Analysis of the cause of miscarriage of dairy cows

1. Nutritional abortion: Many farmers have extensive breeding of cows, especially in the dry milk period of dairy cows. As a result, the cow is thin and the fetus cannot get enough nutrition.The feed is single, and the feed lacks vitamin A, E, D, minerals (trace elements), etc., which makes it difficult for the fetus to develop and the disorders of the lesions and hormone secretions of the mother animal reproductive organs and cause abortion.

2. Mechanical miscarriage: Due to extensive management of cows, cows often hit each other and crowded; artificially driven driving; beating pregnant female animals; rough rectal examinations; sports fields and cow houses too slippery and other factors cause cow abortion.

3. Feed the mildew and deteriorated forage: If the moldy corn contains giblomorne ketones, the cow is easy to miscarriage; the mildew leisurely leaves of dairy cows in the later stages of pregnancy can easily cause a weak calf or raw pregnancy or raw pregnancy.The disabled calves; the excess of the sunflower seed cake to the cows can easily interrupt the pregnancy and excrete it; feed the frozen feed to the cow, which can easily cause the uterine smoothing muscle contraction and cause abortion of pregnant cows.

4. Stress reaction causes miscarriage: long -distance transportation of cows; over -wet, crowded, and hot, the temperature is above 30 ° C. The cattle easily occur in heat stroke. Under the strong sunlight, the cattle are prone to heat irritation.

5. Disease abortion: Dairy heart, lungs, liver, kidney and intestinal diseases, severe major bleeding, diarrhea, and qi can easily cause pregnancy bulls.

6. Drug abortion: Take diarrhea, corticosteroids, anesthesia, deworming drugs, diuretic drugs, sweaty drugs, etc. are easy to cause pregnant cows.

7. Spontaneous abortion: Pregnancy placenta abnormalities, chorrosive membranes are inaccurate, and fluffy, so that the fetus can not get enough nutrients, causing pregnancy interruption;Maternal blood circulation is disordered and the fetus cannot develop normally. Early death of the embryo, due to unhealthy ejaculation, lack of progesterone, influence of maternal diseases and harmful factors, insufficient protein or excess of feed, and inconsistent immunity can cause pregnancy.The cows have a miscarriage.

8. Hormone disorders: The common effect of progesterone and a certain percentage of estrogen makes the embryo development, excessive estrogen, or decreased progesterone can easily cause abortion.

9. Other factors cause miscarriage of pregnancy cows: ① cow suffered from infectious disease abortion, such as Polymiamia, hook -end spiral disease, viral diarrhea, infectious bronchitis, mold abortion, primary body disease disease, Li’s bacterial disease, popularity of popularity, etc.② Parasitic abortion, such as trichomoniasis, laptop disease, new spores, etc.

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