After the ligation surgery, the wife is pregnant?Husband rage: Body and spirit are damaged

Mr. Wang from Quanzhou said that he had a ligation surgery at a private hospital last year, but one year later, he found that his wife was pregnant, which caused a dispute.

Husband re -linked his wife for abortion surgery

In January 2021, in order to contraception, Mr. Wang had a ligation surgery in a local private hospital. He thought that the life of the husband and wife would be safer. Unexpectedly, after a year, Mr. Wang found that his wife was pregnant?Intersection

The hospital told Mr. Wang that the previous ligation surgery failed. Mr. Wang had no choice but to undergo another ligation surgery in the hospital, and his wife underwent abortion surgery.Mr. Wang felt that this encounter was too much to hit their husband and wife, and asked the hospital to compensate for losses.

The hospital told Mr. Wang that after the lust surgery, two cases will still lead to pregnancy:


Before men’s ligation surgery, some sperm had been discharged through the vascular tubes and kept their bodies for a while. These sperm metabolism took about 1 to 2 months. During this period, it would be pregnant without contraceptive measures;


The ligation surgery is not done well, the operation is incorrect or the ligments of the tubular tube are not thorough enough, and women will conceive.

Mr. Wang said that he went to work outside the country after surgery, and only returned to the same room with his wife after 10 months, so the first possibility did not exist.After that, he had repeatedly asked the hospital to negotiate compensation, and none of them had a satisfactory plan.

Council: Do not fail in surgery before doing identification before talking about compensation

Regarding Mr. Wang’s statement, the hospital said that surgery was not a failure, but it could only be regarded as a probability event.

Hospital Dean

The surgery itself also has the risk of unsuccessful surgery in it. Men and women are easy to get pregnant again after ligation. There is such a possibility.He said that the operation he had done in January last year was only pregnant at the end of the year. After pregnancy, his wife also came to me. As a doctor, we did not want to happen. HoweverHe also actively dealt with. His wife was pregnant. We helped her deal with her child. Then Mr. Wang’s re -surgery, we also helped him ligated and re -did, and then his wife recovered well now.At present, 9 sperm are still dead sperm, and they are also pretty good. Now you need to review it again. We have also done some of the later stages that the hospital should do and confiscate any of his fees. ThenAt present, he spends more than 4,200 yuan in the hospital. He has the first ligation surgery. We also intend to return it to him. He does not accept it. He asked us to compensate him 50,000 yuan.

The hospital stated that Mr. Wang signed an surgical consent before surgery, which indicates the problems and complications of the surgery.If Mr. Wang is still not satisfied with the scheme of "returning the first ligation surgery for the first ligation", the hospital suggested that he can go to medical appraisal and talk about the corresponding compensation according to the identification results.

Lawyer: The main responsibility shall be borne by Mr. Wang

Lawyer Luo Wei

If the hospital notifys the risk of surgery, the parties will bear the main responsibility. If there is a complication of surgery, it can be identified as a medical accident, and compensation shall be compensated in accordance with the medical accident compensation standards.I think this dispute, the hospital actually does not need to compensate Mr. Wang’s subsequent surgery.

Mediation staff: can negotiate humanitarian compensation

Lin Qingyuan, director of the Dispute Mediation Committee of Xianyou County, Putian City, believes that the hospital can provide some humanitarian compensation.

Lin Qingyuan, Vice President of the Fujian Provincial People’s Medical Officer Association

As far as rural customs are aborted, they must be confinement to see if they can be based on humanitarian compensation. They can be considered in less than 10,000 yuan.

Mr. Wang: The hospital compensates at least 20,000 yuan

College: Compensation for a total of 10,000 yuan

Mediation reporters suggested that both parties make some concessions appropriately.The hospital stated that if Mr. Wang can reduce the compensation standard and be willing to negotiate again.However, there is a gap between the compensation amount proposed by the two parties.

Reporter helps to closer the gap between the two sides

Mr. Wang told his wife about the amount that the hospital was willing to compensate and was rejected by her.The reporter tried to communicate with Mr. Wang’s wife through the phone. He hoped that the couple would resolve disputes as soon as possible within a reasonable and legal scope to avoid subsequent psychological damage caused by this matter.

Mediation result: The hospital compensates 10,000 yuan

The two parties signed a mediation agreement

After mediation, the couple Wang agreed to the hospital’s plan to compensate for 10,000 yuan.In the end, with the assistance of the medical transfer committee of Fengze District, Quanzhou, the two parties signed a settlement agreement. The hospital first transferred the compensation to Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang also withdrew his complaints to the relevant departments.Essence

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