American sisters gave birth to 2 pairs of twins on the same day. After the doctor’s identification: the children are all brother -in -law

On October 24, 2013, two young women were lying on the bed in California Hospital in the United States. This is a pair of sisters and sisters named Krichina. The name of her sister is Anniette.

Although they are just a three -year -old sister, they are very similar in personality and appearance. The two sisters have deep friendship since they were young, so that the sister was unwilling to separate from her sister after marriage, and she moved to KrichLive near Na, only six households.

The two sisters were not only pregnant on the same day, but also had children at the same time. They were very surprised for the hospital doctors. The sister successfully gave birth to twin boys, and her sister gave birth to twin girls.

According to the results of DNA identification, these four children have only one biological father. This person is the husband of Annitett, Kevin Steve. What is going on?

The two sisters seem to be engraved from a mold. On the road of growth, friends around them always recognize them, treat their sisters as my sister, or make a lot of jokes as sisters, although it brings a little bit of life in life a little bit of life.Insufficient, this made the two sisters feel deeper and deeper.

On the road of growth, their life trajectory is really similar.

Some people say that the twins have spiritual rhinoceros, but the same is true for the sisters. When facing important choices in life, their sisters and sisters have chosen the same university and the same major, and even engaged in the same industry after graduation.

Like all American girls, the two sisters found their boyfriend during college. After graduation, they entered a happy marriage hall. In many people, such a trajectory of life was smooth and happy.

Sister and husband Paul got married and gave birth to a lovely child a year later. At this time, the sister was looking at college and watching the well -behaved nephew in her heart, looking forward to her beautiful life in the future.

Later, her sister Anni Dett met her husband Kevin in the future, so the two often went to her sister’s house. For these two young people’s favorite things, they were teasing the child and holding the fleshy nephew in their arms.Extremely happy.

After graduating from college, her sister entered the marriage hall with Kevin. Because she liked children very much, she carried out active pregnancy work. Unfortunately, she had no movement after a year.

On the other side, her sister Clehina was pregnant with her child. It didn’t take long for the second baby to come smoothly. The sister’s family was happy and envious of the four mouths of her sister’s happy family. Her belly was too uncomfortable.

In recent years, the couple have been doing a lot of hearts for pregnancy. All major hospitals in the United States have tried, but the final test results show that the couple’s body is not abnormal, but for why you can’t get pregnant, doctors have no doctors, but there is no doctor.To give exactly, this makes Anni Dette feel crazy. Is this really a arrangement of fate?

When I got home, Anni Dett held a report in her hand and kept looking through.

Fortunately, technology is so developed. Since it is not possible to get pregnant, it is better to consider IVF, although it will cause great pressure on women’s bodies.

However, for the children, no matter how hard they are, Daidi Dedite is also willing to bear it. Under the introduction of the doctor, it is learned that the technology has already become extremely mature and successful, so the couple choose IVF after simple discussions.

Later, Anni Dai resigned immediately. Her husband Kevin asked his superiors to leave leave, and immediately went to the hospital to learn about artificial conception. He actively conditioned his body and prepared for the next step.

Perhaps because of the arrangement of destiny, or because of the physical conditions of Anni Dette, in the following 5 years, I have been actively cooperating with the doctor’s requirements.Any movement.

The fetal embryo was in her body, because the dysplasia flowed out again and again, and after several failures, the couple cried with headache.

Faced with such a special patient, the hospital immediately convened relevant medical workers to conduct a comprehensive examination of Anni Dette’s body. Afterwards, the consensus conclusions were obtained according to the final report. The patient’s uterine conditions were not suitable for pregnancy.

Hearing these words, the husband and wife were silent but did not destroy their dreams. Her husband Kevin took the initiative to propose to adopt the child in order to comfort his wife.Such a life is incomplete.

Anni Dite has spent a lot of time and energy now 32 years old. In the face of this situation, I can’t help but feel sad, why is it so difficult to want a child.

After leaving the hospital and returning home, Anni Dite was always unable to accept reality, nor was he willing to go to his sister’s house. There was no interest in what he was doing when he was so low. There would be no children in this life.There was a beautiful baby, and the arrival of the child made this deserted family full of laughter.

But after the dream woke up, it was a lament, and sometimes she quietly hid in the quilt and shed tears. The husband saw all this in his heart. He didn’t know what kind of method should be used to let his wife get out of this shadow.

Krichina was anxious to see her sister’s increasingly embarrassed heart, so she had a bold idea. Since her sister could not have children, she could borrow my uterus to bred children for their husband and wife.

When this idea told her husband, the other party did not express any objections. After all, she has been married for so many years, knowing that the feelings of the sisters are unusual.

However, after knowing that Anni and Kevin knew, they were surprised by her sister’s thoughts.

Although surrogacy is legitimate in the United States, it also violates the humanity. If the child is born smoothly, what should be called, this is also a major problem at the moment.

In case the sister has given birth to a child, she is unwilling to give them to them, and the feelings of the sisters will be affected. In short, this idea is really bold.

In the face of his sister -in -law’s hesitation, the sister said directly: I hope that the dream of the child of the sister will never snatch the child.In order to be able to discuss this better, my sister proposed that the whole family, including parents, to discuss.

After knowing this, the parents of the sisters were shocked at first, but they agreed with the sister’s approach after thinking for a moment.

