After pregnancy, the skin is dry, the lower abdomen has a feeling of falling, and acne on the face. What should I do?

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From the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant moms will have many problems such as dry skin, often having nightmares, and foaming tongue.Once these problems occur, pregnant moms don’t have to be too anxious. As long as you slowly adjust your ideals, these problems will be solved.

Question 1: Dry skin

Due to the large changes in various hormones after pregnancy, some pregnant moms will have dry skin, or even redness, swelling and itching, so the skin care of the pregnant mummy during pregnancy is particularly important.Pregnant moms are more sensitive to skin during pregnancy. They should choose mild skin care products that are mild and irritating; eat more fruits and vegetables in diet, drink in moderation; avoid long -term sunlight; keep a certain humidity in the room, equip humidifier or put it in a humidifier or put it.A pot of water.

Question 2: Acne on the face

The problem of acne on the face of pregnant mothers is also caused by changes in hormones after pregnancy. To treat acne, it is best to adjust from the inside to outer.Do not feel too nervous during pregnancy during pregnancy; pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the face; the diet is mainly light, avoid eating spicy food; do not apply the harmful drugs that are harmful to pregnant moms and pregnant baby, and do not squeeze acne at will.

Question 3: Small abdomen falling

Some pregnant moms will have a sense of lower abdomen fall in early pregnancy. If it is caused by the increase in uterus, it is normal. As long as the pregnant mommy is mainly rest.In addition, the anxiety of pregnant mummy’s mood will also cause a sense of lower abdomen. At this time, pregnant moms need to adjust their emotions in time.If the pregnant mother has a feeling of vaginal bleeding, severe abdominal pain, and fetal dynamics at the same time as the lower abdomen has a fall, they should go to the hospital to check whether the baby has abnormal conditions.

Question 4: Feeling qi

Pregnant moms may cause multiple factors during pregnancy. One may be that the increase in uterine during pregnancy causes the internal organs to move upwards, compressing the chest and cause of the fork. The other may be that the underwear is too tight and the bra is not suitable.It is recommended that pregnant moms wear more loose clothes to take more deep breath and rest.If the situation of the fork is serious, you should go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

Question 5: Do a dream

Pregnancy was originally a happy thing, but there are pregnant moms on dreamers at night, and their spirits are not good during the day.In the final analysis, pregnant moms do nightmares are caused by emotions. Due to the impact of hormones during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers are in a light sleep state, the cerebral cortex is more active, and the spirit is tense during the day, it is easy to cause nightmares.For a dream during pregnancy, pregnant moms can soothe nervousness through walking, talking, and listening to music.If you have a bad dream, you can go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

Of course, the self -regulation of pregnant mothers during pregnancy is important, but family members also have to give pregnant moms more care and care, and to be more tolerant and understanding the emotions of pregnant mommy.

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