anger!IntersectionThe 13 -year -old girl was raped in July of pregnancy, but the suspect was agreed to get the bail pending trial

Recently, a 13 -year -old girl in Handan, Hebei was sexually assaulted and pregnant, and the news of the suspect for three years of the police rushed on the hot search.

According to reports, the victim girl Xiaobai and the victim were known in a social software. The two could talk about dating software. Xiaobai’s family was not particularly good. He dropped out of school in the sixth grade of elementary school.In November 2020, Guo personally cheated Xiaobai to a gaming hotel on the grounds of finding some jobs for Xiaobai and earning some pocket money to perform sexual assault on it.At the age of 14, she did not know Guo Moumou’s specific age, "but it must be adults"

Guo Moumou stayed with her for nearly half a month and took this as a threat. If Xiaobai dared to resist, he told her parents that Xiaobai was afraid.Dare to call the police, "After coming out of the first e -sports hotel, I have been to three or four hotels, and he also brought me to his house."

After returning home, Xiaobai did not dare to tell his parents the truth. Until half a year after the incident, Xiaobai’s family found that Xiaobai’s belly was increasingly bulging in June 2021, and felt that it was wrong, so he took her to the hospital for inspection.Only then did Xiaobai have been pregnant for 7 months. At this time, she was not yet 14 years old. When she saw that things could not be concealed, Xiaobai immediately spoke the matter. His parents immediately took Xiaobai to the local police to call the police.After identifying Guo, he was indeed the father of the child in the little white belly.

On December 14, 2021, the Wu’an Procuratorate sent a notice to Xiaohua and the mother Niu Moumou as his legal agent, Niu Moumou, and sent a notice on the scene of Guo Moumou’s crime of rape.In addition, the Wu’an Procuratorate also sent a "Urgent Care Order" to Xiaohua’s parents.Among them, the Wu’an Procuratorate found that Xiaohua’s family was economically average in the case of the case. Parents were busy at work, neglected to perform their duties, and ignored the importance of education. As a result, they dropped out of school prematurely.The seductive people have not established the correct life values and the view of love, which leads to behavior deviation and eventually delay their youth.

However, to this day, Xiaobai did not wait for the legal sanctions that the other party should receive."My family and I have not received any exact response by the progress of the case inquiries in many parties. At the same time, I learned that Guo Moumou had been taken for a bail pending trial." Recently, Xiaobai said, "The other party has not been punished by the corresponding legal sanctions.", Dafeng Journalists called the Wu’an Public Security Bureau of Hebei Province, and the unit refused to be interviewed.

In this regard, I just want to say that the victim’s minor, no matter whether the victim is voluntary or not, is rape. See how fast Wu Moufan went in. In our country, because the young girl under the age of 14, the awareness of sex at the ageMature, special protection is required.

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