After obtaining the consent of the whole family, Anni Ti and her husband began to go to the hospital for related pregnancy.

At the end of 2012, four healthy embryos were cultivated.

In fact, at this time, Anni Dette still did not give up the idea of having a child. Although she faced many failures, she still believed in her mind that she could successfully bred the child.

In order to increase the success rate as much as possible, the four embryos are divided into two copies in the uterus of sister and sister, respectively, so that even if it fails, there is still a 50%success rate.

In addition, Anni Dette also has his own careful thoughts, because from a young age, no matter what he does, she has her sister, and she is beside her, so she will no longer be anxious.After that, she became very relaxed, just like usual, and she would walk out and exercise with her sister.

After these years of tossing, Anni Daite has long seen the incident of having a child. There is no need to force it. Now, my sister has promised to help them have children, so I usually do not stare at various indicators seriously at all.Essence

In particular, the results of the examination caused the two sisters to surprise the two sisters. According to the inspection report form, the embryo development of the two sisters was good in bed, and there was no abnormality. The two sisters gave birth to a healthy twin, which was very likely.

Regarding such news, these two sisters are very happy, especially after many failures of Anniett, and have long had no hope of having too much about their children, but now God has a joke for her.After all, all the trials had failed before, and this time, a sister was accompanied by successful success, and Anni Dait was grateful for her sister.

In particular, the parents of the two sisters were very happy after learning that in order to better take care of the two daughters, the two elderly people worked hard to sell the house far away in San Francisco, and came to the place where the daughter lived to take care of them.

After all, it is not easy for the young daughter to conceive the child, and this time according to the inspection report, the two sisters are both twins, so they must go all out to take care of the child.

In fact, for the other actor brother -in -law, Paul in the story, he didn’t mind his wife’s approach, and even supported it. After all, there were two children. For his wife’s pregnancy, he fully supported all housework.

Later, in order to be able to survive the pregnancy, Anni Dett deliberately lived with her sister.

In this way, the living habits of the two are completely consistent, can better learn the knowledge of pregnancy from my sister, and reduce various anxiety during pregnancy, and more conducive to the healthy growth of the fetus.

Seeing that the due date is about to be coming, for these two families, you must face a realistic problem. How should the child born to the child call herself?Is it a mother or aunt?

In this regard, her husband Kevin did not worry about constantly comforting his wife: "Now we are about to have children now, and the children of the sister who are pregnant belong to us, but also this big family. The four children are angels sent by God.I am very happy that they can become a member of the family. "

With her husband’s words, Anni Detter no longer has to think about it. Each birth checkup is to go together with the sisters, and the final result shows that the indicators are normal.

Before the production is about to produce, the parents proposed that if they were born on the same day, I am afraid that everyone would be too busy. It is recommended that the sister first produce a caesarean section. When the sister regenerates the child the next day, it can not only give you a certain buffer period, but also be a good for my sister.Example, reduce psychological pressure.

But the moment Clehina was about to enter the delivery room, Anni Dett held her sister’s hand tightly. Krichina, who had two children’s experience, knew that her sister was a little worried and said with a smile: "Don’t be afraid.How long will the child come to you smoothly. "

It didn’t take long for my sister’s cesarean section to have a cesarean section, maybe because of nervousness, or because of excitement, Anni Dett suddenly felt a pain in her stomach, and then a regular contraction appeared and became stronger and stronger.The daughter is about to give birth.

While the sister successfully had a cesarean section, the sister was pushed into the delivery room. The two sisters seemed to have a rhinoceros, and at the same time felt the happiest moment in the world.

Kevin outside the ward was extremely anxious. After all, this was the first father, and the brother -in -law Paul and his parents were praying for his wife, hoping that she could produce smoothly.

It didn’t take long for the doctor to open the door of the delivery room. Each of the four medical staff walked out with a baby. The sister gave birth to two boys, and her sister gave birth to two cute daughters.

After returning home, the whole family discussed that in order to better take care of the two mothers and the newborn babies, everyone decided to live together temporarily.

The birth of the four new lives has made the two families busy, especially the younger sister’s family has no experience in bringing children. If they give them all the children to take care of them, I am afraid they will face many difficulties.

So under the proposal of the parents, the two sons were handed over to her sister to take care of them, which could not only share the pressure on the sister, but also allowed the children to get enough care and care.

In addition, there is a problem in front of everyone. My sister gave birth to two healthy big boys, and I never thought about winning love, but I just wanted to solve the difficulties of my sister, instead of not yet solving difficulties, but also at the same time as difficulties and but alsoCreate new problems.

So he said the thoughts in the face of his parents. Although the two children were born from her, the parents were Kevin and Annite, and they were just their aunt.

For whether they need to tell these two children, Krichina and Paul do not think they need to be hidden at all, which can prove the love of the family for them.

After the hardest breastfeeding period, the two children finally returned to Anni Dette. The couple redesigned the home, allowing the four babies to sleep in a room.

In addition, the once large living room was transformed into a temporary paradise. After a period of rest, my sister also came to her sister’s house to help them take care of their children.

Today, these two twins are 10 years old. Not only is healthy growth, it is equally good in learning, but also has a good relationship with her aunt Krichina.

Anni Dite will always remember everything her sister does for her. It is the silent dedication of her sister to make her reunion. I really feel the joy of being a mother. From this story, I can feel the value of affection.Essence

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