After pregnancy, these five kinds of suffering are really painful for pregnant mothers. Do you feel these feelings?

For each pregnant mother, it really has only one word that can be summarized. "Bitter", especially for the current season, the pregnant mother really has only suffering. As the baby grows up day by day,Pregnant mother’s internal organs will also be oppressed by the increase in fetal treasures, so this pain also makes the pregnant mother’s most unforgettable.Su Su is now in the second trimester, and always feels like he has various discomforts, because the increase of the pregnant belly will feel difficult to even bend up, just want to lie down every day, and add frequent fetal movements to make it makes it to make it allowSu Su also had a bad rest at night, and I could only squint for a while while the baby was quiet. This pregnancy was really suffering from Su Su. Su Su vowed to tell her husband that as long as this child, the second child should not consider the matter of the second child.The pain of pregnancy is something you can’t think of.So for pregnant mothers, what are the pains of the body from the inside to the outside?

1. Stomach acid backflow

In the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers will have severe pregnancy reactions, and they will always vomit and nausea frequently. As the baby’s baby increases in the stomach of the pregnant mother, the baby will oppress the pregnant motherAt this time, some pregnant mothers with poor constitution will have a strong stomach discomfort, always reflective, and the appetite will be particularly poor, so even if this feeling is normal, it will work hard.Essence

2. Ribs pain

By the time of 28 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will feel the pain of ribs. This is mainly because the baby’s increase will be compressed to the ribs of the pregnant mother. Sometimes it will also move to the ribs of the pregnant mother. At this time, the natural pregnant motherI feel that the ribs have an unbearable pain. Sometimes the pregnant mother still takes care of the comfort of the baby, and it takes a long time to maintain a posture. So how can the ribs do not hurt at this time?

3. Back pain

This is the most common for pregnant mothers. Back pain is the feeling that every pregnant mother will feel in the second trimester of pregnancy. Due to the increase in the fetus, some pregnant mothers must use when they walk to alleviate.Hands holding your waist, or when you sleep, the waist should be cushioned to relieve, so some pregnant dads should not think that pregnancy is so light.

4. Constipation

In the third trimester, the most common is constipation. Many pregnant mothers find that they eat more or eat less, and there will be no bowel movements the next day.For hard work, if the pregnant mother who has always been constipated, if she can’t stand it, she can seek a doctor and get the help of a doctor.

5. Poor breathing

By the time of the second trimester and the third trimester, pregnant mothers will feel breathless, especially when they are going to sleep at night, they feel that they are oppressed to breath. In fact, this is because of the baby’s baby.Caused by oppression, pregnant mothers may wish to relieve the situation of poor breathing in the deep breathing of each paragraph.

In fact, pregnancy is really a large -scale project for pregnant mothers. Only the pregnant mother knows the suffering and bitterness in pregnancy.Mom, finally wish every pregnant mother to give birth to a baby safely and smoothly.

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