After taking contraceptives, do you want to conceive your baby?

Although I took contraceptives afterwards, she was still pregnant. Can this child ask?Many mothers have such troubles and entanglement. Now I will explain and analyze this accident.

The contraceptive failed, the baby is here!

Lisa has been unable to say recently, and can only quietly complains with friends: I was just married for half a year. Lisa thought about the world of two people for a year first, but her husband and mother -in -law couldn’t wait to have a child to come out early.EssenceAfter the same room last time, Lisa’s husband naturally did not have any contraceptive measures, and Lisa secretly took 2 capsules afterwards.However, after a month, Lisa’s holiday was not delayed. I bought a pregnancy test stick test. I was pregnant.

Husband and mother -in -law naturally laughed, but Lisa was worried. Can the children staying by the medicine, can the children staying?Lisa checked it on the Internet, and many responses suggested that such children cannot stay, especially Yuting may have a teratogenic effect on the baby’s development.Demon.

2 grains of contraceptives, can children still want?

After thinking about it, Lisa decided to consult a professional doctor.Lisa suddenly felt the feeling of this accident.Coupled with the eyes of her mother -in -law and husband’s expectation, I also began to look forward to the arrival of this life.

The doctor first learned about the time and types of contraceptives taken by LISA, and then told Lisa: The main component of Yuting, the emergency contraceptive pill, is progesterone. At present, no data at home and abroad indicates that this drug will cause the fetus to cause teratogenic teratogenic to teratogenic.Influence.Coupled with the low dose of Yuting, the metabolism in the human body is faster, and the fetus basically does not have much impact on the fetus.However, the doctor also reminded Lisa that although Yuting’s impact on the fetus can be ruled out, the fetal deformities caused by other unscientific lifestyles and other natural factors in the early pregnancy cannot be completely ignored.Eliminate fetal malformations.

Based on the above analysis, the doctor still recommends LISA. Children can ask, but remember to conduct a check -up on time.

The contraceptive pills before the fertilized egg may have no effect

The doctor further explained that it takes 7-9 days from the husband and wife to bed to bed in the same room to bed. The formal start of pregnancy starts from the fertilized egg bed.And LISA’s emergency contraceptive pill was taken the next day. At that time, the fertilized eggs had been successfully combined and traveled inside the fallopian tube. At this stage, the fetus had not been in bed and started to divide and develop. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the drugs.The impact of organ development.

According to clinical analysis, the impact of general drugs on the fetus is "all or no phenomenon", which means that if the drug is toxic to the fetus, the fetus will stop developing; if the drug has no effect on the fetus, the fetus is completely normal without affecting the fetus, and it will not affectFollow -up development.Therefore, the doctor suggested that LISA conducts B-ultrasound after 50-60 days of pregnancy. If the baby’s fetal heart and germ development are normal, healthy will develop.If the prospective mom will have no reason to bleed for no reason, and it is confirmed that the embryo has stopped developing through the B -ultrasound, then people should be flowing as soon as possible without having to protect their tires.

Women should not take emergency contraceptives often

Some expectant moms will also ask, can all babies who fail after emergency contraception can it be required?This problem is not established.

Analysis from the principles of emergency contraceptives, the composition of this drug is generally artificially synthetic hormone. Through hormonal regulation, the consistency of cervical mucus increases, or changes the movement of the fallopian tube, hindering the fertilized egg bed.Therefore, the effect of emergency contraceptives is generally within 72 hours after the same room, but this contraceptive effect is not 100 %.Like Xiaowei’s case is also common.

On the other hand, in the protection of women itself, we must not take emergency contraceptives many times.If the prospective mummy still takes emergency contraceptives many times after the embryo is bed, it may cause side effects to the child’s embryo, and this side effect is unpredictable.In addition, women take up to 3 emergency contraceptives within a year, otherwise they will cause physiological side effects such as irregular menstruation and vomiting, which will cause infertility.

Healthy men have about 40 million sperm each time, while women have only one egg.With a probability of 40 million hit 1, the rate of recruitment is self -evident.However, when "love love" is deep, some people are so risky.

Mouth pill

Hot mom talks about: the least reliable four contraceptive methods

For those who have no fertility plans for the time being, in addition to the above characteristics, "love" also lurk the danger of "life".In a contraceptive survey report for young people, only 23%of the respondents expressed a clear understanding of information about contraception, and 77%of the respondents were confused or confused about contraception.

