Applying nail polish during pregnancy can cause fetal malformations?Real

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Recently, a star mother with a very popular star hugs her son and appears in the photo. When everyone praises the female star, she is still hot and calls her son super cute. Some careful netizens found that she found that she found that she found that she found thatWhen this star mother was painted with nail polish when she left the country, netizens immediately accused this of being not a good mother.

However, when you are pregnant, you can apply nail polish, and many beautiful girls are full of doubts.

I watched an experimental video before, painted the nail polish on the foam plate. After staying for a while, I found that the part covered by the nail oil was left, leaving a deep and shallow pit, which was severely burned directly.I was surprised at the time, thinking that nail polish would also corrode our nails.But at the end of the video, the experiments explained that this was just a normal chemical dissolution phenomenon, and nail polish contained an organic solvent that could dissolve the foam.The chemical composition of our nails and foam is completely different, so don’t worry that the nails will be corroded like a foam board.

But this does not mean that pregnant women can apply nail polish

Three misunderstandings about nail polish

1. After the nail oil is applied, the longer the lasting effect, the better

2. Nail polish is only covered on the surface of the nails and will not enter the human body

3. Nail polish (nail polish without color), nail stickers are not harmful

There is a chemical ingredient in nail polish, named 酞.When people apply nail polish for a long time, this ingredient will be absorbed by the human body, which will not only cause harm to the human body, but also cause abortion of pregnant women and even fetal malformations.

Many nail polish in the market, especially nail polish in nail shops, are promoted that they are non -toxic and harmless from imported natural nail polish from a country. Pregnant women can be applied with confidence, but most of them are just a promotional means of merchants.These nail polish are basically "three -no -products", and there is no quality assurance at all. Among them, the content of ampamate is seriously exceeded. It contains benzonate. Long -term contact with this chemical material can cause cancer.

Other pregnant mothers say that it is okay not to apply nail polish, armor oil and nail stickers.In fact, it is also bad for people.

Nails are equivalent to the windows of our liver detoxification (there are many small holes on the nails that are not visible to the naked eye) When you cover it, it will affect our liver detoxification.

I do n’t know if pregnant mothers have found that if you make nails for a long time and apply nail polish, your nails will become darker and lustrous, and your nails will also have rough and smooth phenomena. This is long -term nail polishInstead of damage.

Even if you are not pregnant, do not apply nail polish often. When you eat things, you can easily eat nail polish accidentally. After entering the human body, these substances threatened to health.Nail polish, when I also feed the baby to eat, I pinch cold sweat)

Therefore, mothers, do not apply nail polish during pregnancy for the health of the child. Even if you “unload” in the future, do n’t apply nail polish for a long time. You must rest your nails and breathe.


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