As soon as the 37 -year -old girlfriend was pregnant for 2 months, her boyfriend asked to kill the child. Boyfriend: Can’t forget his ex -wife

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In all the emotional quotations of Zhang Ailing, this paragraph only summarizes the men in the marriage:

"Maybe every man will encounter such two women in his life. At least two, marrying red roses. Over time, the red has become a mosquito blood on the wall, and the white ones are still in front of the bed.Rose, over time, the white will become a rice sticky on the collar, and the red one will become a cinnabar mole on the heart. "

In marriage, the biggest difference between men and women is that this is the case. Men get it and may not cherish it; after losing, it seems that it is a normal state.

Men’s loyalty to marriage is far lower than women. Their love is always immature and hovering. Sometimes they feel that the other person is his own life’s belonging, and sometimes doubts about this marriage.

In fact, each man has the psychological psychology of his own marriage. The cause of this attitude is mainly the expectation of marriage, which is expected.The marriage that men want are always a woman who is sensible, unreasonable, and no quarrel.

However, in fact, in addition to the rice oil and salt, the parents are short in the parents, and there are constant quarrels from time to time.The freshness of love and the enthusiasm of nothing to talk about, have long disappeared and returned to bland.

Marriage is so. Only by understanding, cherishing each other, not boring, not tired, can we get a person’s heart, and the white head is not separated.On the contrary, even if you change a person to live, the ending is still the same.

01. Men: She is a good girl, I can’t hurt her

Xiang Shirong (a pseudonym), 42, is a real estate engineer. She has only her own real estate in many local real estate in Changsha. She is so young and always feel depressed, as if there are many things hiding many thingsIt seems very tired, especially at night, preferring to stay in the car for a while, and does not want to go upstairs and go home.

My heart is very painful, I don’t know how to break up, this girlfriend is very good, but I can’t let go of my ex -wife "

When seeing Xiang Shirong, the first sentence he opened was surprising.

Xiang Shirong’s girlfriend is 37 years old, named Mi Susu. The two met through the marriage center. Now, if the days are counted, the two have been in love for 3 months, and their feelings have developed rapidly.In the month, his girlfriend Mi Susu was pregnant.

Xiang Shirong, 42, was very happy at the beginning. However, when he got along for the third month, he began to retreat. He wanted to break up with his girlfriend Mi Susu, but he was a little embarrassed and his heart became more guilty.

Back home, Xiang Shirong saw his girlfriend Mi Susu sitting on the sofa. In the end, he still had the courage to break up, and he broke up with his girlfriend. He heard two words from breaking up. Mi Susu was not surprised at all.I faintly feel that my boyfriend’s heart is not on myself, but I just don’t want to believe it.

"I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. The child wants you to be killed and give you 50,000 yuan as compensation."

Hearing her boyfriend to break up with Shirong, even compensation even thought. Mi Susu, 37, seemed unhappy. After all, there is a life in the stomach.Mi Susu, 37, is already pregnant. If you are killed, it is likely to affect future fertility.

Secondly, there is another reason that makes Mi Susu a little angry.

Mi Susu told us that when the two were in love, they concealed the fact that they had married. Later, the two broke up and set up a divorce to Shirong and their ex -wife.It is Mi Susu, who also actively came to the door to seek forgiveness of Mi Susu’s parents.

Only three months later, her boyfriend Xiang Shirong also said that he could not forget his ex -wife, wanted to remarry with his ex -wife, and asked himself to give up this relationship, kill the children in his belly, and changed his boyfriend to Shirong so fast.Mi Susu was unwilling to let go.

Immediately after, Mi Susu revealed that the two also discussed the wedding not long ago. Now her boyfriend wants to break up and want to remarry with his ex -wife. He feels like a tool man who is angry with his ex -wife.

In order to take care of the fetus in the abdomen, Mi Susu’s parents rushed over from their hometown. When I heard that the prospective son -in -law wanted to break up with his daughter, and the reason for breaking up, Mi Susu’s parents began to blame Shi Rong and said that they said thatThere was a shocking thing.

Mi Susu is the only daughter in the family and has a good family situation. She has three real estate in her urban area. At the beginning, Mi Susu’s parents are not optimistic about Shirong.

Because Xiang Shirong had been married twice, there was an unmarried girlfriend, three loves, and there were 4 children Xiang Shirong. Now, Mi Susu is the fourth.

Considering that her daughter was pregnant, Xiang Shirong’s parents helplessly chose to accept.

A son -in -law was half a child and said that he would break up when he broke up. Mi Susu’s father immediately became furious and asked the other party to explain.

At this time, I said to Shirong:

"If the child is killed, how much is the compensation?"

After repeated considerations to Shirong, and Mi Susu’s parents, anger was difficult to propose to Shirong to change the compensation to the down payment for a house.

However, Mi Susu’s father refused. He was unwilling to use his daughter’s marriage to exchange for benefits, but he couldn’t get better solutions.

