At this time of pregnancy, the fetus is officially "long -growing", which is prematurely made up, and the meat is all long.

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It is necessary to supplement nutrition during pregnancy. It can be said to be a well -known "knowledge point". However, when and how to make up are the blind spots of many people.The older generation believes that eating more high -nutrition food after pregnancy, so they make various soups for the mother.However, after production, pregnant women will find that the baby’s weight, height, and expectation are different, but instead they get a lot of fat during pregnancy.

It can be seen that blind supplementing nutrition is not scientific. The fetus has its own development process. Only by understanding the characteristics of each stage can we make targeted plans and spend the pregnancy perfectly.The relevant content of the fetus "long meat" is compiled below.

Generally speaking, the fetus gains obviously at this time in the middle of pregnancy and in July in the middle of pregnancy, and the formal "long meat". At this time, the pregnant mother can properly supplement nutrition. Before that, only additional calcium supplementation was required. Other nutrients need not be supplemented with too much.Because the fetus systematically differentiated in the early stage, it was impossible to absorb too much nutrition, and the premature meat was all long on herself, so the expectant mother did not need to worry.

The baby’s bone development is inseparable from calcium, and pregnant women must also ensure that the bone density is normal through calcium supplementation.Can be supplemented by consumption of calcium tablets, milk, and eggs.

1. Protein

Protein is a nutrients that support life activities. In the "long meat" fetus, the fetus needs to store more nutrients, and more high -quality protein is required. Soybeans, meat, and dairy products are good choices.

2. Vitamin

Vitamin participates in a number of activities in the body and plays an important role.Frequent foods rich in vitamins during pregnancy can avoid indigestion and skeletal malformations.Nuts, coarse grains, and fruits and vegetables all contain vitamins, but fruits have a high sugar content. Too much consumption can cause blood sugar to rise, so you can eat other foods rich in vitamin to replace.

3, lean meat

Many pregnant women have anemia in the later pregnancy. At this time, you can condition the body by eating lean meat and supplement qi and blood. If you are severe, you can take some tonic in an appropriate amount on the advice of a doctor.If the results of the later inspection are good, you can stop the supplement and enhance your physique through the method of diet.

Each meal daily must ensure that the weight is appropriate, balanced in nutrition, and meet the nutritional needs of the fetus.Don’t think that eating too much is good for your baby. This may cause the fetus to be too large, increase the difficulty of childbirth, and increase your own fat, resulting in a serious look.The ideal state of this period is that the fetus grows at a relatively smooth speed at a relatively smooth speed. If the weight gain exceeds the normal level, it must be controlled.

Pregnant women can perform appropriate exercise at a doctor’s advice every day to improve their own immunity.During the exercise, we must wear comfortable clothes and prepare warm -up preparation in advance. Do not cause physical discomfort due to excessive movement and strong exercise.You can exercise with your family or friends.

There are development steps and laws in everything, and the same is true of life.Do not worry about the "long meat period" of the fetus, just take the right amount of food.Insufficient nutrition during pregnancy, you can consult a doctor with nutritional supplements as aid, but you cannot replace the dinner or you must not be afraid of eating diet. This will make the fetus malnutrition.

At the right time, supplement nutrition correctly, and the balanced diet, coupled with appropriate exercise, can make the fetus develop well. I hope that pregnant mothers can give birth to a healthy and energetic baby.

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