At the eight months of pregnancy, the father -in -law gave me a 800,000 card for me to do one thing …

When I was eight months pregnant, my father -in -law suddenly gave me a 800,000 card. I asked me to do one thing. I was very angry after listening, but I didn’t know what to do!

My husband and I are college classmates. After graduating, I also work in different departments of the same company. I have seen both parents. The parents of both sides are also very satisfied with us.However, considering that the work is not very stable, we will discuss it and temporarily do not plan to get married. After two years, everyone’s career is stable and then consider marriage.

One day, when we were at work, my husband received a call from his mother -in -law, saying that the father -in -law suddenly fainted at home, so we hurried to the hospital for leave.After waiting for a day, the father -in -law was slowly awake, but the result of the inspection was the thunderbolt -the advanced liver cancer!The doctor said that the father -in -law may have only been more than a year.Hearing this news, our mood is very heavy, but now we can only put up spirit and actively cooperate with treatment, hoping to extend the life expectancy of the father -in -law and reduce pain.

Because her husband is the only child, considering that the father -in -law may have been in more than a year, the father -in -law and mother -in -law discussed with us to see if we can get married and have children earlier, so that the father -in -law can see his grandson or granddaughter before leaving.Originally, we also for the purpose of marriage. Since this is the case, we have also decided to have a wedding in advance and actively prepare for pregnancy.

Soon after we got married, I had good news, and my father -in -law was very happy when I heard it.The father -in -law was in a good mood, and he actively cooperated with treatment. In addition, his mother -in -law took care of it, and his condition improved.As a result, our family is looking forward to the arrival of this little life, hoping that this little life can bring good luck to our family.

But the good times didn’t last long. When I was eight months pregnant, my father -in -law fainted at home again.The doctor said that the father’s condition has deteriorated, and the metastasis of cancer cells may not live for a month.After hearing it, we were very sad and I didn’t know what to do, and the father -in -law still wanted to see his grandson.

After returning from the hospital, the atmosphere at home was very heavy, and my mother -in -law often sighed. My husband and I did not know how to comfort them.One day, my husband went to work, and my father -in -law and I were at home.My father -in -law suddenly took a card to me and said to me, "There are 800,000 in this card. Can you piston the child in advance? Eight months of premature babies can survive, I amThere is not much time, can I see it before leaving? "After speaking, my father -in -law burst into tears.When I heard it, I couldn’t say a word, and turned to look at my mother -in -law.My mother -in -law suddenly cried and told me, "You promise him, he just has such a wish, let him see his grandson before leaving!" I was angry at the time, I said, "No, I can’t do this like this.Son, it is also a life. Who knows what happened in advance, these are too dangerous, I disagree, I don’t want to! "After that, I went back to the room. I locked myself in the room.My husband came back and told them, I think my husband will definitely not agree.

When my husband came back from get off work, my father -in -law didn’t say anything at the time, and I didn’t mention it. I think maybe they also realized that it was wrong.Unexpectedly, before going to bed, my father -in -law called us out, and my father -in -law raised this matter again. I still refused, and I wanted my husband to tell them.But what I never expected was that my husband hesitated, and he told me that he agreed to the father -in -law’s request and cut the child out in advance.The last wish.

I knew my husband was filial, but I didn’t expect him to ignore the safety of the children in my belly, and promised the father -in -law’s request.I am very sad and angry, but I don’t know what to do!Who can tell me, what should I do?

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