After pregnancy, the kitten was tortured to death by her in -laws, and I smashed her speakers and stewed his turtle.

The picture comes from the Internet

After pregnancy, my in -laws mixed chocolate in canned cats, which made me 7 years of Xiaodou, vomiting and diarrhea, and tortured in front of me.

So I cut my mother -in -law embroidered for three years, smashed her speakers to dance in the square dance, and stewed the turtles that had been raised for four years.


They said that my woman was vicious and horrible. It was a star. The mother -in -law slapped me in front of her father -in -law and her son, called Xu Nanxing divorced with me.

The family of family was unanimously abroad. I was a pregnant woman who was almost pregnant for five months. Listening to their cursing accusations and endured this slap.

"Go, go now, who will not leave who breaks the grandchildren! If this marriage cannot be separated, your Xu family is the double son -in -law!"

This sentence directly fainted her mother -in -law, and after waking up, she died in the hospital and saw our divorce certificate.

Xu Nanxing vowed to divorce immediately in front of his mother’s bed, and then we went to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

He yelled at the Civil Affairs Bureau. In his mouth, I lost my best and unforgivable. His family was grievantly grievances here, and even had two tears of grievances.

"You who abuse the elderly people who are angry with my mother to the hospital, let you apologize, you refuse to apologize!

"Isn’t my parents good enough to you? In your eyes, they are not as good as your pets. For a small beast, you make trouble at home every day!"

The people around him whispered, hearing whether others were not good at pets, it was normal to feel bad for their pets.

He shouted again, "You hypocritical woman, pretending to pretend to be his pet, take the turtles that have been raised for how many years I have raised my dad to stew the soup, why are you so vicious!"

When the crowd was uproar, the condemnation eyes all looked at me, and he added the fire:

"Does my mother love to dance in the square, hinder you, you actually smashed her speakers, why are you so ruthless!"

"Oh my god, this woman is too much!"

"It is really a sin to marry such a daughter -in -law! Is there a life at home?"

"No wonder you have to divorce with your mother -in -law’s house. Who dares this woman?"


Xu Nanxing listened to others’ pointers to me, and he was very satisfied.

And I watched his chiefs open and said nonsense, and because he got the consequences, he was so delicious, and the same way as his parents, he just felt endless and sad.

The man I loved was dead. In his body, there was no shadow left.

Now that I only want to divorce, I don’t want to tell him in a word, it is completely laborious.

Murdering my pet is just the corner of the iceberg of the Xu family. From my marriage to their house, they do not know what it means to respect.

I bought high -heeled shoes and didn’t get on her feet. Her niece came to the house and looked at it, and her mother -in -law opened her mouth.

I also said: "Who do you want to see who is a married woman? Can you do housework so high? After you have a child, you can wear it like that?

I am in the room alone, no matter what time, my father -in -law pushes the door directly and has never knocked on the door.

Once the father -in -law came in, I was changing clothes, and I screamed scared. My mother -in -law came over and scolded me to shame, saying that I took off my clothes at home during the day.

Do I do n’t need to change clothes during the day when I go out during the day?I have closed the door in my own room, what else is I?Can you die at the door?

I couldn’t bear it. I wanted to change the room. My mother -in -law was crying and crying in front of Xu Nanxing.

"How do we look at our old couple? Do we still have faces?"

When I was pregnant, my second aunt sent me an old hen raised in the countryside, saying that it was stewed to replenish my body.Eating is better than buying, hen also keeps confinement.

As a result, just after half a month, I went out with my friends for a meal. When I came back, I found that my mother -in -law stewed the chicken: "The doctor said that your dad is virtual, you need to make up for it.","

I am really angry. I have no opinion for your dad to make up for your body, but what does this mean?

That’s what my aunt’s aunt brought to me, at least tell me!

I returned to my room and didn’t want to talk to them.

As a result, her mother -in -law complained outside and said, "It is really impossible to marry a powerful daughter -in -law at home!

