After pregnancy, there will be these five performances in their bodies. Women who are preparing for pregnancy are compared to see

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For women who are preparing for pregnancy, the most intuitive way is to infer whether they are pregnant by calculating their physiological period, and then determine the pregnancy test stick.However, it is necessary to judge according to the physiological period, at least it takes more than a month, because only the next month’s physiological period is not reported on time, they will doubt whether they are pregnant.

However, the first three months of pregnancy is the most important and most vulnerable for fetal development. It is possible that they do not know that they are pregnant, so they have done something that pregnant women cannot do. Such examples abound.

There was once a pregnant mother who did not know that she had been pregnant for more than a month, performed a relatively strong exercise, and eventually led to abortion.Afterwards, the pregnant mother regretted it. If she could know that she was pregnant early.

In fact, women can calculate whether they are pregnant earlier in other ways, because fertilized eggs in bed, women’s body will change, but few women pay attention to these changes in their bodies.

If a woman who is preparing for pregnancy finds the following five changes, then pay attention to it, a large probability shows that the fertilized eggs are already bed.

1. Rise body temperature

When fertilized eggs are in bed, the body temperature of women can also change due to hormone changes. The two most obvious changes include the cooling of bed and heating after bed.

However, this requires the habit of recording body temperature during pregnancy, and then according to changes in body temperature, women will find that the temperature of their ovulation will suddenly decrease.

This is because when the follicles are ruptured, the estrogen will drop rapidly, causing the body temperature to decrease.

With the end of the ovulation, physical temperature will rise.Within 6-10 days after ovulation, if the body temperature drops suddenly one day, and then the body temperature rises (higher than the usual basal body temperature) and lasts for nearly a week, it means that the fertilized eggs are bed.

The sudden low temperature point is actually the temperature when the fertilized eggs are in bed, but after the fertilized eggs are bed, the woman’s body will secrete progestin and cause the body temperature to rise.

In general, the changes in female body temperature should be within 6-10 days after the ovulation period. If the body temperature occurs suddenly, the sky will rise sharply, and the body temperature will last for one week to reach 37 degrees, which is the precursor of pregnancy, and women can be able to women.Buy a pregnancy test stick to detect whether you are pregnant.

Therefore, women who are pregnant during pregnancy can record their body temperature every day, and then determine whether they have signs of pregnancy based on changes in body temperature.

Second, unable to lift up

After the fertilized eggs are successful, a woman will secrete a hormone called lutein. This hormone can promote the development of the endometrium and escort embryonic development.However, the lutein will also make women feel tired and can’t afford strength, so if women during pregnancy are in a state of easy fatigue after a period of time after "the same room", they need to attract attention.

Third, a small amount of bleeding

"Betting" is actually the physiological phenomenon of fertilized eggs through the fallopian tube of women to the uterus "settle", but the fertilized eggs are not in bed casually. It will first test it around the uterus.Film, find a place to place yourself.

In this process, because the hormone level cannot maintain the normal endometrium growth, it will cause some capillaries to rupture and cause bleeding.

This belongs to the functional bleeding of the uterus and does not require special treatment. It is characterized by the less bleeding amount and accompanied by the symptoms of lower abdomen pain.If a large amount of bleeding, then you need to go to the hospital for examination, considering the sign of the warning.

Four, frequent urination

In fact, not only the mothers in the third trimester of pregnancy are frequent, but women in the early stages of pregnancy will also stimulate the bladder under the action of fluffy hormones, causing the desire to go to the toilet.

Five, chest pain

Women’s breasts actually best reflect the changes in body hormones. When women are in a physiological period, pregnancy, lactation, or extremely bad mood, the chest will be painful.However, the cause is different, and the degree of pain is different. This is actually due to the changes in hormones in women, which leads to pain in the chest.

Of course, the above five performances are based on women’s same room. If not, then the above -mentioned features must consider whether there are gynecological diseases.

Women who are pregnant during pregnancy and "same room" behavior can go to the hospital for examination or buy a pregnancy inspection if they have the above -mentioned feelings.Generally speaking, after a week of fertilized eggs, you can detect whether you are pregnant, but the process of fertilized eggs takes 6-7 days.In other words, within 14 days after the "same room", the results of women’s pregnancy test stick tests will be more accurate.

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