After the woman was derailed, the baby was sold by the biological mother only 20 days after being born.

As the saying goes: tiger poison does not eat the seeds.

Although the tiger is bloodththirsty and fierce, he still does not eat his own tiger cubs. This sentence is used as a metaphor for people who have love.It is difficult to imagine what kind of mentality is to make a person make a person’s biological flesh and flesh.Such behaviors are anti -people, anti -morality, and even the beasts are not as good as the beast, and it is a kind of illegal behavior.

Recently, the police in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province successfully cracked the case of child trafficking, arrested three suspects, and rescued a baby boy who had just been born.What makes people dare not imagine is that it is not anyone who sells the baby, but it is the child’s biological mother. What is going on?

The baby’s mother was A Ling (a pseudonym). She fell in love with her colleague A Rong a year ago and fell in love.A Ling told her boyfriend that although she had been married, she was divorced from her ex -husband and is currently a single state.Because of love, A Rong didn’t care about her past, nor did she care about her as a divorced woman, and just wanted to spend the rest of her life with her.After falling in love for a month, the two moved to live together.

Soon, they had the crystallization of their love, and A Ling was pregnant.The relationship between the two is getting closer and closer, and a happy new family is about to be born.However, just half a year later, a man named Chen came to the door.The other party said that he was A Ling’s husband, not only did they not divorce, but also had three children at home.If this is the case, A Ling belongs to derailment, and she and A Rong have become improper relationships.

Chen found that his wife was pregnant, and then took it home to give birth.During this time, A Ling was among the two men.On the one hand, he told her husband and children since it was someone else, and her family was unable to raise so many children at home. She was already in contact with families who could adopt. When the child was born, she would send it away.On the other hand, she also quietly contacted A Rong and told him to divorce her husband when he was born. By then, he would return to A Rong with the child.No one knows which side of A Ling said, and both men are convinced of her words.

In June this year, Aling gave birth to the next baby boy.A Rong was so excited when he learned the news, and his identity was temporarily unknown. He could only secretly go to the hospital to visit his son.However, more than 20 days later, A Ling began to push off for various reasons, claiming that the child gave it to a friend to take a look, and repeatedly rejected his father and son to meet.

A Rong felt that things were not right. After inquiring from many parties, Fang knew that the child had been sold to others by A Ling at a price of 20,000 yuan, and had taken the child away from Jiangmen, and A Ling himself had already escaped.A Rong did not hesitate to call the police decisively.The police of the Xinhui quickly set up a task force. After careful review, the identity information and movement of the buyer Hu Mouliang and Wang Mouyu and the Wang Mouyu were quickly locked.

The picture above shows buyers Hu Mouliang and Wang Mouyu husband and wife

Subsequently, the police went to Guangzhou and Luzhou, Hunan to capture the two of them and successfully rescued the baby boy.The police set up the child at the Xinhui Minor Protection Station and temporarily taken care of by the Children’s Welfare Institute.After everything settled, the police set off again and moved to Guizhou, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Chongqing and other places, and finally found A Ling’s trace at Chongqing Wanzhou Airport, arrested him.

After the DNA comparison identification, it was determined that the baby boy was the biological flesh of A Rong and A Ling.When he went to the welfare center to claim his child, A Rong’s father was crying.He said that such a good grandson almost couldn’t find it. Of course, the grandfather would be distressed.The father and son A Rong thanked the police in a hard time: "You really did a great thing!"

Children and family are finally reunited, but his mother has been criminally detained for suspected trafficking of children. It will be severe punishment for the law to wait for her.

The ruthlessness of people, as for!

Looking back on the whole of the case, the author really couldn’t figure out what made a mother so ruthless.It is said that the child is the heart of his parents. He is afraid of falling in his hand, and he is afraid of turning it in his mouth. How can a mother be able to sell the flesh and flesh?The author is even doubting whether A Ling’s feelings for A Rong are true, otherwise how could she throw away the crystallization of the two people?Is she really affectionate?

According to Article 21 of the Marriage Law, parents have the obligation to raise education for their children.Raising children to grow up is the basic responsibility for the father and mother.You can turn your children to others like this. Will it be like the life of the child in the future?Where is your sense of responsibility?Moreover, when the child’s father is unaware, he secretly sells the child. Where is your sense of responsibility for the "boyfriend" family?

Now that you have chosen "Sheng", you must bear the responsibility of "raising".If you know that you can’t give your child a legal name, you know that he is unable to raise it, and even at the beginning he didn’t plan to raise it. Why should you give birth at the beginning?

Finally, leave a small question for everyone. Is such a situation that this mother takes the initiative to sell the child, and is it applicable to the sentencing standard of "trafficking children"?Welcome to discuss.

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