After pregnancy, what happened to the stomach and stomach?

Many pregnant mothers have a kind of stomach during pregnancy, and it will be uncomfortable, especially in the third trimester. In fact, the stomach of pregnant women is uncomfortable.In some ways, the stomach will be much easier after the fetus is in the basis in the second trimester.So what about the uncomfortable stomach of a pregnant woman?

(1) Increasing uterine compression

(2) Dast indigestion of the stomach

This situation is normal, don’t worry.This situation occurred in the third trimester due to the tall height of the fetal baby. If necessary, you can go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.It is recommended to take more deep breaths. Do not lie flat when you bed in bed. Try to lying on the left side can relieve the symptoms of discomfort.

1. You can choose to sleep on the left side position

Pregnant women usually do not lie flat when they lie down, which will increase the squeezing of the stomach, thereby increasing the uncomfortableness of the stomach.It is recommended to sleep on the left side, which can not only alleviate the symptoms of uncomfortable stomach, but also ensure the normal blood flow of the placenta, provide all nutrients and oxygen for the growth and development of the fetus, but also prevent hypertension and edema in pregnant women.

2. Diet law, a small amount of meals

When pregnant women have poor digestion, the stomach is also uncomfortable. Therefore, expectant mothers usually have regular meals, eat more soft and digestible foods, eat less or not fried or fried foods. While ensuring nutrition during pregnancy, they alsoIt will not increase the burden on the intestinal tract, and it is more conducive to gastrointestinal digestion and absorption.Pregnant mothers should also pay attention to a small amount of meals to reduce the burden on the stomach. It is advisable to take 6 to 7 meals a day.

3. Breathing deeply

As the fetus gradually becomes larger, the uterus gradually increases, and the increased uterus will compress the stomach, which will cause the stomach to be uncomfortable. This is normal during pregnancy. Don’t worry about it. Usually, it can relieve discomfort.

4. Pay attention to the temperature of diet and drinking water

It should be based on "not hot and cold". When drinking water, the best drinking time is when the morning is on the morning and 1 hour before meals. After the meal, drinking water will dilute the gastric juice.Usually pay attention to cold prevention. After the stomach is cold, the function of the stomach will be damaged.

5. The mentality of pregnant mothers is also very important. To maintain a pleasant mood

Whether the stomach is healthy has a lot to do with mental factors. Excessive mental stimulation, such as long -term tension, fear, sadness, depression, etc. can cause the functional disorders of the cerebral cortex and cause nerve function disorders.Therefore, we must always be happy, cheerful, strong, and good at liberating themselves from difficulties.

All pregnant mothers, little cute, wait until they defeat this ultimate big boss, these problems will gradually improve, be sure to cheer!

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