After taking contraceptives, I found pregnancy. Can children still ask for this situation?

In the lives of couples and couples, contraception is a vital issue.Suddenly found that he was pregnant, it was a very bad thing for a woman who did not plan to give birth, because fetal or abortion is very bad for their bodies.I have to accept the fact that I want to get married, and many men’s families recognize this. Later, they thought that the woman fell off the price, so she reduced the gifts, so there were really many problems brought by pregnancy.In life, there will be a lot of women who are similar to women after pregnancy. Because they do n’t know that they are still pregnant and they are still taking contraceptives for contraceptives, can the fetus still need in this case?

We all know that contraceptives are harmful to women’s bodies, especially for some emergency contraceptives. The amount of drugs is large, one is enough to see, but this drug is often very harmful to the body. If you are pregnant, you are pregnantThen it is also very bad for the baby’s development.Within five weeks after pregnancy, if you continue to take oral contraceptives, you may cause fetal deformed deformity, including many organs to cause malformations, and even sexual organs will have an impact. Therefore, oral contraceptives after pregnancy areVery bad.

However, many women are very soft -hearted. When they take contraceptives, they find that they are pregnant, fearing that they will have a adverse effect on the baby, but they are not willing to have a miscarriage.At this time, you really have to choose a decisive choice, because if a deformed baby is really given in the future, it is a very unfair thing for his whole life.If the symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage occur early in the early pregnancy, this may be related to chromosomal distortion, that is, after taking contraceptives after pregnancy, abortion will occur at this time, which is also a natural elimination of abnormal embryos.

In some aspects, contraceptives also have a great role in it, such as effective contraceptives, and many adolescent girls will prescribe some contraceptives, regulate, and stop drugs due to irregular menstruation and large menstruation.After that, you can get pregnant again.However, if there is a plan to get pregnant, it is best to conceive 3 to 6 months after the drug stop, so that the baby can have a good development environment.

However, oral contraceptives also have a certain period. If the period of oral contraceptives exceeds six years, it will cause certain damage to the body, such as common endocrine problems, and the possibility of thrombosis and other diseases.Therefore, for health considerations, try to take contraceptives at the prescribed time period. As a woman, we must know how to love themselves.

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