After the girl broke up, she found that she was pregnant. Thousands of miles were looking for a boyfriend for a reunion. The boyfriend avoided see it.

Xiaowen is 25 years old and is a designer. She and her boyfriend are colleagues. The two have almost entered the company at the same time.The boyfriend fell in love with Xiaowen at first sight. Because her boyfriend not only looked tall and handsome, but also humorous, he often bought gifts for Xiao Wen. After more than three months, the two lived together.

In a blink of an eye, the two have been together for more than two years. Her boyfriend is tired of the life of wandering outside and wants to return to his hometown for development. After some thoughts, Xiao Wen resigned with her boyfriend and returned to her boyfriend’s hometown.The two thought that with their work experience in recent years, they should be easy to find the right job. I did not expect that the ideal was perfect, but the reality was cruel. They did not find a suitable job for more than two months.It is, the environment is too bad.

One night, Xiaowen returned to the rental house exhausted and found that her boyfriend didn’t do anything, and then lay on the sofa to play games. The anger in Xiao Wen could no longer be suppressed.The two were more noisy and fierce, and Xiao Wen proposed to break up, and then packed his luggage and returned to his hometown the next day.It didn’t take long after returning, Xiaowen found that he was pregnant. Xiaowen felt that this may be arranged by God, indicating that her fate with her ex -boyfriend was endless, so she came to the hometown of her ex -boyfriend thousands of miles, hoping that she could be with her ex -boyfriend.Reconciled.

What made her unexpected was: The ex -boyfriend was not happy at all of her arrival, not only did not let her enter the door, but also let her kill her children.As soon as I heard this, Xiaowen was stunned. She did not expect that the man who was gentle and considerate to her before would suddenly become so cold and ruthless. Xiaowen insisted on giving birth to the child. The ex -boyfriend said coldly: "AnywayWe have broken up. If you insist on asking children, I will not care about the living expenses of your mother and son. "Xiao Wen collapsed completely, and she did not know what to do now.She was gossip, let her kill her child, and she was reluctant.

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