Although the microwave oven is easy to use, it is better if you are pregnant!

Colleague Xiao Li stopped working at March of pregnancy and stayed at home with peace of mind, mainly to raise tires.I usually buy it on the road and eat it directly when I go to the company.At noon, there is a meal of employees, and naturally it is not a big problem.However, when she resigned, she didn’t cook at home. Basically, her husband was cooked early. At noon, he used a microwave oven to heat.As for dinner, her husband came back to do well at night, and the pregnant mother ate it directly. It seemed to be so happy to outsiders.

However, when I was about to give birth to a baby, I found that the child was particularly large. After Xiao Li checked the information, it was found that the use of microwave ovens with a microwave oven is very related.I usually know that radiation will affect the body, but I have never thought about it. It is so serious. I think about it every day and I am surprised.In fact, many electronic products around you are the root cause of the fetus. Don’t always don’t keep it at your heart.

After all, the pregnant mother is in a special period and cannot always take care of the people around them. They cannot stay with you in seconds, so a lot of knowledge should be learned by themselves.The United States has conducted investigations on radiation. Pregnant mothers have more exposure to electronics, and the chance of children will get more likely.

So, what should we do in the face of the induction cooker?

We all know that most of the substances in the human body are composed of water, so if you get too close, you may be more fully exposed to microwaves.So even if you have to use it, pay attention to the distance.Try to stand half a meter away, and it is relatively simple to use. Just twist it, you don’t have to stand there to study it.

And not only pregnant women, children also try not to let them get closer.Not only is it easy to be damaged by calories, but it will also affect it after not to mention.After all, many times, their bodies are not as strong as adults, many organs have not developed completely, they are still careful.

Do you keep staring at it when you use it?Some people do things more seriously, so many things also like to do slowly.So when hot rice or other uses, I like to watch like this.But from now on, don’t be like this.

Because the light inside will make the moisture in your eyes become more and more muddy, and it may cause damage in the long run.Many people may feel particularly funny when they hear these, but for science, we must hold a respectful attitude, scoff, and have no good for you.

When you buy some home products, will you choose a brand?There are many families who feel that it is not important if it is well -known.But if you think about it, if you advertise, you also invite very important stars in order to make your brand accountable.

After everyone accepts, do you choose to smash the signboard?Although the miscellaneous cards are cheap, it is not guaranteed in the past two days. If the problem occurs accidentally, it is difficult to guarantee the maintenance and maintenance in the later period. It is better to spend more money and buy a peace of mind.

If nothing is put inside, don’t let it turn, because this operation not only hurts the body, but also uses it for a long time.So if your child is more naughty, put a glass of water in it, and it will be much better when it runs.Imagine how dangerous it would be when a pregnant woman stands next to it.

Especially in the third trimester, our body is relatively heavy, so many times you feel difficult to exercise, and you may encounter the surroundings.So if the microwave oven is not stable, when it is driving, it will be broken.

The cream mother said:

Pregnant women are like giant pandas, and many things can no longer be as confused as in the past.Therefore, for many things in the home, you must pay attention to placing and setting. If you accidentally hurt them, it may cause irreversible consequences.For example, a microwave oven, for the special period of pregnant mothers, is not a good thing for the time being, it is better to stay away from.

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