As high as 55%of the respondents believe that in vitro is a safe contraceptive method, and 23%believe that the safe period is a safe contraceptive method.These two are poor reliability, which is easy to cause contraceptives for accidental pregnancy.In addition, 54%of Chinese interviewees said they had had no protective behavior.

The most unreliable one -Endogenesis contraceptive method [Endogenesis is not reliable "leakage fish" caused contraceptive failure]

The in vitro radical method refers to the time when sexual intercourse, when the man has ejaculation, that is, the penis is pulled out of the vagina in time before ejaculation, and the semen is shot outside the vagina, so that the sperm cannot meet the eggs, so as to achieve the purpose of contraception.

Disadvantage 1: It is a coherent movement that is about to ejaculate and ejaculate. The separation between the two is extremely short. Most men cannot grasp the timing accurately, so that when it is about to reach the orgasm, the penis cannot be pulled out of the vagina in time, so that the initial initially madeThe sperm sperm is arranged into the woman’s vagina, and the number of sperm in this semen is the most, so it is easy to cause pregnancy.

Disadvantages 2: Men often have a small amount of sperm entering the vagina before the ejaculation action occurs. At this time, the sperm is the sperm accumulated in the vastered pipe. In the process of sexual excitement, with the contraction of the vascular tube, it will be selected into the urethra first, and then then the urethra is the first, and then the urethra is the first. ThenFollow the vagina with the urethral secretion.

Bades 3: Timely drawing the penis from the vagina in time requires the man to "just" to grasp the "fire", which makes both men and women nervous because of excessive attention ejaculation time, making the sexual intercourse process uncomfortable, and even over time, it will even cause sexual nerve weakness.

Pills condition and lipstick in Denim Pocket.

The most unreliable -safety contraceptive method ["Safe period" is not 100 % safe!.

Safety contraceptive method refers to a period of time according to the time of female ovulation, sperm and eggs in the female reproductive tract, to estimate a period of time when women are not conceived, and select sexual intercourse during this period of time without protection measures to achieve the purpose of contraception.

Generally speaking, it can survive for 1-2 days after the eggs are discharged, and sperm can survive in the female reproductive tract for 2-3 days. Therefore, 2-3 days before ovulation and 1-2 days after ovulation may be conceived.This period is called easy pregnancy.

Ovarian ovulation is generally within 2 days before and after menstruation, so the safety period is about 10 days after menstruation, and after the 20th day after menstruation to the next menstrual tide, the closer to the menstrual period, the greater the possibility of contraception.

However, this calculation cannot be accurate every time, because the time for women’s ovulation, influenced by factors such as the external environment, climate, my emotions, and health state, which will be delayed or advanced in advance, and additional ovulation may occur.In addition, the longest survival time of sperm and eggs in women’s reproductive tract cannot be finalized. Therefore, the safety period cannot be regarded as accurate, so the safety period is unsafe.

The most unreliable three -emergency contraceptives and contraceptives [Taking time for contraceptive pills is important]

The use of emergency contraceptives is more convenient. As long as you take within 72 hours of the same room, you can achieve more satisfactory results.Emergency contraceptives are hormones. In a short period of time, the cervical mucus is thickened, which hinders the combination of sperm and eggs, which can make it difficult for fertilized eggs to bed, which makes it the purpose of contraception.

It is important to emphasize that emergency contraceptives are a way to remedy afterwards. The stimulus of the reproductive system is short and strong. If it is frequently used, it is easy to cause hormone level disorders in the body and even affect future fertility.

Experts clearly pointed out that only one emergency contraceptive pill can be used once a month, otherwise it may cause endocrine dysfunction.EssenceTherefore, emergency contraceptives should not be used as conventional contraceptive methods.

The fourth unreliable -cleaning vaginal contraceptive method

Cleaning the vaginal contraceptive method means that after sexual intercourse, a woman was washed the vagina immediately with water or other liquid to wash away semen in the body and avoid pregnancy.This method is not reliable, because the range of washing is only the vagina, but many sperm may have reached the cervix and uterine before flushing.

What’s more, many women use high corrosive lotion to wash the vagina after sexual intercourse, thinking that they can "kill" sperm to achieve the purpose of contraception.In fact, this method does not have any scientific basis. What’s more important is that this method is dangerous. If the concentration of the washing solution is not well deployed, it may not only cannot contraception, but also may cause vaginal burns or inflammation.

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