After the divorce, she found that she was pregnant.

We all know that there were many prejudices for women in the past, such as after women had married, it was difficult to marry again.The woman introduced today is full of talents and has a social status, but her marriage life is not smooth. She married twice. It was not until she met her third husband that she got some happiness. The woman was called Yan Fengying.

Maybe everyone is not familiar with her, but the fans of Huangmei opera know her name. She can be said to be a great contributor to the development of Huangmei opera. The seven fairies we are familiar with are also created by her.In the early years, Yan Fengying was still a little girl. There was no reputation. She was on the streets of Nanjing and earned to earn living expenses by singing in the song and ballroom. However, she met the most important man in her life. The man had heard herAfter singing, he was quite appreciated. He also made special manufacturing opportunities, allowing the two to cooperate with a song "Meilong Town". Since then, Yan Fengying has studied with his teacher.

During his studies, Yan Fengying and Master Gan Luzhi established a deep friendship, but because of their identity, they buried their emotions deeply in their hearts.Yan Fengying has achieved some achievements in the opera because of its outstanding talent, coupled with the hard work of the day after tomorrow.Yan Fengying met Wang Zhaogan at this time.Wang Zhaogan’s talent, and his family is prominent, attracted Yan Fengying deeply, and the two quickly became husband and wife.

Later, one meal invited the Wang Zhaogan couple. In this dinner, Yan Fengying’s teacher Gan Luzhi was also invited. Wang Zhaogan heard that his wife and Gan Lu had a relationship.Later, he chose to divorce Yan Fengying directly.After the divorce, Yan Fengying found that she was pregnant. She didn’t want her child to have no dad, so she wrote to tell Wang Zhaogan, hoping that the husband and wife could reunite.However, Wang Zhaogan only replied 5 words: "I wish the mother and son safe", this reply made Yan Fengying completely dead.

After Gan Luzhi knew, he told Yan Fengying that he was willing to marry you as his wife, and Yan Fengying married Gan Luzhi.After marriage, Gan Luzhi was very good to Yan Fengying, but Yan Fengying did not like Ganzhi, because their combination was not because of love, but a choice for Yan Fengying’s helplessness.As the saying goes, the strong twisted melon is not sweet, and the last two chose to divorce.

After this divorce, Yan Fengying met with a director. The two quickly fell in love and became husband and wife. In this marriage, Yan Fengying and Wang Guanya raised their browsing and lived happily.After the divorce, she found that she was pregnant.

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