After pregnancy, what will happen to the internal organs in pregnant women?One picture takes you to understand the truth

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Born a child is a natural responsibility and mission of every woman, a process that we must go through, and a milestone on the road of our lives. If you have not experienced life, it is incomplete.

And the name "mother" not only means that our identity has changed hugely, but the responsibility on the shoulders has become heavier and heavier.

Therefore, some people say that "mothers’ love is the greatest love in the world." This is not only because the mother will love her children throughout her life, but also because of the harm caused by pregnancy to women.

Especially after the women’s pregnancy, the belly becomes larger a little bit, and the lower abdomen protrudes a little bit, and the organs in the body will change a little bit. Then, do you know where the organs squeezed by the fetus have gone?

I believe that this problem must have troubled many Baoma. Even some of the Baoma who had already given birth to a baby did not know, but I just felt that there was not much change before and after pregnancy.

However, during pregnancy, the stomach is bulging like blowing balls. The organs in the original position will definitely change. As the fetus grows in the belly, it will accumulate on it.

However, you don’t have to worry too much. Even if you are squeezed to it, the organs of the body will still work normally. However, some organs will become slower when they work, and they will be restored after giving birth.

1. The stomach

The stomach is mainly digested and excreted in our body. However, when the fetus grows day by day, the stomach will be oppressed a little bit, and many Baoma will have some loss of appetite and indigestion.

Not only that, because the intestines are in the length of more than ten meters in our body, the stomach and intestines will also have uneven distribution. After this happens, the peristalsis of the stomach will slow down, and the accumulation of food and constipation will occur.

2. Heart and lungs

After pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, many mothers will have chest tightness and shortness of breath, shortness of breathing, and many times, if you want to breathe comfortably, you need to bend over to breathe well.

This also has a lot to do with the baby, because in the third trimester, the baby is getting bigger and bigger, and the uterus will compress the lungs, and the space of the lungs is getting smaller and smaller.It will not be smooth.

3, bladder

This should be a headache for many Baoma. In the early stages of pregnancy, there will be an analgesic sensation in the lower abdomen. Moreover, there are often secretion and logistics.

However, in the third trimester, when the baby grows up, it will oppress the bladder, causing pregnant women to be unable to urinate. If there is urination, they must go to the bathroom immediately.

Not only that, some pregnant women can never afford night before pregnancy, but after pregnancy, it will only be once or twice at night, otherwise the bladder is very uncomfortable.

Moreover, it is the most embarrassing time when delivery. Since the baby is about to be born, the sphincter of the bladder and the hip will stop working temporarily.

In simple terms, it is unable to hold the stool and urination, which causes the mother to urinate incontinence during childbirth. In the face of strange doctors, the baby may still be accompanied by shit, and just feel shameful.

In fact, every mother is great, and needs to experience the hard work of "October Wanderer", and the pain of "once childbirth" to bring the baby from the qualified world.

However, do n’t worry too much, because this is a process that every woman needs to go through. Other maternal women will appear in the situation you appear.

Moreover, some mothers are worried that there is a problem with the internal organs after giving birth to the baby. This is fine, because after the baby is born, the internal organs will return each other, and will not be so messy.

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