After two years of "retreating", I looked at Zheng Shuang’s "dilemma" today. She was hateful and sad.

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Unexpectedly, Zheng Shuang had an accident again.

In the past few days, the entertainment industry is very lively, and amateur Shuang Shuang has also "glory" again on the hot search.

This time, she and the studio were restricted to high consumption.

Zheng Shuang can be called the "hexagonal warrior" of the "collapse of the house."

From emotion, to economy, to legal aspects.

"Crazy Crazy Beauty" is really "well -known.

From the internal entertainment "Baiyueguang" to the amateur that everyone is spurning today, how did she fall step by step?

In fact, it is not surprising to see her growth environment.

She is hateful, but in some ways, she is sad.

In fact, Zheng Shuang is so rebellious and crazy, and has no relationship with her parents.

Her mother Wang Yan decided to regain her university dream after her marriage.

However, she did not pass the test.

After the university dream was broken, she wanted to realize her other dream as a star.

But the ballroom she was singing closed down, and her star dream was broken.

At this time, she set her sights on her daughter.

Shuangzi showed his good dance strength at a young age, and he was very beautiful.

So she decided to let her daughter realize the star dream for herself.

At the age of 4, Zheng Shuang was sent to the dance class.

Of course, this is not enough, Zheng Shuang, who is related to art, has learned almost over again.

When she didn’t want to learn.

Will not get the distressed look of the mother, only Wang Yan’s scolding.

She didn’t dare to cry because her mother said that crying was a very annoying behavior.

Wang Yan’s starting point is good. She does not want her daughter to be an ordinary small staff in the future.

However, she never wanted her daughter to want anything, but only regarded her daughter as her own "tool."

At the age of 12, she sent her daughter to Sichuan to study dance.

You must know that their home is in Liaoning.

Even if her daughter didn’t want to go, Wang Yan took her daughter to the train to Chengdu.

At that time, Shuangzi’s biggest dream was to go home.

However, she did not dare to talk to her parents.

The only way she solved was writing a diary, and her text was full of loneliness and pain.

Later, she finally graduated.

However, he was pulled to Beijing to apply for Nortel and was successfully admitted.

After becoming famous, she thought she could talk to her mother face to face.

I proposed hoping that my mother could apologize to her.

Her mother said: I raised you and cultivated you as a big star to apologize to you.

This is nothing, her father is too much.

After standing at the door of Shuangzi.

Her parents took over everything in the studio.

Not only that, the couple also arranged many relatives into the studio.

After Zheng Shuang started "nonsense", the two of their parents did not persuade them.

For them, their daughters can make money.

What is even more chilling is that Dad Zheng Chenghua began to run his own business empire under the banner of his daughter.

But there was a problem in the end.

What is even more puzzling is the triangular love problem that is clearly marked.

After several times, Zheng Chenghua became a small popularity.

He was also invited to shoot the movie.

However, she wanted to shoot intimate plays with her daughter.

When the family hurts him again and again, Shuangzi decided to seek warmth in emotion.

Most of the entertainers of Shuangzi’s performing arts are relatively smooth.

Her starting point is very high, the first drama is "Meteor Shower".

This drama has become a explosion once it was broadcast.

At that time, there was a wave of "meteor shower" in the country.

And Shuo Zi was only 18 years old.

Many of the lines in the play are quite out.

Shuangzi was also made into an emoji by many netizens.

At that time, she was a more shy girl.

According to her, she did not dare to open her eyes with Zhang Han at the time, and did not dare to talk to the other party for several days.

In the second year, she and Zhang Han partnered in the sequel again.

There is an inexplicable "CP feeling" between the two.

Moreover, the two continued this love outside the play.

Some media revealed a video of the two dating of the two.

The success of the two was blessed by everyone.

Imagine who did not have the CP of these two people?

However, at the time, the agency of the two had strongly opposed the public relationship of the little couple.

After all, both are in a rising period of career.

However, Shuangzi, who has always been "true sex," announced the relationship between the two in front of the media.

He also bluntly said that he and Zhang Han were in a stable relationship.

Although she is not perfect, she always gives people a very close feeling.

Since then, she has never shymed a lot of netizens and reporters, and has always been straight.

However, she was really a bit over.

She was frequently spoke out of speaking and confusing operations.

To some extent, this is the beginning of her fallen.

Look at her and Zhang Han’s love.

After the two were together, they co -produced TV series and movies.

The sweet song "Extreme Love" is the true portrayal of the love between the two.

However, for a year or two, the little couple had almost no fit.

Until Zhang Han smiled with his girlfriend with a smile in Hua Shaoli in 2014.

Many talents responded. It turned out that the little couple was good.

However, how long the show was broadcast, Zheng Shuang bluntly stated that the two had broken up.

What’s more "interesting" is that Shuangzi also participated in the show.

In the first season, Xu Qing, who became a friend of Zhang Han, also asked the reason why he was ascended.

And "seeking love" to Shuangzi can reunite.

However, there is only one sentence of Shuangzi, not everyone is together.

Later, she bluntly stated in the interview that it was a normal thing.

Later, Shuangzi bluntly stated that Zhang Han said that he was not good -looking when he was in love.

So that there is a beef noodle incident when she is thin.

At this time, Zhang Han already had a new destination.

In the face of bad reviews, Zhang Han chose to be silent.

In August, he made a word.

Many people interpret this to the predecessor.

After 13 days, Shuangzi’s new relationship was exposed.

