After you are pregnant, you have a mouthful, dreaming that eating sugarcane was awakened by her husband’s snoring, and he was so angry that he had his hair.

With my daughter, I would like to eat noodles at 10 o’clock in the evening. I like to eat noodles very much. My husband will be tired for a day. I am embarrassed to tell him to eat, and I am grieved and tears in the living room.Who knows how aggrieved at the time.

After buying a few bags of snail powder online, he did not let me eat. He was thrown away by him in the closet, crying angrily, crying for a while and starting to vomit, scaring him to buy me a barrel instant noodle to relieve it.

The pregnancy vomiting is severe, more than three months, and I want to eat lobster before going to bed at night. The object does not let it. In the morning he got up earlier than me. I talked about lobster in my sleep. Later, I thought about it.Crying, he came back from work and shouted for dinner. I said not to eat. I didn’t eat anything in the future. If there was no way, I shouted the shrimp tail, spicy, that cool!

When people are outside, they especially want to eat special products in their hometown.For example, all kinds of sauerkraut and all kinds of rice noodles, drool when you think about it.

I did n’t avoid it, and some were eating less. My husband almost let me eat, but I do n’t let me eat instant noodles, spicy strips, and do n’t let me drink carbonated drinks and milk tea, spicy strips and milk tea, I am stealingEat or eat at work, but it is much less than before. I drink a few sips of carbonated drinks. My husband stared next to it.

Seven and a half months of pregnancy, I want to eat raw bud rice grains, but it is fragrant. My husband will not let me eat.

In the first March of pregnancy, I am so arrogant.The vegetable meat I bought suddenly didn’t want to eat it, so I wanted to eat soup rice.I don’t know what I want to eat, everything is tasteless.Husband said that you have no confidence in the first two babies. Why is this child so authentic? I think about it may be a daughter,

Dreaming about eating sugarcane, and was awakened by her husband’s snoring before biting, and I was so angry that I got up and held his hair directly.

I especially liked to eat watermelon and melon, and I especially wanted to eat.After eating it for five minutes, I felt very comfortable, and then it was terrible, vomiting.I feel that I can’t breathe, vomiting like a fountain.But it’s strange. I especially want to eat it without eating.

When my sister -in -law was pregnant, I ate thief sour. I went to the vegetable market every day to find her green peel orange. The more sour, the better.The thief can eat salty, and the soup she made should be left alone. She felt that the soup I made was so light. I had to add salt by herself. I tasted it once and died.In the end, the nephew was born, and the little fart had a lemon without blinking.

In the first four months when I was pregnant, I took it to eat and vomit. I didn’t vomit water.

The green green Lizi on the trees in the countryside of Huai Erzi, who sells fruits, can’t sell it for a dollar, a pound of all -inclusive. Later, one night I wanted to eat crab feet, but I couldn’t sleep.I called for a while, and I was not willing to throw the soup.The next morning, I was cooked and noodles, and I was pregnant. Later, I was pregnant. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford it outside the plan.

I used to never eat the pig’s large intestine, and I felt that nausea was not delicious. Now I want to drool when I smell it.

Super crazy loves to eat leeks, and when you see leeks, you are crazy. He eats leeks three meals a day.

Before pregnancy, I particularly hate durian. I like to eat it after pregnancy.

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