After the divorce broke up, I found that I was pregnant. How should I choose a woman?

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Marriage is a choice and a bet.Most people choose to go into marriage and expect this choice to be worthy of money. While having two troubles, they can gain double happiness.But the result is to see flowers in the fog after all.Gambling won, such as the immersion of thin ice in the joy; gambling lost, naked reality, as if threw our hearts into the mixer without mercy.

When Dali chose to get married, she thought that when she met this man, she spent her luck in this life.She loves him and hopes to be his wife and grow old with him.She bet on this man and has the same idea as her.When choosing a divorce, Dali almost collapsed, but there was a gap between the husband and wife, dragging without emotion, and more painful each other.

I thought this time to choose to divorce is separated from pain, and it is another village of Liu Diaoya.But who can expect that less than a month after getting a divorce certificate, Dali found that she was pregnant.

Reality is so dramatic.Dali is struggling with children or not?If you stay, should you take a look at the remarry and give your child a biological father and a complete home.It is not worth doing this. He still loves himself or not, will he be married because the child is willing to remarry himself?

At the beginning, the newlywed Yaner, the couple of the two -person world, were sweet.Except for working hours, almost all of them are tired.The weekend was not idle and strolled around the attractions around the house.


By the following year, her mother -in -law saw that Dali’s belly had not moved, and she opened the spawning mode. Later, she felt that the telephone supervision was unreliable. She even went to Dali’s house with the big bag to prepare real -time monitoring.Breakfast, lunch, dinner, almost every meal, prepared carefully, and wanted Dali to give her a fat grandson.But this pregnancy is not for the final say.After raising it for half a year, except that the weight rose straight, there was no change.

In the second half of the year, her mother -in -law began to become attitude towards Dali.Every day, I am ridiculous and cold, and urges Dali to check whether it is any disease.Occasionally, when I buy vegetables from outside, she will lose my temper to Dali, saying that someone looks down on her, and says that her daughter -in -law is a hen who will not lay eggs.Dali is speechless, but it is not easy to attack. After all, her husband is also very difficult to pinch in the middle.

In the third year, Dali began to discover that under the influence of her mother -in -law, her husband also changed his attitude towards herself.No matter how tempering her mother -in -law, her husband was standing on his side.But now, her husband and mother -in -law are obviously targeted at her.A seminar is held every day. If you can’t come out, go to the test tube. If you spend money, you can hold one.

The attitude of the whole family disappointed Dali. Originally, the guilt that the children had caused their family were disappointed.Is it because of the child, and her husband has been wiped out for so many years?Can he really divorce himself if he does not want a child?


She wants to bet, if she has always been a two -person world, how will her husband choose.She didn’t expect her husband to choose to divorce.That night, she still heard their mother and son dialogue. After analyzing the marriage, they believed that divorce was the best choice.

Dali is cold, but now he has just left and pregnant again. If you know there, you will be happy.But do I really have to remarry like this?Is it a child over love and marriage?What is the reason for the love and getting married, why not directly find a woman to have children on the street!

Dali thought about giving birth to a child as a single mother, but after the divorce, she only used herself, how could she take care of the children who were involved in the disease to be fed.Leaving him is equivalent to breaking his half -back road, and it is not easy to marry again.Furthermore, would a child born in such an incomplete family, would he ruin his life?

During hesitation, Dali’s belly was getting bigger and bigger, and felt the small life in his stomach. So real, although it was not born, it had already made Dali feel the mother’s love for the child.As soon as she gritted her teeth, she decided to be born, and she was just a mother. She believed that although she couldn’t give him a complete home, she would give him double love.

I remember that my friend Chunxia also faced such a choice a few years ago. The difference is that the reason why Chunxia divorced was because her husband was addicted to the game all day, and the woman in the game could not be unable to extricate the game.Women are running.Just after her husband disappeared, Chunxia discovered that she was pregnant. At this moment, when she was sharing joy with her husband, she couldn’t find someone waiting for a divorce agreement.


Chunxia asked her sister what was good. In the face of this situation, her sister analyzed the advantages and disadvantages and asked her to make a choice.She killed it mercilessly and thought that the matter was over.But what is more dramatic is that her husband came back and begged her to remarry after being deceived.But she turned back but blamed her sister. Why didn’t she persuade her to leave her child at that time?

Obviously it was my own decision, but in turn blamed others, there were such people in the world.

After divorce, many women find that when they are pregnant, they often chaos in all directions.

In fact, this matter is very simple, you must follow the actual situation.If you can protect him, leave him, after all, it is a life.If you really want to completely break with the past, no one will blame you without staying.People are selfish. If the conditions are not allowed, it is harmful to the child even if it is left.

People will never waste time for what they have done, because the only medicine in the world is the medicine.

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