"She went out to go to the restaurant and didn’t go at home. Her dad and I ate chicken. When she came back, she looked at us with a face. It was scared that the old couple did not dare to speak at home!

"In the future, we will get our old couples around the neck, just drink cold water."


For more than two years, these seemingly inconspicuous feathers penetrate all aspects of life. Every day, I am really crazy!

At the beginning, Xu Nanxing would apologize to me afterwards. Later, he said, "What do you and the elderly?

"They are my parents, what do you think of me?

"Why don’t you live with my parents, why can’t you think about it for me?"

As if everything is my fault.

Now, he slapped me back to his mother, and the divorce still placed his fault on my head.

The moment Xiaodou died in front of me, I suddenly realized that in the past two years, what did I have been developed by the Xu family.

I have to make a step back in a moment, and take a step back to intensify.

Continue to live with them like this. They are boiled frogs when they are warm water. I will die in Jiang Xiaxia. I just live just a walking dead as the Xu family.


Because the attitude of both sides is resolute, our marriage is very smooth.

A group of people at the scene pointed at me, comforting Xu Nanxing’s warm voice, and several women who had just left the marriage took the initiative to add other WeChat.

Xu Nanxing scolded too much about his hypoxia, flushed his face, and his tears on his face were not dry. After adding WeChat, he looked at me, Yao Wu Yangwei.

"I said it a long time ago. You can find a better one away from you and me. You can find a second marriage woman with a big belly. Who else is waiting for you?"

This man is really shameful. Really, we are in love in college, and they will receive a certificate when they graduate. By this year, they have been together for five years.

I used to be actively chasing me, and he used to be meticulous to me, saying that Tian vowed to be good to me for a lifetime and gave me happiness.

Today, he laughed at the marriage with him, and I was with his child. He was a second marriage woman who had no one who had a stomach.

I protect my stomach, try to calm my emotions, and just ask all this to end as soon as possible.

As long as I can get a divorce certificate smoothly, he doesn’t want to explain half a word even if he planted a criminal law on my head.

However, I still admire those women who actively add Xu Nanxing’s WeChat. As soon as I got a divorce certificate with a man, I started to find the next man, and I just threw another woman.

It’s not enough to lose money, it’s a warrior!

After getting a divorce certificate smoothly, Xu Nanxing came to me, and his attitude was obviously different from before: "If you talk about you, you can’t apologize to my mother to coax her.

"My family is a child. It is not easy for my mother to raise me so much. You can’t filial her well? You have to do it with her!

"You go back to your mother’s house for a few days, wait for my mother to get angry, forgive you, you will come back to serve softly."

I think it’s funny: "Xu Nanxing, what do you know in your hand? Don’t you recognize the word?"

I’m too lazy to care about him again, drive, go home.

My mother knew that Xiaodou Ding was dead, and she shed tears.

"When you were going to get married, the mother said that let you not worry.

"You fell well, and you went to his door without a penny, and he took the lungs to prove that you love him. What did he do to prove that he loved you?

"He didn’t even give you the most basic respect and decentness!

"Also killed Xiaodou Ding. We have raised Xiaodou for seven years. Do you know Xu Nanxing for seven years?"

Xiaodou Ding was raised by my parents when I went to college. I was a child at home. I was not around. They took the cat as their children and accompanied them.

When I got married, my parents said that they would marry someone’s house as a daughter -in -law. I am afraid that I am not used to it. There is a small bean, even if there is a mother, there is a support!

But who would have thought that the Xu family would be so ruthless and killed it silently.

When my dad saw my divorce certificate, I was silent for a long time and sighed a few breaths: "Okay, the children are left, and what is the use of those."

"I feel bad about her, I said! It’s not good for half a year to leave, and now Xiaodou Ding is gone, and it’s still big. Do you want to play this child?"

I shook my head: "Don’t fight, what did my own children do?"

"I have been pregnant for almost five months, I don’t lose half of my life!"

