American men naturally have a boy, and a conjoined person can get married and have children. What is going on?

Since ancient times, marriage and having children have been a tradition of ancient times. No matter which country in, it has preserved the habit of getting married and fertility.

Of course, in people’s cognition, men and women are clear.In most families, men are responsible for making money to support their families, and women are responsible for living children.However, there are no strange worlds. There are always many things that refresh people’s cognition. There are also many strange things circulating in the fertility world.

A man in the United States successfully conceived through surgery and gave birth to a cute baby boy. Such things are really incredible, but it is real.

This "mother" is called Bente, with a strong beard and a wide chest. From the perspective of appearance, he is an out -of -the -box man.But the strange experience of pregnant children made Benter unconsciously reveal a gentle maternal glory.So many times, people are more willing to call him "mother".

It is reported that Bente’s gender has always been blurred.Since his birth, he has a strange experience, because the genitals are not easy to identify, and for a long time, he has been regarded as a girl education.However, in adolescence, he discovered the difference between himself and others. At the same time as chest development, male characteristics were constantly developing. The changes in beard and throat made him realized that he might be "sick".

So Bente chose to go to the hospital for treatment.After some examination, the doctor said that he was a rough man without male reproductive organs.In other words, Bente is a bisexual person. Although it has some characteristics of men, it also has the characteristics of women.

Therefore, pregnant and having children are not so strange in Bente.Through surgery, Bente completed the dream of being a man, taking hormones and removing the breasts of growth and development.However, in terms of genital surgery, he did not make a decision. Perhaps at that moment, Bente’s thoughts were buried in the heart of Bente.

Later, the idea of having sex with male became more intense. After naturally, she was worried about the growth and health of children after her natural conception.But later, the inspection of scientific methods was finally a successful caesarean section.

To be precise, it is not that men will have children, but Bente’s physique.He originally belonged to bisexuals and had the function of fertility, so he became pregnant and had children.If ordinary men, they may not be pregnant because they do not have such conditions.

Although the incidence of serial twins is one -ten -inch, there are many people in the world, so the conjoined person still exists.The so -called conjoined body refers to a pair of twin twins. They develop poorly in the growth process and have a phenomenon of sharing body organs.But essentially, they are independent individuals and have their own thoughts.

In fact, the first -style babies were treated as a stranger. In the era of underdeveloped medicine, the people in the world had a glimmer of superstition.I always feel that the birth of a conjoined baby is a disaster, and even feel that it is difficult for them to grow up, and sooner or later they will lose their lives for various reasons.

But who would have thought that a pair of sibling brothers broke through the world in the 19th century. They did not inferiority because of physiological defects, but instead turned sorrow into strength. Through their unremitting efforts, they created huge success.Parents named "Chang" and named "Eh" to their brothers. Their growth is very difficult, but the victory is not giving up with perseverance.

Over thirty years old, this has the idea of marrying a wife and having a child, because at this time their career is successful and the financial ability is sufficient, it is precisely prepared for marriage.Later, the two brothers fell in love with a pair of sisters and started a crazy pursuit. Perhaps they were touched by their sincerity. The sisters finally agreed to marry the two.

However, their marriage road is not so smooth. From a legal perspective, the two of them use their bodies in principle. In principle, they must not marry two wives at the same time.But the refutation of the two brothers could not be held. They said that although they used their bodies, they were completely two people in terms of personality, ideas and things.

Later, he married the sisters as expected.But the life after marriage was in trouble again. The two brothers originally "together in the same bed", because their physical reasons could not be separated.After marriage, only four people can sleep together. In the eyes of the world, such marriage is really somewhat different.

It is magical that they actually gave birth to multiple children, and only two children were defective, and the rest were healthy.In the 19th century, the story of the brothers is well known.From the initial ridicule to the last blessing, it is believed that it is a great recognition and encouragement for the "Chang En Brothers".

What must be said is that if the conjoined person is in the second half of his life, only one person has fertility, and the other person has no fertility.Why is there a conjoined person?The conjoined person is actually a twin who do not have a good division. Two people who originally became twins. For some reasons, there was no complete division, which caused the fertilized eggs to be connected together.

There are many secrets about fertility.I just want to tell people that for bisexual and conjoined people, more concern and encouragement, less prejudice and mourning, they also need to be caring.

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