Are these 4 cases of breasts after pregnancy?Do you compare and see which a few are winning

After pregnancy, because of the impact of hormones in the body, the nipples are prepared for before childbirth. The areola and nipples will become bigger and sensitive. This is a normal phenomenon and is too worried, as long as the care work is done in life.

1. Nipple becomes bigger and black and sensitive

After pregnancy, because of the impact of hormones, the nipples and areolas will turn black or brown. This is mainly caused by melanin precipitation. After giving birth, the color will become lighter and lighter.Because the areola and nipple change will pull the skin to the skin, which will cause the nipples to be sensitive, and it will have pain in a little touch. Generally, the breast pain of breast pain is generally not dared to wear.

2. Itching of the nipple and peeling and drying

When the nipple increases, the skin will be pulled, which increases the blood flow of the breast and nipples, which will cause itching of the nipples.In addition, after pregnancy, due to the influence of estrogen, coupled with the lack of vitamin A and vitamin B, and always leaking milk, it can cause nipples and dryness and cracking.Olive oil or sesame oil.

3. Milk secretion

The milk secretion will occur in about eight months of pregnancy. The secretion amount is very sticky, and it is white or yellow. This is a normal phenomenon. Don’t worry too much. You cannot squeeze the nipples often with your hands.Temporary abortion.Wash the secreted milk in time, use warm water to clean the nipples before going to bed every night to keep the nipple clean and dry.

4. Promotes and nipples and nipples and scabs appear nipples

In the middle and late pregnancy, some crowds will have small meat or papilloma. If it occurs on the nipples, it affects breastfeeding and should be removed by surgery.Women will have congenital nipple depression, and some people will worry about affecting breastfeeding, so they will keep pulling them with their hands, but this will stimulate the secretion of the puppet, which can easily cause uterine contraction, leading to premature birth or abortion.In addition, nipple scabs will appear. Do not go out directly with your hands, otherwise it will cause bleeding and let it fall off naturally.

After pregnancy, the breasts will change a lot, so we must do a good job of care.Keep local cleaning and hygiene, avoid eating spicy and irritating food, try to choose loose and cotton underwear, you cannot wear tight underwear for a long time, and you cannot directly massage the breast area with your hands, so as not to cause uterine contraction, affect the normal development of the fetus, affect the normal development of the fetus.EssenceMake sure there is sufficient sleep to avoid staying up late.

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