Anyue: Holding employment work with affection to the masses’ hearts

Employment is the foundation of people’s livelihood and the foundation of happiness. It is not only about the "money bags" of the people, but also a "cockpit stone" for social harmony and stability.The community, as the basic unit of social governance, is closely related to the vital interests of the masses.

In recent years, Anyue County has actively explored the new path of "community+employment", opened up the final "level" of the masses’ employment, and achieved more high -quality employment.

Entering the Employment and Entrepreneurship Service Center located in Jiu Shao Community, Yueyang Town, Anyue County, the first thing that refers to is a large LED display screen. The screen is constantly rolling on the screen.

"Through large screens, job seekers can timely grasp the dynamics of employment needs of each enterprise." According to Zeng Huaming, Secretary of the Community Party Committee, the population of Jiu Shao Community has a large population and a large amount of employment demand.What is the most worried about him.

In 2021, after the community actively connected with the Sub -district Office and the Human Resources and Social Security Department, it was decided to set up an employment and entrepreneurial service center in the Community Party and Mass Service Center to provide all -round services such as employment unemployment registration, vocational training, and entrepreneurial loan application for residents in the jurisdiction.

The residents of the Jiu Shao Community are assembled the base of the seat.

In order to provide convenience to the masses, the Jiu Shao Community actively explores the new model of "Nine Xing Eight Industries and Employment Micro Employment", and has established a zero -working market in the community, so that community residents can also employment at the "door of the house" and truly realize the "port port"."Before movement", as of now, it has helped more than 500 community residents to achieve employment, and pregnant mothers Fu Yan is one of them.

"Because I am pregnant, I ca n’t do many jobs outside, and my family is not assured of me. I can find a job at home now. It’ s really convenient. ”Fu Yan told reporters that she is mainly responsible for the assembly of the seat base.It is all handmade work, and the working hours are relatively flexible. It can earn 1,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan per month.

In addition to the "port movement", "sinking bottom" is also an effective means to accurately grasp the demand for employment and entrepreneurship in the jurisdiction.

"In addition to providing the company’s recruitment information, how to match the needs of information with the masses is also a problem that we have been exploring." From the perspective of Liu Guihua, the party secretary of Kui’an Community, Yueyang Town, Anyue County, we must realize full employment.The first condition is to effectively grasp the information of the unemployed.

To this end, the Kui’an community has adopted the way to find out, go to households, and make accounts. Through the daily patrol of the grid staff, it has set up a variety of ways such as community and super -fixed registration points to improve the basic files of the unemployed in the community in a timely manner.

Kui’an Community provides employment consulting services for the masses.

"In order to improve the efficiency of work, we have also established a long -term and direct talent information interoperability mechanism with hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. around the community." Not only that, Liu Guihua said that in order to allow unemployed personnel in the jurisdiction to understand recruitment information in time, the community is in the community.The community QQ group and grid WeChat group have also been established, and the staff will publish effective recruitment information in time in the group to help the masses employment.

"I found a job through the recruitment information published in the group, and now I have done it for more than a year." Liu Taimei, 38, passed the recruitment information released by the group last June and successfully became a cleaning of a nearby hotel.Members work 8 hours a day, with a monthly income of about 2,000 yuan. There are still rotations on holidays, which makes her very satisfied.

The Jiu Shao Community and Kui’an Community are the vivid epitome of Anyue County’s exploring the "last mile" of employment.As of now, Anyue County has established one provincial full -level employment community, 5 municipal -level employment communities, and has achieved more than 2,000 flexible employment. Among them, more than 200 people with flexible poverty alleviation population have increased per person per month.

All media reporter Li Xiaoju Liu Yixiao

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