At 9 months of pregnancy, the prospective dad can do these 4 things for you, prove that you have not married the wrong person

Every pregnant mother wants to have a healthy baby treasure, and also hopes that she can have a happy and unforgettable pregnancy time, and do the "queen" for ten months.However, a woman wants to spend this happy pregnancy, and it is not related to the prospective dad.

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For expectant mothers, after pregnancy, because the hormone secretion in the body changes, it is more mentally sensitive and psychologically sensitive, so it is often lost and even "unreasonable". This is a normal phenomenon.of.

For prospective dad, your wife is pregnant, and you must have ecstasy, but for men who have no experience, they are often helpless and busy.In fact, this mood can be understood, but you must not lose your direction.You need to know that you have a "pivotal" effect during your pregnancy.Therefore, in this critical breeding process, expectant mothers must care more about expectant mothers and help them survive this period smoothly.

In September of pregnancy, the expectant mother’s body is even more bulky, it is very inconvenient to act, and it is easy to feel fatigue, become unwilling, and like to maintain the same one for a long time, but this can easily cause back pain.Because this month’s expectant mothers must not only ensure sufficient rest and proper exercise, but also maintain a good attitude and pleasant mood to create a relaxed atmosphere for the baby.

The baby is about to be born, and the prospective dad is time to show his "unique".You must not be a "hand shopkeeper" because you are busy with your career. Don’t deliberately show the idea of "big man". This is a very irresponsible approach."Women are elf made of water, which are used to coax and pet". This is true. You don’t have to prevent face, because you hurt your wife and children, especially the prospective mother in the late pregnancyYou need to give more care and care for the prospective dad.

9 months of pregnancy, if you are willing to do these 4 things for you, prove that you have not marry the wrong person, let’s steal it!

1. Care about the discomfort of the expectant mother’s body

For the sense of uncomfortable pregnancy reactions and back pain of the mother, the prospective father should ask more and care more, and you must not think that the mothers are more, let alone ignore it, or even ridicule.

In the third trimester, expectant mothers will dream and sleep well. Wake up several times a night. When the expectant mother repeatedly tosss you, you will wake you up. At this timeTalk about words and so on.At this stage, expectant mothers will like to dream, especially the dreams related to the baby. At this time, please do not show his absent -mindedness to her. Actively respond to her is the most accurate approach.

2. Wear shoes for expectant mothers

During the third trimester, the baby was mature, and the expectant mothers were also in a big belly. The huge belly not only covered the sight of the expectant mother’s feet, but for expectant mothers, even simple things such as bending over and wearing shoes and picking up Dongxi became very very very.difficulty.If the prospective dad is beside the expectant mother, watching the expectant mother bending over and wearing shoes and shoelaces must be very unbearable, then the expectant mother will work!

3. Help expectant mothers practice childbirth breathing method

Every expectant mother should be tested during delivery, and some expectant mothers are difficult to produce due to their tension.If you start in the middle of pregnancy, the prospective dad should try to accompany the mothers to go to the pregnant women’s school to study and practice the breathing and relaxation method at home, and help expectant mothers to practice at home.Specific mothers reduce the pain of producing pain, eliminate the psychology of tension and fear, and give birth to the baby smoothly.

4. Contact good Yueyue in advance

Some expectant dads and expectant mothers work far away from home, and parents are not convenient to come; there are also some expectant mothers and prospective dad parents who are old and cannot share the care task. If this is the case, the prospective father and prospectivenessMom at this time is a good choice for the next month.Yueyue is experienced in taking care of maternal and babies, which can avoid the restlessness of novice dads and mothers when there is no elderly.When hiring the moon, the prospective father should pay attention to the following questions:

1) If the living conditions in the family are tight, you can consider using the kind of unknown moon, but this type of month should not be easy to find, so the prospective dad must start in advance and contact multiple parties;

2) If you want to use a full -time moon, please prepare rooms and beds for Yueyue in advance;

3) See a face with Yue Yue in advance, so that the work content and time in advance should be agreed in advance. Some Yueyue does not do housework.

4) Please go to the professional Yuexun company, remember to verify the company’s business qualifications and sign a detailed contract with the company.

These 4 things look easy, but for prospective dad, it is difficult to stick to it.But the prospective dad should not be scared because of this, because the person you want to take care of is to accompany you to finish your next life, and your child, so you must persist and strive to be a good husband and dad.

During your pregnancy, have you done these things?

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