After a while, Mi Susu came to the bedroom with the mediation staff, and found a wedding photo of her boyfriend Xiang Shirong and his ex -wife Li Fen (pseudonym) from the room, and the marriage certificate of her boyfriend and ex -wife to prove that her boyfriend went to the world.There is the fact that the ex -wife is in the heart.

Mi Susu revealed that she was 13 years old than Xiang Shirong. The two had a daughter, and the custody right was on the ex -wife. In order to make up for the early stage, Xiang Shirong gave his name to his ex -wife.The 300,000 -header payment and the support fee of 1,800 yuan per month, and the living expenses of 1,000 yuan per month before remarried with their ex -wife.

It can be seen from the divorce agreement that Xiang Shirong is full of affection for his ex -wife Li Fen.

So, Xiang Shirong is so affectionate that you have to break up with Mi Susu and the child who has been pregnant for 2 months. Is it really discussing with his ex -wife? Do you want to remarry?

At the time of being caught in a disappearance, Xiang Shirong, who was away from home, sent a message to Mi Susu. In addition to thinking that Mi Susu said he was sorry, he also told Mi Susu that the child’s affairs made Mi Susu decide himself.

02. Ex -wife: She has 3 marriages, 4 children

In order to figure out the feelings of Xiang Shirong and his ex -wife Li Fen, Mi Susu took the initiative to contact Li Fen (a pseudonym). After some inquiries, the ex -wife Li Fen did not want to break the mirror to break the mirror.Shi Rong was wishful, and often asked Li Fen to remarry with him.

The ex -wife also revealed that before the divorce of the two, Shi Rong personally told her that Mi Susu was his dream lover. Later, Lifen became full of her.

But who had thought that the two divorced only for less than four months, and said to Shirong again that his ex -wife Li Fen was his love. Such a repeated sweet words, Li Fen disagreed, thinking that Xiang Shirong was an anti -anti -.Repeated people can be said to see one who loves one. It is not suitable for marriage at all, only suitable for love.

Why do you say that?Ex -wife Li Fen expressed its basis.

It turned out that before Li Fen married Xiang Shirong, Xiang Shirong had two feelings. Both used the same sweet words to be with another woman and spent a period of time.Xiang Shirong fell in love with a girl, and the other party was unmarried and had children. Xiang Shirong told Shirong to break up and break up.

After informed Xiang Shirong that his ex -wife Li Fen did not want to remarry, Xiang Shirong was still unwilling to die, so he took the initiative to come to find his ex -wife to talk about remarriage.

Seeing the appearance of the ex -husband to Shirong and the purpose of the other party’s trip, Li Fen seemed a little angry, and once again emphasized that he was unwilling to remarry Xiang Shirong again.

Later, Xiang Shirong took out the child’s name, saying that he wanted to give the children a complete home. When he heard Xiang Shirong telling things, Li Fen was even more anxious.

"Now that you are divorced, don’t take the child’s name to say that you want to give your child a complete home. If you really want to give your child a complete home, you have 4 children, how can you give 4 children a complete home? You have the ability to have the ability.Make remarry with the first ex -wife. "

Facing the blame of his ex -wife, Xiang Shirong said silently. Seeing this, his ex -wife Li Fen said again

"If he is really a good man, the woman who fell in love with him is not good. The woman who marries him is not good. You think about which woman has been happy and which woman does not treat him in one intention. Why is every?A woman married him, and the end was miserable. "

Obviously, to Shirong’s attitude towards marriage, as his ex -wife Li Fen said, he always kept searching, and continued to lose, constantly hurting. In the final analysis, he was not good enough, but he did not know how to cherish himself.

Qian Zhongshu said that marriage is a siege. In fact, it is because the "burden" attached to the marriage is too heavy. The relationship between husband and wife, children’s education, and economic burden.Lost and harm, only when you learn to bear, learn to manage marriage, can you live a good life.

After emotional mediation, Shi Rong told Shi Rong that he was willing to calm down, and live with Mi Susu, hoping that Mi Susu could accept him.

However, a few days later, Mi Susu told us that in the end, the two still chose to break up. As for the child, in order to think about it in the future, choose to kill.

03. Girl Ziru has something to say

Qian Zhongshu once wrote in "Siege City": "To be honest, no matter who you marry, after getting married, you always find that you are not the original person, and change the other."

What you ca n’t get is always the best, it is the same truth, and the same is true of marriage. After thinking of a person, after marrying his hand, how many men, hang the word “cherish”, hang it on your heart.

Marriage life is not as good as expected. How much is the consciousness of men after marriage, and the reason for persistence is that life is not easy. It is not easy to have a person who understands himself and grow up with himself.

We often say that life is enough to be confident. As everyone knows, lover is the best confidante, does not involve interests, is not hypocritical. On the other hand, there are a few friends who are sincere friends.

There is no one person. Among the millions of people, it is not easy to find their love. It is even more difficult to enter the marriage hall. If you have it, you should cherish it.

Secondly, I do n’t know how to operate marriage. No matter who marrys, my feelings will lack freshness. Only by operating each other will I do n’t feel tired.Essence

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