After pregnancy, you can’t do these 5 housework!

Before I was pregnant, Mommy secretly vowed to wait for me to wait for me to get pregnant. I must enjoy a 10 -month dress to reach out to the queen’s life.

However, after pregnancy, Mommy discovered that I was born to work hard.During the whole pregnancy life, except for 3 months in the early pregnancy, the smell of fuel smoke was not allowed to go to the kitchen, at other times, Mommy was still the beautiful chef surrounding the stove.

Many people think that after pregnancy, she worships the housework thoroughly. Like the princes and princesses in fairy tales, they have lived a happy life.

But in fact, many women are still struggling to clean up the front line of housework after pregnancy.Although it is said that the housework that can be done properly during pregnancy is good for the pregnant mother and the fetus, but after all, it is a special period after all.These five types of household work cannot be done during pregnancy.

The first category: lift heavy objects

Regardless of whether you were a strong or female man before, do n’t mention heavy things after pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy and third trimester!Because in the process of lifting the heavy object, the strength of the waist and abdomen can easily cause uterine contraction and cause abortion.

In the process of lifting the heavy objects, some unexpected damage is also prone to occur.

The state also clearly stipulates that pregnant women should not move over 25kg of heavy objects during the labor process.But everyone’s constitution is different, this standard is not suitable for every mother!

The second category: sweep the floor, mop the floor

Sweeping and mopping the floor look like a simple and relaxed housework. Many pregnant mothers think that this is what they can during pregnancy.

actually not.Although sweeping and mopping the floor are simple, it is not laborious, but it is not suitable for pregnant mothers.Because whether it is sweeping the floor or mopping the floor, you need to bend over to complete. If the pregnant mother keeps bending long for a long time, it is not only very tired, but also causes squeezing the abdomenhealthy.

Therefore, during pregnancy, a series of lives such as sweeping and mopping the floor need to bend over for a long time. Pregnant mothers are best not to do it.

The third category: the job of raising

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers know that they cannot climb high, but they do n’t pay so much attention to the need to be raised, such as rubbing glass, drying clothes or placing high -level items …

This action may have no impact on us on weekdays, but it is very dangerous for pregnant mothers. First of all, it is easy to gravate unstable when raising.It may cause abortion.

The fourth category: washing dishes

With a pregnancy, you can’t even wash the bowl?Really!In the early stages of pregnancy, the pregnant mother usually has a large response, and the spirit and energy are not able to do the work of washing dishes; in the middle and third trimester of pregnancy, the high -rise abdomen will make the pregnant mother very uncomfortable when washing the dishes, and the detergent of the detergent, and the detergent of the detergent, and the detergent, and the detergent.Pregnant mothers such as fine chemical cleaner are less contact.

Fifth category: shovel

The shovel officer is a job that many people are happy, but this job is not suitable for pregnant mothers.Because the pet’s feces may be hidden in a bow, once the pregnant mother exposes the infection, it is easy to cause fetal malformation.

Therefore, after pregnancy, it is best to stay away from the role of "shovel officer".

Precautions for housework during pregnancy

Slow principle

The flexibility of the body during pregnancy will gradually decrease with the increase of the gestational week. Therefore, when doing housework, the pregnant mother should use the principle of "slow" and try to be as stable as possible.

Appropriate principle

Doing housework during pregnancy is not the goal. It is more for exercise, so pregnant mothers must abide by the "moderate" principle when doing housework.If your body feels tired, stop and rest, don’t be stubborn!

Avoid sitting for a long time

The increased uterus during pregnancy will compress the intravascular vein, hinder the return of the blood vein blood from the lower limbs, and thereby occurs.Therefore, no matter how long or sitting for a long time, this will increase this situation.Therefore, especially during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, it is best to change a posture for pregnant women in about half an hour.

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