Animal pregnancy photos make people sigh that life is repeated

Breeding is usually considered a wonderful thing, this sentence is not limited to human beings.Almost all creatures will experience this stage of life, which means that they must be as big as humans and experience the pain of childbirth.It is magical that some animals are only two weeks during pregnancy, while some animals have two years of pregnancy!

Three and a half months during pregnancy

Female American tigers reached sexual maturity when they are two years old. They will be marked with the taste of urine or make some sounds to let the male American tigers know that they have fertility.Female America lion is 105 days of pregnancy and can give birth to 4 little tiger cubs at the same time, but usually 2.Female will grow up alone.

Grassland dog

The grassland dog and rats are usually 1 month, and the specific time depends on the variety.Although the names of these rodents are "dogs", they do not belong to the Wang Xingren family.

Monk seal reaches almost 1 year during pregnancy

The monk seal is about 11 months of pregnancy.Like most fins, monks and seals are "polygamy".

The guinea pig’s pregnancy is 2 months

Female guinea pigs have fertility at 4 weeks, which means that guinea pigs can become pregnant before adulthood.The guinea pig is 59 to 72 days of pregnancy.

Goat can give birth to triggea

This pregnant goat seems to be ready to produce!The sheep’s pregnancy is about 150 days, usually a child and two cubs.However, this goat is large. If it gives birth to a trilogy, we will not be surprised. After all, this situation is also very common in goats.

The giraffe is produced by standing

The giraffe can be as long as 400 to 460 days of pregnancy, usually a child and a cub.The giraffe is produced by standing. When the baby is born, the mother will clean up the body and then stand up to help it. After a few hours, it can run away by itself.

As for the lion, tiger, and bear, I am dripping!

The just born little tiger cub weighs about 0.8kg -1.6kg. At this time, their eyes cannot see things and rely on their mother’s care.

Hello, the hustman mother

Although there is the word "cow" in the name of the startle, in fact, they are closely related to the elephant!The hoods are close to the dolphin during pregnancy, about 12 months, and produced underwater.

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