After pregnancy, there are four "strange flavors" on your body. Which one makes you the most difficult to accept

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Xiaowen itself is a person who loves cleanliness. He usually takes a bath sooner or later, including doing this after pregnancy.But from last month, her husband often said that she had a strange smell on her body, saying that it was not that smelly, in short, it was very bad.Xiaowen thought it was her husband who teased her, but asked a few family members to say that it was true, which made Xiaowen very distressed.Since then she has taken a shower 3 times a day, and she will repeatedly confirm whether there is a taste on her body before going out.In fact, many pregnant women also have the same distress as Xiaowen. After pregnancy, there are some "strange flavors". So what is going on?

1. Sweat

After women’s pregnancy, metabolism has become faster, and it is easy to sweat, especially now in summer, and it is sweaty.Coupled with bathing during pregnancy, it is not very convenient, so the sweat on the body is relatively large.Generally, this situation is better in early pregnancy, and the smell of sweat during the third trimester is heavier.To alleviate this, pregnant women can take a bath every day, or wipe the parts that often sweat with a wet towel.

2. urine flavor

Most women have frequent urination after pregnancy, because the uterus is constantly increasing, compressing to the bladder, making the bladder capacity smaller, which leads to frequent urination.Sometimes there will be a leakage of urine. If it is not cleaned in time, there will be urine smell.Sometimes I can smell my head down. I really can’t stand it, and I am more afraid of being smelled by others.Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to hygiene during pregnancy and change their underwear.

3. Milk flavor

Some pregnant women say that they can smell a faint milk flavor when they bow their heads, but they do not drink milk and do not know where they come from.In fact, after pregnancy, the level of hormone levels in the body, some pregnant women are secreted by a small amount of milk when they are about 6 months. This is preparing for breast milk after birth.So you can smell a milk fragrance, but there are also some pregnant women.

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4. Can’t say the taste of export

After pregnancy, the secretions of the private parts of pregnant women will increase, and the taste will become very heavy.I often smell it in unintentional, and I am afraid that others can smell such a big taste. It is really embarrassing.Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to maintaining the hygiene of the lower body. They can change their underwear and let themselves refreshing.

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