Are you not sure if you are pregnant?Teach you to analyze pregnancy test results!

Question 1: Will pregnancy test results show false positive?

First of all, do you need to confirm: Do you read the instructions for the use of pregnancy testing carefully and operate according to the instructions?Are you observing pregnancy test results in the prescribed effective timeliness?Whether the displayed results are also effective in the description.If you do it completely according to this process, then congratulations — you are pregnant in ten or nine.Because pregnancy testing is very low, it is extremely low.

Of course, although the probability is very low, the urine test is still "false positive".For example, women who have miscarriage or have been aborted in the last 8 weeks, as well as taking HCG hormone -containing maternity drugs, or suffering from some kind of tumor disease, this tumor can secrete HCG.Then the above situation can lead to the improvement of the level of HCG. Even if you are not pregnant, the result of the urine test may be positive.

In addition, the pregnancy testing tool itself exceeds the effective period of use and the pregnancy test results are not accurate.If you are still doubtful about the results of the test, you may wish to try the urine test with two different brands of pregnancy testing tools to seek accuracy.

If early pregnancy test (not yet the last menstrual period), at this time, fertilized eggs may also be implanted in the uterus, and it is enough to stimulate HCG, but then stop developingTo.This is the so -called "chemical pregnancy".This phenomenon is more common (about 30%of fertilized eggs will occur this kind of situation), but most women do not feel this situation.Because when chemical pregnancy occurs, it does not affect normal menstrual rules, but during the menstrual period, there will be a slightly larger menstrual flow of one or two days.

Question 2: What does "pseudo -second line" mean?

The results of pregnancy test may also appear "pseudo -second line" by mothers.The cause of this situation is a bit complicated.Basically, once the HCG in the urine in pregnant women is reflected on the pregnancy test device, color lines (usually pink or blue) will be presented.The second line of falseness is not the expected pink or blue, but the gray or similar depression.As long as the lines in which the area is finalized is not a specific color mentioned in the instructions (the instruction manual is very important, it is always emphasized), then it shows that the conclusion of this pregnancy test is negative, that is, there is no pregnancy.The same, if it exceeds the prescribed effective test time (usually 10 minutes), the second line appears. At this time, the conclusion is also invalid, which is not enough to prove that she is pregnant.So, if you look forward to pregnancy, but this is still empty and happy, unfortunately you are really not pregnant.

Question three: Can pregnancy test results show the degree of pregnancy?

The result of a pregnancy test can only show whether women are pregnant or not, and cannot detect the degree of pregnancy.In other words, as long as the positive display line appears, the color shades are enough to prove that you are pregnant.Do not fall into the "blind thinking" at all times because the display line is not obvious.

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