After pregnancy, the skin of pregnant women is likely to change three changes. It should be prepared early

Pregnant women are not only as simple as a child in a woman. In the early pregnancy, expectant mummy physiology will change a lot.Unfortunately, most of these changes are negative, such as inconvenient action during pregnancy, response during pregnancy, etc., quasi -moms have suffered.Of course, it will be much better when the expectant moms are used to these discomforts, but in addition, there is a change that makes the expectant moms unbearable, that is, the changes in skin during pregnancy. Generally, these five will occur.Changes change.

(1) Dry and rough skin

After pregnancy, the body hormone of pregnant moms will change a lot. The sebum secretion is reduced, the skin’s water locking ability is reduced, the skin will become dry and rough, and even peel.In addition, women often use a variety of skin care products to cause over -maintained, reduce the ability to secrete oil, and increase this change.


1. Do not wash your face too high, because you wash your face too much, you will wash away the oil, but your face will be dry.

2. Diet requires more vegetables and fruits, and drink less spicy foods and caffeine -containing food.

3. Use a special skin care product for pregnant women for skin care.

(2) Skin pregnancy spots

Because progesterone has grown too fast, after many pregnant mothers are pregnant with children, they will have some ugly pregnancy spots on their faces. This is because the balance of estrogen androgen is broken and skin melanin is stimulated.In addition to pregnancy on the face, the body parts such as the neck, underarms, areolas, groins, etc. of pregnant moms will also be darker than usual.


1. Avoid too much melanin, pregnant moms must relieve the sun as little as possible.Before going out, it is best to prepare a sun hat, umbrella and other items.

2. Vitamin C has antioxidant effects and can effectively inhibit the production of melanin, so pregnant moms should drink more fruit containing vitamin C.And in addition to vitamin C, fruit also contains a lot of substances that are good for the skin, such as citrates and grape polyphenols.

(3) Itching of the skin

Most pregnant moms have symptoms such as itching and dermatitis in the second trimester.This situation is generally caused by the hormone level of pregnant mummy, and the skin is sensitive.If the pregnant mother’s body itching is very serious and eczema appears in the hands and feet, it is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment in time, because this is likely to be a single stasis of pregnancy, which is not good for the baby’s development.


1. Pregnant moms try to wear loose and breathable clothes as much as possible, because too nervousness will increase the number of frictions of the body and the skin, causing itching.

2. Do not be too hot when taking a bath. Too hot water temperature will make the skin dry and itching.

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