At the same time, it is found that the uterine fibroids are happy or sad?Will uterine fibroids change badly!

Xiuwen (the name of the patient) has been married for many years. He has no children. It is not very convenient to have transportation in the mountain village. He is basically farming at home.After a long time of marriage, there have been no children. It is inevitable that some people will ask Dong and West. They have also went to the town to check in these years. They did not find any problems. After a long time, it would be natural.In the medical examination organized in the village recently, Xiuwen determined to be pregnant. Although it was good news, he couldn’t be happy.Because uterine fibroids were found at the same time.Xiuwen is very scared. She can’t figure out whether the fibroids will cause him to have a miscarriage, whether it is a tumor, and whether it will deteriorate and become cancer. After all, the age of pregnancy will not ignore these problems.Essence

Doctor diagnosis:

The patient’s fibroids are muscle wall fibroids. At present, about 3cm, it does not affect pregnancy.Let’s first solve whether the uterine fibroids will cause the problem of miscarriage. This situation of fibroids 3 ~ 5cm. If you do not perform surgery, you will be afraid of abortion.If surgery is performed at least two years before you can get pregnant. It is not easy to get pregnant like patients. Obviously, two years will wait for two years as you get older, pregnancy will become more difficult.However, we should not be too pessimistic. There are many reasons for natural abortion. It cannot be said that it must be caused by fibroids.The phenomenon of abortion within 3 months is likely to be the problem of the embryo itself.Masting abortion may be more for fibroids after three months.If you can get pregnant, the chance of abortion caused by fibroids is relatively small, but even if there is no abortion, there is still a possibility of fibroids degeneration.What is the degeneration of uterine fibroids, which is a unique complication of pregnancy.Because hormones affect uterine fibroids too fast during pregnancy, bleeding in fibroids occurs.In this case, severe abdominal pain is accompanied by fever.There is no special treatment plan for this disease, and it is waiting for it to relieve it itself.If the degeneration of fibroids does not happen, the fibroids are longer and bigger.This situation does not require special treatment as long as there is no abortion symptoms.

Uterine fibroids are the most common benign tumors in women’s genitals. They are also one of the most common tumors in the human body, also known as fibromae fibroids and uterine fibroma.Because uterine fibroids are mainly proliferated by uterine smooth muscle cells, a small amount of fibrous connective tissue exists as a supported tissue. Therefore, it is called uterine flat fibroids.99%of uterine muscles are benign tumors and usually do not change bad.However, as uterine fibroids grow up with volume, it may cause degeneration or necrosis.The variability is divided into four benign variability and a malignant degeneration.Usually four benign variability is divided into glass -like changes, red degeneration, cystic variability and calcification. These four variants are better after healing. Generally, it can be cured after surgical treatment.There is also a worse after healing, which is a malignant change, called sarcoma -like changes. In this case, the evil changes in uterine fibroids occur.

After reading the above cases, we should be aware of the importance of regular examination. If the patient checks the body regularly and finds that fibroids diagnose and treat in time, there may not be such a dilemma, but things have happened, and patients still have to still haveConsider the decision as soon as possible, obey the advice of the doctor, and carry out targeted treatment.Click on the avatar in the upper right corner to follow me, learn more about cancer science and case sharing, and update it online at any time.

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