After taking a chest tablet after the physical examination, I found that I was pregnant. Can this child want it?

This situation is very common. Many women are pregnant inadvertently, thinking that they are "irregular menstruation" and not noticed. During this time, it happens to have a medical examination of X -ray.After pregnancy, I am worried that it will affect the fetus. So, is it necessary to terminate pregnancy?

X -rays have an impact on embryos or fetuses. Not to mention that the fetus and our adults also affect our adults, but there is a word that is very good: leaving the dose to talk about harm, that is, playing hooligans!IntersectionIntersection

So what are we worried about?look down:

1 abortion

Within 33 days of pregnancy (calculated from the beginning of the end of the pregnant woman) is the reaction period of the external risk factors affecting the embryonic or fetal reaction period: During this time, the embryo accepted excessive X -ray can occur, but this kind of extremely early abortion may not be obviously obvious.The manifestation, also known as "biochemical pregnancy", women may just feel that menstruation has been postponed for a few days. Attentive women will find HCG (chorionic gonadotropin) positive; if there is no miscarriage, the risk of other problems in the fetus will not be the risk of the fetus.It will increase significantly.


After 33 days of pregnancy, it is a sensitive period for teratogenic terators after 33 days of pregnancy. During this period, a large number of fetal organs develop, but there are also some organs’ teratogenic sensitivity periods that will continue until late pregnancy.

Ferry is most vulnerable to ionizing radiation between 4 and 22 weeks of pregnancy.

In theory, pregnant women accept 5 ~ 15rad radiation doses may cause fetal malformations.

The radiation dose of common X -ray examinations is: X -ray chest tablets are 0.00007RAD, and the minimum standards can be exceeded by 71429 times.X -ray radiation dosage is about 5-10 times the chest tablets. The maximum 10 times calculation must also be more than 7,000 times to exceed the standard.Dental X -ray check is 0.0001rad, and it takes 50,000 times to exceed the standard.

检 Evemeral X -ray check is 3.986rad, and the abdomen CT is 2.6rad in a single CT, which exceeds the standard 2 times.

3 carcinogenic

X -rays can increase the risk of malignant tumors (such as leukemia) after fetal birth.Compared with those who have not been exposed to radiation, the risk of receiving malignant tumors in early pregnancy, mid -term, and late stages of radiation is 3.19 times, 1.29 times, and 1.30 times.The incidence of malignant tumors is usually very low.Studies have shown that after contacting 0.5rad, the chance of adverse effects only increases by 0.017%on the basis of the original risk, that is, about one fetus with a dose of X -ray radiation per 6,000.result.

So, after reading the above explanation, are you still worried?

In addition, it should be explained that the B -ultrasound is a regular inspection of obstetrics.The B -ultrasound examination during pregnancy is safe and will not cause adverse effects on the fetus.

Like the B -ultrasound, MRI (MRI) is not a radioactive inspection, and it will not produce ionizing radiation.

In clinical practice, most of the MRI examination is that pregnant women have other diseases and need to further identify the condition and treatment, and the regular examinations such as B ultrasound have not been confirmed. At presentTry to avoid doing it in the early stages of pregnancy.

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