Are you preparing for pregnancy? Is menstruation normal?

Normal women discharge an egg from the ovaries every month, and reaches the uterine cavity with the peristalsis function of the fallopian tube.If there is no combination with sperm at this time, the eggs will die within a few days.

With the periodic changes of the ovarian, the endometrium changes its tissue form.Without fertilized eggs into the endometrium, endometrial development will fall off and bleed during a certain period of time. This is menstruation.How do you think menstruation is normal?

1. Look at the color

The pink and the amount is less than usual, and the level of estrogen may be low; the blood color is pale and white, thin, and may have iron deficiency anemia; dark brown meridian blood, normal or gynecological inflammatory;High levels of hormones and low progesterone, if the blood clots are large, indicate that the hormone imbalance is serious.

Normal menstruation is a dark red liquid shape.

2. Look at the amount of blood

Generally, the total menstruation is 20 to 60ml, and the amount of weighing more than 80ml may be caused by endocrine disorders and the endometriosis of the Zi uterine.Less than 20ml of weighing less.

3. See time

There are two major categories of menstrual bleeding during the two menstruation. The first category is relatively common ovulation and bleeding.Another major category is pregnancy bleeding, a history of sexual life, and strong abdominal pain to be alert to ectopic pregnancy.

4. Smell the taste

Normal menstrual blood is mixed with a bit of sour smell, which is caused by normal vaginal flora -lactobacillus. It can maintain a normal weak acidic environment in the genitals and prevent other pathogenic bacteria from breeding.

If you can smell a strong odor, you may be prompting gynecological inflammation, such as bacterial, mold, fungal vaginitis, etc.

5. Find feeling

Whether or not back pain and lower abdomen depends on everyone’s own physique. If you can’t stand it, you should not use painkillers.If you have strong dysmenorrhea, discomfort or even syncope, you need to seek medical treatment in time.

6. Menstruation cycle

The normal menstrual cycle is 21-35 days (the interval time on the first day of two menstruation).The menstrual period is 2-8 days, with an average of 4-6 days.Normal menstrual flow is 20-80ml.If the menstrual cycle, menstrual period or bleeding amount abnormal, after eliminating the qualitative lesions, we call it irregular menstruation or menstrual disorders.

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