After pregnancy, there is a lump in the armpit?It may be that these 5 guys are making strange

During pregnancy, various hormone indexs will rise, and their physical fitness is slightly fragile.There are some pregnant women who have a long bump under the armpit during pregnancy, and they are accompanied by pain. What is the situation?

After pregnancy, if there are lump pain under the armpit, it will have the following situations:

1. lymph nodes

We need to slide down the axillary. If we can slide, it may be lymph nodes.As long as lymph nodes are below 0.5 and different are normal, there is no need to treat, but if you feel pain, you need to go to the hospital for examination.

2, sebaceous gland cyst

If the bumps under the armpit cannot be slid, we have to see if it has small black spots. If there are small black spots, it is a sebaceous gland cyst.If it is a sebaceous gland cyst, surgical treatment is needed. Generally, cancer will not occur, but it is prone to inflammation after pressing it.

3, fibroma

If the rails are not slid and there are no small black spots, we also have to consider whether the pimple is soft or hard. If it is hard, it may be a fibroma.If it is a fiber tumor, surgical treatment is needed. Under normal circumstances, fibroma needs to be treated in time, which is prone to cancer.However, it is currently not processed during pregnancy, and surgery or other methods will be performed after delivery.

4. Lipoma

If the rails are not slid, and there are no small black spots, the pimples are still soft, which may be lipoma.If it is a lipoma, surgical treatment is needed, deep -fat tadpoles may cause cancer.It is currently not processed for the time being during pregnancy.

5. Milk milk

Auxiliary milk is an extra breast that appears except for a normal breasts, and it is generally under the armpits or before the armpit.Most people have a pair of milk, and some people do not show it.Both the auxiliary milk and the breast will become larger, and the postpartum will be lactated. After the baby is weaned, the auxiliary milk is more obvious, and surgical resection should be considered.

During pregnancy, pregnant women will have a variety of problems. Don’t worry too much or fear. You can go to the hospital for corresponding examinations to follow the doctor’s guidance and suggestions.At the same time, pregnant women need to gradually develop good eating habits and laws of rest. Eat more foods rich in vitamins, calcium, and nuts. At the same time, do not eat some spicy foods.

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