After the beginning of autumn, eating spinach celery is better to eat it.

The dumplings in autumn and winter are particularly fragrant, and the Mid -Autumn Festival is coming soon. For the Chinese, how can there be less dumplings in the holidays!Everyone make dumplings together, and the reunion is put in the refrigerator and eats it at any time.After the beginning of autumn, share 3 kinds of dumplings "giant incense" ingredients, keep you in love once, eat spinach celery, it is better to eat them. Children growing in the countryside definitely have eaten, cheap and affordable, unforgettable hometown taste!

1. Pick it in an appropriate amount of amaranth, then cut into a section and add an appropriate amount of salt to grab it evenly, marinate for 10 minutes to kill the water, then wash it a few times to remove the excess salt, and then mush the amaranth and set aside.

2. Put the two pounds of beef stuffing in amaranth, add onion, ginger, two eggs, two eggs, salt, a little sugar, chicken powder, pepper, sesame oil, oyster sauce, soy sauce, and then stir repeatedly in one direction and beat them.The meat filling is stuck.

3. Put the filling on the dumpling skin and fold it, and press the tiger’s mouth and thumb to be pressed into ingot -like dumplings.

4. Boil the water in the pan, boil the water into the dumplings and stir in one direction to prevent the bottom of the bottom. After the water is boiled, add a small amount of cold water. A total of 3 times of water will be added.

1. Cut the pork belly into slices, put it in boiling water, cook and remove the blood and fishy smell. After cooking, pour it out and rinse it.Then boil the water, put the sour cabbage in the pot in the pot, cook, remove the excess sour and salt flavor, then pour it out and rinse it, squeeze the water for later use.

2. Boil more oil in the pot, add pork belly slices to fry the lard inside, and fry it into such a dry golden yellow, pour out the oil control.

3. Put the lard residue and the sour cabbage and chop them together, add onion ginger, salt, a little sugar, monosodium glutamate, chicken powder, thirteen incense, sesame oil, raw soy sauce;Dispel backup.

4. The dumpling noodles should be harder. After kneading, cover the first half of the hour with a cotton cloth, rub the growth strips, cut into a uniform noodle, flatten and roll the dumpling skin, add an appropriate amount of filling to fold, squeeze the tiger mouth and thumb,Press into dumplings.

5. Boil the water at the boiling, add the water to the dumplings, add cold water to the water, and order a total of 3 times of cold water.

1. Wash a cumin, drain the water into pieces into pieces; a small piece of ginger is cut into the end; several green onions are cut and cut into green onions;

2. Then put the cut side dishes and meat in the basin, add salt, thirteen incense, monosodium glutamate, pepper, chicken powder, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, cooking wine, onion oil and sesame sesame oil, follow one along a oneStir and beat in the direction, and always stir the meat into the upper strength.

3. Add an appropriate amount of flour to the basin, add a small amount of water several times, stir it into the flocculation first, then rub it into a dough, cover it with a plastic wrap for 10 minutes, remove the growth strip, cut into a uniform size in size.The noodle agent, then sprinkle with dry flour and rub well, flatten the dumplings one by one, roll it into a dumpling skin that is thicker and thinner in the middle, and wrap the right amount of fillings in the dumpling skin.Squeeze it, and the dumplings are wrapped.

4. Open the water and put the dumplings in the pot in turn. Cover the pot and cook for 2 minutes. First cook the dumplings, pour the water into a little water. After ordering the water three times, the dumplings float and swell to the pot.

(Cao Cao)

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