Sometimes fate is so wonderful, and the Huading Awards are in a hurry.

Let the two have an inextricable bond.

At that time, the media broke out that the two dated closely on the street.

The two even returned to Shenyang to see the woman’s parents.

At this time, many people remembered in early 2015.

Shuo Zi suddenly said in a variety show: Hu Yanbin’s song was very nice, and he had to put the song that he covered.

It seems that many things are traceable.

However, many fans of the woman can’t sit still.

They believe that Hu Yanbin’s appearance is mediocre and his popularity is not high.

He is not worthy of his "little fairy".

In order to clean, Hu Yanbin simply closed his Weibo comment area.

At this time, the little couples were doing their careers.

Hu Yanbin has been active in the major comprehensives since "Singer".

Coupled with the identity of Shuangzi’s girlfriend, his popularity has improved a lot.

And Shuo Zi and Yang Yang starred in a campus drama.

Aside from other things, her acting skills are qualified.

The play refreshed a new viewing record at the time.

Who is not envious of the feelings of "Xiao Nai and Bei Weiwei" from the campus to the wedding dress?

Since this drama, Shuangzi’s business value has also increased straight.

However, by 2017, the relationship between the two came to an end.

The woman first claimed to be a "single dog".

Later, the man sent an inexplicable words on the social platform.

I do n’t know what for the reason, Zheng Shuang broke up 4 months after the two broke up.

I wrote a book, recalling 100 trivial things when they were in love.

She also said that her love was the only thing she wanted to write.

However, it didn’t take long for she to say that she could not be sure of Shanghai men.

At this time, Hu Yanbin was completely angry.

He bluntly stipulates his former.

However, the remarks were attacked by the woman’s fans.

At this time, Shuangzi began to resell his clothes on some platforms.

She sells her old clothes, or the brand sponsored.

However, from the feedback from fans in the comment area.

These clothes are not only expensive, but the quality is hard to say.

At this time, she seemed to start "crazy".

At the launch of the movie "Goku".

The two heroines have always been humble for the "C position".

However, Shuangzi stood directly to the middle of the stage.

Everyone’s face changed immediately.

However, Zheng Shuang has been taking pictures as if he hadn’t seen it.

Even Peng Yuyan did not wait to see Shuangzi.

She posted a picture of the whole crew, but she didn’t bring it.

It seems that she is well known.

However, she is the most "out of circulation" in a variety show.

In 2018, Shuangzi participated in a variety show.

I don’t know if it was the reason for Su Yan, she looked very embarrassed in the show.

The hair is also sparse.

During the period, a referee was a little late in the referee.

Zheng Shuang directly asked to suspend the recording of the show and stood up and yelled.

"Have you respected others? Don’t others make others a fool?"

This sentence is also taken as a "buzzword" by many people in the year.

Many guests at the scene were also scared by her.

Teacher Sa and others on the side stunned.

For the sake of the show, Wu Zun stood up and bowed to Shuangzi.

This was not over yet, at the press conference of "Youth Fighting".

She bluntly stated that the coolest play she played was the picture of her slap.

It is said that the slap was very loud, but Shuangzi smiled.

Later, she cooperated with Ren Jialun.

But she kept talking and faced the camera.

Refuse to communicate with anyone.

Ren Jialun on the side is really helpless.

In fact, in many variety shows, Zheng Shuang looks like this.

She was out of control everywhere, and often cried and cried.

Until then, many talents found that Zheng Shuang was not "true sex."

However, she also met the one who was more ruthless than her.

Zhang Heng is the staff of "Iron Armor" and the director of the event.

He and Zheng Shuang, a guest, developed into a relationship between men and women.

Many people oppose this relationship.

They believe that Zhang Heng, a man who is almost a amateur worthy of his sister.

However, their sister came out to maintain her boyfriend as soon as possible.

Also confess.

She also trusts her boyfriend very much, not only to open the company with the other party.

He also took him to love with him.

In fact, you can see that the two cannot be closed in the show.

Within three sentences, the Cold War was not reached.

Zhang Heng likes it, Zheng Shuang doesn’t like it.

Unsurprisingly, the relationship between the two was over for more than a year.

At this point, the two became enemies directly.

Zheng Shuang also directly brought his ex -boyfriend to court.

Some people broke out that Zhang Heng was limited to high consumption.

To many people, it is more like Shuo Zi was hurt by the other party.

However, one month later, the other party directly broke out "big melon".

Zheng Shuang even became pregnant and became the mother of two children.

And Zhang Heng himself also bluntly stated that he did not debt.

Later, he broke out the birth certificate of two children.

The child’s mother was written very clearly.

In order to make more netizens believe, Zhang Heng also revealed a recording.

This directly killed the other party.

During the recording, the three families of Zheng Shuang’s family were so ruthless.

The children who were pregnant for 7 months, they even wanted to give up directly.

At this point, netizens understood that she was no longer the kind "Chu Yuxun".

Moreover, under the education of her parents, she has become selfish and ruthless.

Since then, she has been exploded more "bad" things.

She is completely finished.

It is said that parents play an important role in their children’s growth.

Obviously, Zheng Shuang’s parents are unqualified.

Shuangzi has become like this today, and the couple should take care of most of them.

Of course, she must also be responsible for herself.

This year, some people have revealed Zheng Shuang’s recent photos, and now she has lived in the United States for a long time.

Is this my "pure white jasmine"?

She finally paid the price for what she did.

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