation period.However, we have been in the same room after "Yang Kang". Considering the impact of the new crown, and the aunt has never come, I can’t help but have a hint of fantasies about winning the prize -what if the ovulation is postponed?

At that time, I had already bought a ticket to go back to my hometown for the New Year, and my aunt was postponed for ten days -it was unprecedented for me because I have always been accurate.

Let me gradually believe that I am pregnant.Even the husband who had thought it was impossible was to be believed by the various "reactions" of my more than a week.

At that time, I began to worry that the plane was not good in the early pregnancy, so I retired the ticket (because it would be expensive because the refund fee was later). As a result, I went to the hospital to check it. The doctor said: Aunt will come.

After the result, my husband asked me not to think much.

I returned home and continued to wait. As a result, two days later, my aunt still did not come. I couldn’t help but start studying and analyzing the report of the hospital. According to the detected progesterone indicators, I speculate that I was about five days ago or orTen days ago ovulation -that is, ovulation is indeed delayed, and near these two speculation time, we just have the same room, but it is not necessarily the day of ovulation.Therefore, I still have a hint of hope for pregnancy, and I hope that the doctor is wrong.

At this point, my man felt that I was a little magic: I didn’t believe it?

On the 13th day, the aunt came.

However, I started a new round of reasoning: Isn’t it also had bed bleeding?Someone regards it as a menstrual period, and it is only found to be discovered for almost two months when I am pregnant. Is this my likely?

So I started to study the difference between the bleeding and the aunt’s bleeding, and found that I was unlikely that I was bleeding in bed, even if it was, the child was basically not saved.

So I had to accept reality.

After calculation, the Spring Festival happened to be the ovulation period.And I heard that my daughter could not go to her husband’s house with her husband -it is said that it would be bad for the brothers at home.And I happen to have a brother.Although it is superstitious, I have broken the rules.

After all, about 12 opportunities in about 12 times a year. I did n’t want to let go of my mother and me about my anxiety. I hope she can understand and think that this time we will not go back during the Spring Festival.

But my mother didn’t seem to understand, so I felt that we couldn’t accept it without going home.I also told her what I couldn’t go home in the same room and asked if we could stay in the hotel if we went back, and she had no response.

After thinking about it, in order to prevent the family from being unhappy, we still go back.

Sure enough, testing the test paper shows that ovulation will be ovulation during the Spring Festival.

In the few days at home, my husband and I not only stayed together, but also had to go to relatives every day. My brother and my dad still asked my husband to drink — before I went home, I asked my mother to tell my dad not to pull my husband to drink together.And my brother also knew that we were preparing for pregnancy, but they didn’t take it at all.I said a few words while eating.

To be honest, I’m really angry.They always feel that drinking is nothing, but we have been preparing for so long, and we really hate me!My brother said that when they gave birth to children, they both ate and drink at will, and didn’t care about it at all.I said, how old are you!More than ten years younger!

When we found the peak of ovulation, we were preparing for a meal with relatives for an hour.My husband didn’t sleep well in my house for a few days. At that time, he was having a lunch break. I called him up and discussed to go to the town to find a hotel.

He felt that I was crazy (his expression was like this at the time: [sweat] [vomiting blood]).

However, in the afternoon, we still hurried to "make up lessons". It felt like being a thief, secretly went out to secretly come back, and we had to think of a "legitimate reason" for cover.I thought about going again at night, after dinner, and the family was a little unhappy. When I arrived at the hotel at twelve o’clock at night, I was sleepy and tired. To be honest, I had no mood.Husband didn’t rest for a few days, and felt that there was no stock.

The next day, I slept separately, and then drove the car. After sitting for a day, I returned to Guangzhou in the early morning.

To be honest, I didn’t dare to report any hope.

Although my aunt came, I was still sad.

What made me most angry is that the day I returned to Cantonese, I talked about my daughter who could not go back to my mother’s house. My mother actually said that she had never heard of this custom at all!

It’s really sad, why do you just listen to what his daughter said when he is a parent?If she can seriously answer it seriously when I mention it a few times before, we don’t have to toss like this at all.

Although many people know that there is a good attitude to prepare for pregnancy, it is really difficult to maintain a good attitude!

Writing this way is to let people who are also experiencing the same pregnancy know that you are not alone.

It is said that those who prepare for pregnancy are always thinking about pregnancy. After pregnancy, they find out how happy they are when they are not pregnant.

In this case, then enjoy every day without pregnancy.

Then, prepare to be a competent mother.


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