At the beginning of the movie, the international female stars who were pregnant were found, each of which was a goddess level

Today, when the filming of international beauty movies, the actresses who accidentally found that they were pregnant to ensure that each one is a ceiling level in terms of beauty.

First look at the editing screen of the first paragraph of "Reunion II", and the widow’s abdomen with the US team slightly bulge.In the near future, Scarlett will usher in her first child

Without this shooting picture, you will never imagine how she was led by the Hulk to cross the mountain and drove the car through the war.In fact, before the filming, the director had already figured out the strategy of responding.In order to prevent the baby who hurts the widow and the belly, the above wonderful action scenes are completed by the standing actor. There are three or four ones of the widow’s double substitutes.

Not only that, the appearance of the stand -in and the widow is also very similar.If you don’t look closely, it is really difficult to distinguish them.Even the US teams who have cooperated for many years are no exception.He once admitted in an interview that after the filming was finished, he even used the stand -in as a widow on the set.

When it comes to the image of the heroine, naturally you must not miss Diana, a Wonder Woman who has both appearance and strength.What is little known is that Galgal has been pregnant for five months when she took pictures and filmed the Wonder Woman, but she did not use a stand -in body

Galgado: Directors cut off the protruding triangle, and then dyed it green, and I started working.Essence

In fact, when the filmmaker announced that she was a Wonder Woman, many people opposed it, saying that she had no chest and no buttocks, and it did not meet the original work.But in order to play this role, she spent nearly seven months of strict training

Physical training projects include but not limited to Kung Fu boxing, horse riding, swordsmanship, Brazilian Jiu -Jitsu, and do a lot of fitness and shaping work.She added about 15 pounds.12 pounds of pure muscles, because she believes that power is not forgery, she wants to change the producer’s view with her own actions

She is the national treasure beauty of Spain, and has been rumored to be the first person to fight for the widow

In "Pirates of the Caribbean", the careful audience may have found the heroine who plays Pedrope, Angelica, which is strange.The picture in the vision always flashes and appears, but in the close scene is very clear

This is actually a crisis that the crew encountered during the filming. Angelica has been pregnant for four and a half months.The director group can only constantly adjust the size of the costume, but the shooting cycle is too long, and Angelica’s belly is larger than the day.

In the end, the director group asked Penelop’s sister to shoot a vision at sea, and she was responsible for close -up shots of the close and above the waist.Coupled with the consistency of the two sisters, it is difficult to see

This enables the "Caribbean Pirates 4" to complete the filming smoothly.After watching the three actresses mentioned above, if you think I just want to share the cold knowledge of the movie, then you are wrong

Whether it is Penelopp, Scale or Galgado, in the behind -the -scenes tidbits, we can see the evaluation of people who have worked with them. They are sincere, strong, and effort during pregnancy.This is what we can’t do, so we have to love them

Frankly speaking, in these three films, whether it is the widow who was threatened by the Uemon or Diana, who was a weak enemy, Diana, at the beginning of the war, did they want to win this battle?

I didn’t think about it. They were almost instinctively murdered to evil, not afraid of life and death, just like every "them" who insisted on working during pregnancy, they were the real Wonder Woman.What we have appreciated has always been a real courage, not what you defeated, but what you have defended by winning or losing.

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