"By the way, you will accompany me to the birth check tomorrow. Since they find that they are pregnant, their family has stopped for a day. After more than three months, they have never been checked."

"What? Aren’t you making trouble? It’s been five months since you are not a check -up?"

"Their family said that the checkup was the hospital in order to pit money. In the past, there were not so many check -ups. The children were not all good. Who would run to the hospital every day.

"I also said that there is radiation in the birth check. It is not good for the child. If there is no problem, you can check the problems. You must not go."

My mother was gritted at the time: "Xu Nanxing is still a college student. It is better to respect science, an old man who is not a culture. What kind of fart saying is too irresponsible!

"Hurry up and check tomorrow. Can you have a child?

Early the next morning, when I was going to go out to the hospital, I found that the car was gone.

"Where did this good car go?"

I found the property to check the monitoring, and found that Xu Nanxing came over last night to drive away the car.

Hehe, people are shameless, the world is invincible.

I took out the mobile phone and called the police: "Comrade of the police, my car was stolen."

I took the police to the work of Xu Nanxing’s work and found Xu Nanxing, who was at work.

He frowned and looked at me, disappointed: "Jiang Xiaxia, can you not make trouble, isn’t it just pregnant, you are endless, right?

I was too lazy to ignore you in front of the group of strangers yesterday. Today, in your own unit, since you are shameless, then I don’t need to keep your face for you.

"I was free to fall in love with you at first. When I married you, I didn’t collect a penny of you, and there was no three -gold hardware fart!

"I marry you for three years. With your child, your dad lay down at home every day, and he was waiting for me to wait for me. Your mother was embarrassed at home.

"Your parents abuse my pet, your mother slaps me in front of you, you also ask me to apologize for your mother!

"I leave home with my child, I don’t want you to pay a penny, just to stay away from you.

"That car is my dowry. I drove you for two years. I haven’t found you to depreciate. You still want to occupy yourself when you get married.Walk.

"Xu Nanxing, people want their faces and skin skin, you are not afraid of being split by thunder!

"Comrade Police, you see clearly. This is a divorce certificate. I have no relationship with this man. That car is my private property. He is stealing!"

The police are also very embarrassed. The divorce certificate is freshly released. I still have a big stomach. They think this is a housework.

Xu Nanxing, a shameless man, pretended to be a set of grandsons in front of him. When he bullied me at home and his parents’ family, he dragged like uncle.

When the Divorce of the Civil Affairs Bureau was complaining, the few divorced women were distressed to ask him for WeChat on the spot. He felt that he was a good man who was disappointed by me.

Now in front of his colleagues and police, he nodded his waist and raised his ears. He manipulated my feet and touched it.

I forced me to push away from him without a good face, and I felt that I was not close to it.

Faced with my allegations, he told his voice and looked at it with a soft voice: "Okay wife, don’t be angry.

"It’s not a big deal, what are you doing so ugly?

"Don’t make trouble, I will apologize to you when I go home. Do I kneel on the washboard?

"Sorry, Comrade Police, you know, pregnant women have a bad temper, and if you want to go out, there is no weight. Don’t generally know with her."

I think Xu Nanxing is really sad. To this day, he still uses my pregnancy to attack me.

If there is no divorce, if I am pregnant with the child of his Xu family, I may be disgusting now and want to go to the hospital immediately to fight the child.

But it doesn’t matter now, now this child is my own, and has nothing to do with him!

The police looked at his flexion and stretched, and said to me, "The family has something to say, and it is difficult for the Qing officials to break the housework. You can mediate it yourself."

Okay, I understand the difficulties of the police comrades.

They looked at my stomach and watched Xu Nanxing who would pretend to be a dog. I probably thought that I would definitely remarry with him in the end.

The Xu family also bullied me so hard in front of me by relying on my children in front of me!

I used to be ignorant of myself, and I was stabbed by Xu Nanxing. Now I have been awakened.

As soon as the police said, my mother rushed in with my two aunt. In the office area, she slammed her head in the office area and smashed his company.

