After the guidelines "Yang" Kang Pian 丨 "Yang", what else should pregnant mothers pay attention to?

Recently, many pregnant mothers of "Yang pass" expressed their concerns that they were infected again, and some pregnant mothers were troubled by the new crown virus, but the cough was not good. Regarding the questions after "Yang"Invite the obstetrics of Wulan and Director of the History of the Department of Internal Medicine of Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital to answer questions and confuses everyone.

These problems

Director Urana answers for everyone:

01 Q: How to judge that you have become overcast?

Answer: The reference standards of pregnant mothers and other people are unified.According to the ninth edition diagnosis and treatment plan, the first is that the symptoms should be improved. For example, the body temperature is more than three days, and the symptoms of the respiratory tract have disappeared or significantly relieved.If it is pneumonia, the lesions of the lungs on CT also began to absorb and improve.In addition, two nucleic acid detection negatives have been detected. These two times have more than 24 hours, or the CT value of nucleic acid is greater than or equal to 35, so that it meets the conditions of turning yin.

02 Q: How to do it as much as possible after "Yang Kang" to avoid re -infection?

Answer: Pregnant mothers still have to maintain good hygiene habits. After recovery, wear masks, wash their hands, open more windows to ventilate, pay attention to social distance, and keep coughing etiquette.In order to avoid the repeated disease, the families of the infected people, clothes, sheets, towels, tableware and other daily necessities should be used separately, and they can be separated as much as possible.

03 Q: Can I return to work immediately after "Yang Kang"?

Answer: It should be noted that within one or two weeks after the recovery, the recovery may still feel tired.At this time, in terms of daily work and some physical activities, pregnant mothers should pay attention to progressing step by step and force. Do not overwork, otherwise it will restore the body slower.

04 Q: How can you cough after "Yang Kang"? How long can it be good?

Answer: Due to people.Some pregnant mothers have disappeared for two or three days, and some need three or five days. In fact, coughing is a process of recovery. It is a process of cleaning the "battlefield" and repairing the airway.Do n’t worry too much to improve. According to experience, most people can be good within 14 days.

Do not cough with your throat alone when coughing. This will not only effectively clean up the breathing tract secretions, but also cause throat and hoarseness. Especially for the habitual abortion and pregnant mothers in the late pregnancy, you should avoid coughing hard.

When the cough is severe, the secretion of the respiratory tract is easy to accumulate, and the cough will be aggravated.The correct method is to raise the head and neck from high to low at the same time. For example, use two pillows, the head pillow horizontally, and the back pillow are erected, which is T -shaped, which is conducive to smooth breathing, cough and sputum.If the cough is more frequent, you can drink some rock sugar Sydney water to keep the indoor temperature and humidity appropriate.Severe medical treatment in a timely manner, take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

The following questions

Director Aiwu in the Department of Internal Medicine answers questions:

06 Q: What happened to "Yang Kang" and still feel that chest tightness is short and weak?

Answer: Many pregnant mothers have symptoms such as high fever, soreness, fatigue, sweating, headache sore throat, etc. when they get sick, so some people will continue to have such symptoms of physical weakness and even chest tightness.It can be relieved within two weeks.If you feel that your condition is still not good, you can take a few more days, or when you resume work, you can find that your body is weak and you can rest properly.Do n’t just do a very heavy work as soon as you recover, or immediately go to exercise and fitness. You must step by step.

Q: What is Fuyang and again infected?

Answer: From the beginning of the new crown epidemic, there was a positive report after the recovery.Generally, the niche virus nucleic acid positive, which is generally tested after 90 days before the first infection, is called "re -infection", that is, the patient is infected again after the patient fully recovers.

Studies have shown that the initial infection can provide considerable protection within 4-6 months. Compared with the initial infection, the proportion of hospitalization, severe or death in the infected population has decreased significantly.Nucleic acid positive features include: new symptoms are in line with the new crown, with a longer interval between the previous infection and a high level of virus RNA (such as CT value <33).

Q: When can I exercise after turning?What problem should we pay attention to?

Answer: After recovery, it takes at least two weeks to return to the physical condition of many people.It is recommended not to exercise vigorously in early rehabilitation.It is recommended to perform some moderate, relatively mild exercises, and we must step by step and gradually return to the previous activity and workload.Note: After rehabilitation, you still need to pay attention to your own situation. If you have discomfort such as chest tightness, palpitations, chest pain, etc., once the above symptoms are available, seek medical treatment in time, check the ECG, check the blood calcium protein I, creatine kinase I, creatine kinases., BNP and other projects, beware of viral myocarditis.

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