After the 80s, the younger sister hurts all year round, and the "chocolate" of the ovaries has changed

Source: First Courtyard of Zhejiang University

On the first day of my aunt, I wanted to vomit everything. The second day when my aunt came, it was so painful to doubt life. Sitting pain, lying down and painful …And why do you get more and more painful every time?At this time, if you have a "straight man", you can drink more hot water and warm your baby, please control the "small universe" that is about to explode!

The gynecological experts of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College reminded that the dysmenorrhea that occurs after the first tide is more and more painful. He must hurry up to the gynecology department of the regular hospital, and be alert to "chocolate cysts"!

Born in 1982 in Hangzhou, Meiling (pseudonym). She is cheerful and generous, beautiful and intelligent. She is 1.62 meters in height and weighs only 45kg.Six years ago, she entered the marriage hall with her husband who returned from overseas, and love, life, and work.Both of them are in Hangzhou and the relationship is also harmonious.The husband and wife felt that everything was followed. After a few years of the two -person world, she and her husband finally put a baby with a baby on the "important schedule".

It was this decision to welcome a new life and gave the couple a big stick.For almost two years for pregnancy, her stomach did not have a little movement. Mei Ling, who always felt healthy, was so anxious that she couldn’t help but go to the gynecological doctor for consultation.At the end of 2019, Meiling found a cyst of about 10cm on the ovaries in the hospital. The doctor suggested that she consider surgical resection, but Meiling was planning to follow her husband to go to Nordic to accompany the doctorate.EssenceWith the years of reading, "Auntie" has been "noisy" -the afterwards, her menstruation has become increasingly not smooth. Each time she comes to a holiday, she is like an end of the world, her stomach is falling and painful, and she can only rest in bed.

"The lumps are further enlarged! Two tumor markers CA125 (cancer antigen 125) and CA199 (sugar chain antigen 199) are significantly increased! In this case, the lump is more dangerous. At that time, you should follow the doctor’s suggestion to perform surgery!"In April this year, Meiling, who had returned to China, was tortured by" Auntie ".It is strongly recommended that she is hospitalized as soon as possible, and learned that she was still hesitant to hesitate in several large hospitals in the province. Director Zhou resolutely told her: "You can choose which hospital, but you must surgery as soon as possible. This situation cannot be dragged again.It’s! "

Chief physician Zhou Xinhui introduced that "ovarian endometriosis cyst" is the most common form of disease expression in the ovarian endometriosis in the ovarian endometrium."" ".

"The endometrium ‘running’ into the ovarian, every month will fall off the bleeding as menstruation, and slowly accumulates to grow up to form old blood bags.Bleeding in the sac. "Chief physician Zhou Xinhui said that in the process, accompanied by fiber scar formation, hyperplasia, and inflammation of the fibrous scar of the surrounding tissue, it will erode the normal ovarian tissue and follicles nearby, adhesive the fallopian tube, and change the internal environment of the pelvic cavity, Make "sperm" and "egg" unable to meet.

Experts introduced that the possibility of vulnerability in the ovarian cysts is possible, but the rate of evil variables is less than 1%. The main pathological types are endometrial adenocarcinoma and transparent cell carcinoma.The following situations need to be alert to evil changes:

(1) Excessive cysts, diameter> 10cm or there is a significant increase;

(2) After menopause, relapse;

(3) The rhythm of pain changes, and the dysmenorrhea gradually increases or sustainable;

(4) Imaging examination found that there is a solid or nipple structure in the ovarian cyst cavity, or the lesions are rich in blood flow;

(5) Serum CA125 significantly increases (> 200IU/ml).

Combined with a series of inspections, Meiling has been infertile for a long time. The "culprit" is exactly the huge massage in her pelvic cavity. What is worse is that her tumor markers have risen, and the "Qiaoqian" is likely to have become evil to become evil to become evil to become evil into evil.Ovarian cancer.

When I heard that she was going to perform surgery, Mei Ling was very hesitant and planned to observe again for a while.The chief physician of Zhou Xinhui, who is not assured, patiently explained: ordinary chocolate cysts exceeded 4cm, and patients with severe dysmenorrhea, or patients with damage to fertility (infertility), are the first choice for surgery.Very easily spontaneous rupture of cysts before and after menstruation, and patients will suffer severe abdominal pain. At this time, surgery of emergency treatment must be performed.Unlike other "clever pockets" patients, her cysts are highly suspected of viciousness, and no longer active treatment will endanger life.

Detailed analysis, sincere words, and patient persuasion made Meiling no longer hesitating. She finally chose the First Courtyard of Zhejiang University to overcome this "irregular" bomb with experts.

In early April 2021, the chief physician of Zhou Xinhui led the team to perform laparoscopic detection surgery for Meiling.A huge block with a diameter of more than 15cm "entangled" in her pelvic cavity, from the right ovary. At the same time, the left ovary also had a cyst with a diameter of about 4cm.There are nipples in the cysts and crispy. The pathological results during the operation show that huge cysts are "ovarian endometrium -like adenocarcinoma".During the operation, experts and patients’ families were fully communicated to inform several surgical solutions that could be performed.In the end, because of the risk of tumors, Mr. Meiling chose to ensure his wife’s life and abandon the root cure of ovarian cancer.

Subsequently, Chief Physician Zhou Xinhui performed a comprehensive "laparoscopic ovarian tumor staging surgery (uterine+bilateral attachment resection+large illegal lymph nodes, abdominal aortia lymph node cleansing).Postoperative pathological examination further confirmed that Meiling’s ovarian cysts were malignant, and the pathological type was endometrial adenocarcinoma.

Today, Meiling has been discharged from the hospital smoothly, and then accept further chemotherapy."It’s a pity. If you can pay attention to ovarian cysts 2 years ago, you may still have childbirth at that time, but anyway, he keeps his life!" Mei Ling regretted it and was fortunate.

According to Chief Physician Zhou Xinhui, endometriosis is a high incidence of women in the world. There are about 200 million patients with endometriosis in the world. Among the 290 million childcare women in my country, the onset of endometriosis is about about 10%~ 15%, people who have suffered from diseases in recent years have gradually become younger.At the Gynecology Department of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University, the female patients who were admitted across all ages -there were unmarried girls in their ten -year -old and middle -aged and elderly women who were surrounded by menstrual periods.The incidence of women with less fertility and late fertility is significantly more incidental than women who have more fertility or early fertility.The main symptoms include:

1. Abdominal pain (dysmenorrhea, sexual intercourse, chronic pelvic pain)

2. Menstruation disorders (manifested as increased menstruation, extension of menstruation, or bleeding before menstruation)

3. Pelvic block

4. Infertility

In particular, it should be noted that the uncertain aunt, long -term dysmenorrhea and aggravation year by year may be the precursor of the disease!

1. Take contraception measures to avoid abortion as much as possible;

2. It is not recommended for menstrual period;

3. Do not lose your heart with dysmenorrhea. If you have abnormal abdominal pain, you must go to the doctor in time. Through B -ultrasound and other examinations, exclude or not quality lesions;

4. Do a gynecological examination every six months or a year.

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