After the immune system is "defensive", those strange allergies

In the February of 2023, the Spanish "Fun" monthly issue entitled "All the Basic Allergies recognized by the scientific community".The article states that from metal powder to wine, from exercise to our own children … European perverted response and clinical immunology society stated that allergies are the most common chronic diseases in Europe.Data from the European Allergy Research Foundation show that about 40%of Europeans currently have some kind of allergic symptoms.

The article said that fundamental speaking, allergies are the "misunderstandings" of our human immune system. It is about to recognize harmless substances as harmful substances and cause reactions to resist this so -called threat, just like being dealing with infection or disease.Although some people have symptoms of allergies due to genetic tendencies, especially allergic to food and pollen, some people also develop their disease post -adults and seem to have no obvious cause.

In most cases, allergens are common (such as pollen, seafood, nuts, etc.), but they are also extremely weird.

Vibration urticaria

It is impossible to accurately detect the allergic chemicals involved, which increases the difficulty of diagnosis of allergies, not to mention the bizarre phenomenon of allergies to vibration.Such people suffer from vibration urticaria and come into contact with vibration objects -it can be a grass -cut machine, motorcycle, or daily movements such as clapping, and even standing on a bus driving on a potching pavement -it will cause triggeredSymptoms such as rash, lumps, blurred vision and headache.

The onset of vibration urticaria is concentrated in the most stimulated skin area (usually hand), and is caused by mutation of the Adgre2 gene.According to a study published in the "New England Medical Journal", the response of cells in patients with vibration urticaria is more than normal: "Vibration promotes large cells in the immune system to release the inflammatory medium, thereby causing urticaria and other allergic symptoms.The treatment method is to avoid vibration stimulation and taking antihistamine drugs. "

Allergic to books

The book gathers mites and chemicals that have been far, such as glue, and even ink in the old book can cause allergic reactions.A study by the U.S. Congress Library shows that more and more book administrators say they are sneezing all day. Book vendors complain that they are troubled by sinusitis all year round.In order to know whether we are allergic to such allergies, researchers say that odor may be an indicator of stimulus: if we feel that the smell of certain books is pungent, it is a warning.


The article states that one of the most complicated and uncomfortable immune reactions occurs during pregnancy.Gestation herpes is a rare autoimmune skin disease during pregnancy.This is also a kind of allergies, and allergens may be children in the stomach.Such reactions usually occur in the third phase of pregnancy, manifested as skin inflammatory damage and severe itching.It often recurs in subsequent pregnancy, and the symptoms are more serious.Like other allergies, this is an autoimmune process that only affects the mother; some newborn will respond but disappear quickly.

Sporty allergic disease

Patients with sporty allergies will have redness, nausea and urticaria after sports activities.Antonio Perez, a doctor of allergies, said: "In the past 20 years, the incidence of allergies has become higher and higher. It is very special and only occurs in physical exercise. It is sometimes related to the allergies of sub -clinical foods, but it is nowIn most cases, allergens cannot be found. "In this case, we must rely on preventive treatment, and related foods must be quit.And this reaction will only occur after severe and long exercise.

Allergic to metal

The article states that it is worth mentioning that the use of metal powder and its use in handmade crafts and cosmetics.Yunmu is one of the minerals that produce metal powder. This is a common skin stimulus that exists in cosmetics.Use cosmetics containing this mineral can induce urticaria and rash.

Another unexpected allergy is related to mobile phones. The culprit is hidden in mobile phone components, including nickel.Coin allergies are also caused by it.According to data published at the annual meeting of allergies, asthma and immunology society in the United States, about one -third of mobile phones contain nickel, which can lead to contact dermatitis.


Finally, there is an extremely rare allergy, which is water -based urticaria, also known as water allergies.Dan Brennan from the University of California, Los Angeles, said that there are only more than 100 cases in the world, and patients will rash when they come into contact with water, regardless of the temperature and pH of the water.Some people only respond to salt water.The rash caused by water -based urticaria usually appears in the neck, upper arm and torso, and usually disappears after 30 to 70 minutes.Patients occasionally headache, dyspnea, ecchena, dizziness and syncope.

Source: Reference Message Network

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