After pregnancy, why do some expectant mothers spit out weakness "Sister Lin", and some are normal?

Related data shows that more than 75%of pregnant mothers will have to varying degrees of nausea, and 50%of the pregnant mothers will occur in pregnancy.

Although it is not easy to say that women who are pregnant, after pregnancy, they do not mean that all Baoma is not good.

For example, after some pregnant mothers are pregnant, vomiting will often occur, and it becomes a "sister Lin" who is weak;

Some pregnant mothers seem to be completely normal, and there is no phenomenon that makes them feel uncomfortable. The entire pregnancy period is very comfortable. So what is the reason that causes it?What about the same?

Lin Lin and Huihui are employees of the same company. They usually work busy, and they are also very good friends in private.

Coincidentally, they were pregnant at the same time, and they joked that they had to get dolls ~

Seeing this situation, the leaders of the department hurriedly asked them to take leave, afraid of affecting the company’s performance, and the leaders must hold on to Huihui and Linlin as those who came.

After all, during pregnancy, women are not good, and there may be severe pregnancy vomiting, but it will pass.

Obviously, what the leader said was right. It didn’t take long for Huihui to have severe vomiting, but in the private chat with Linlin, she found that Lin Lin did not have the same phenomenon as Huihui.Pregnancy.

Huihui was a little discouraged. Why was she pregnant, but Linlin had no reaction, but she kept spitting up?

And this symptoms have not improved over time, and they are also pregnant. Why is the difference between each other?

Studies have shown that pregnancy vomiting is an early pregnancy reaction. Pregnancy will appear around the 6th week of pregnancy, reaching the peak period after 8 weeks, and this phenomenon will be eased after 10 weeks.

▲ It is related to the state of the fetus

After pregnancy, some people’s mother will have a stronger pregnancy vomiting after pregnancy, which will have something to do with the development of infants and infants.

The intensity of pregnancy vomiting is also related to the level of hormones in the expectant mothers, so after pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will have severe vomiting, some pregnant mothers will not vomit, and the whole pregnancy period is relatively stable.

▲ The reason why the pregnant mother itself

Doctors show that for expectant mothers with a stable state of fetal development, the physical condition of expectant mothers will also stabilize.

However, if the fetal development is unstable in this process, the expectant mothers will also be troubled by pregnancy in the process.

After pregnancy, most of the pregnant mothers are more concerned about. The children in the stomach have such a hint in their hearts, and they will feel that they are pregnant with their children.

Then be careful no matter what you do, and you are afraid of adverse effects on your children.

However, the more serious this psychology, the stronger the baby will have a stronger pregnancy response, and it is often difficult to control.

Some expectant mothers have the cause of pregnancy vomiting, which is related to the level of blood human choric membrane promoting gonad hormone levels in the body.

If this hormone gradually increases, it will cause the stomach of the pregnant mother to have obvious discomfort, which will further cause the symptoms of vomiting. Therefore, from the above two points, the vomiting of the pregnant mother is related to her own reasons.Oh ~ ~

吐 Eat more fruits to relieve pregnancy vomiting

If the pregnant mother’s pregnancy is serious, then you can choose some fruits to alleviate the degree of pregnancy.

For example, grapefruit, pear, black plum, grapes, which are relatively fresh and sweet, can achieve a balanced intake of the fetal nutrition, and will further improve the vomiting of pregnant mothers.

These fruits can be selected according to the needs of pregnant mothers, and the overall effect of relieving pregnancy is still ideal.

姜 Apply to eat ginger to relieve

Many people know that ginger has the effect of driving cold, and can also cause vomiting caused by stomach cold. Therefore, pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy can eat a little bit of ginger in normal times to relieve their vomiting.

However, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do not choose to eat at night. There is an old saying, "Eat Jiang Ru Shuangshuang at night", so I still eat properly for their own health.

松 Mind to keep your mood relaxed

As mentioned earlier, the degree of vomiting of pregnant mothers has a certain relationship with her own psychological suggestion.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers not be in a highly nervous state every day, care about the baby, and pay attention to the health of the baby. This is not wrong.

However, excessive nervousness will make your pregnancy vomiting more and more serious, relax your mood appropriately, maintain a pleasant mood every day, and do not be too tight in your mental state, then the phenomenon of pregnancy vomiting will also have something to doease.

↑ Avoid contact with electronic products

It is not recommended to contact electronic products. In addition to the strong radiation ability of electronic products itself, there is another reason that on the screen of electronic products, fast flashing light will appear. This light will cause the pregnant motherEssence

↑ Supplement to the body

After the pregnant mother usually spit, every time she spit, the body will lose a lot of water.

Therefore, at this time, pregnant mothers should add certain water to themselves in time. If you don’t like to drink water, you can choose your favorite milk instead of water, or juice, soup, etc.

In the premise of hydration, it is also necessary to supplement yourself with appropriate vitamins and minerals, so that your nutrition is balanced.

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