They are all good women who are diligent and frugal. They do n’t move their valuables. They are all smashed by print paper booking machines.

But it was enough to give them a wolf borrowing, burnt.

Xu Nanxing called the police management. I said with a smile: "Comrade of the police, you just said that we are back to the family. The mother -in -law teach the son -in -law to be a housework. You can rest assured that we will mediate it yourself."


My mother and two aunts accompanied me to the hospital for a birth check, and the twins were twins.

"Nineteen weeks of pregnancy, fetal development is a bit slow. Pregnant women should pay attention to supplementing nutrition and maintain a good mood. Family people should pay attention to the emotions of pregnant women, not to be angry, and not be stimulated.

"The twins will be harder. The subsequent checkup must come on time. Don’t be lazy and lucky. This is a matter of a child’s life."

"Good doctor, thank you."

The two aunts looked at me and sighed: "Xia Xia, do you really have to give birth to this child? Xu Nanxing’s bad child, who knows what virtue will grow up in the future?"

"Actually … he really didn’t do that before."

He is not born bad. He is really excellent in school. He is very popular in the class. He is the cadre of the Student Union and the vice president of the school community.

He and I met at the volunteer activities of the elderly who lost their independence. At that time, Xu Nanxing, at that time, was really upset. Anyone who watched it would feel that he was a mature and enthusiastic man.

Because of this, I promised to marry him as soon as I graduated.

But who knows, we have always lived with his parents after marriage. We had a good opportunity to go to big cities together. His parents did not allow him to stay away from home. He insisted that he would stay with his parents.Filial filial piety.

Maybe I should see from then on, and this kind of compromise is endless.

After leaving the school and returning home, he is no longer the helpful senior.

Even if I just let him share a simple housework as a sweeping bowl, his parents would stop, as if the sky was collapsed.

"He is a man. How can you do these things at home all day will affect the luck of men.

Then just picked up the broom, and shouted with one hand covering his waist with one hand.

Slowly, Xu Nanxing became more and more arrogant to hide behind his parents, unifying the front with them, unreasonable and unreasonable.

If there is a contradiction with me, let his parents clean up me. What he did by himself had an opinion on his parents and pushed it to me and said it was me.

In short, he has never been wrong, and he never needs to bear any responsibility.

"Congenital is important, and the acquired education is even more important. I and he graduated from Double Double Double University. Children’s IQ will definitely not be low in the future.

"As for emotional intelligence, character, and being lived, it is necessary to cultivate the day after tomorrow.

"I am now divorced from Xu Nanxing, and these two children have nothing to do with the Xu family. In the future, the children went to my father’s account book and surnamed Jiang.

"I will never let the Xu family intervene in the process of growth and education."

As soon as the two aunt heard the child’s surname Jiang, they immediately opened the flowers: "That’s great! We haven’t appeared twins in the Jiang family, Xia Xia is really blessed!"

"If the Xu family knew Xia Xia Huai’s twins, they died."

I hurriedly said, "This matter can’t tell the Xu family. You also hear what the doctor said that the fetal development is slow, and it must be that I was angry with them in the Xu family before.

"If they know that they are here, where can I stand with the children, let’s not ignore them!"

My mother quickly nodded: "Yes, yes, Xia Xia is right. Before the child came out, we couldn’t say anything."

My aunt’s heart was relieved: "At that time, the child’s full moon banquet, let’s do a lot of office. At the time, Xiaxia’s wedding looked like what it looked like.

"What children just graduated and did not save everything. In fact, it is not to take care of our Xia Xia like his son.

The second aunt had no good impression of the Xu family: "It is said, from that time, it can be seen that the Xu family is not authentic. Relying on Xia Xia likes their son to bully people, not even the most basic etiquette.people."

The aunt nodded again and again: "Xia Xia, you are too soft, and you have no love for love. If you look at your cousin, her boyfriend dares to neglect her at the wedding, and I dare to turn her face with them on the spot.Intersection

"The daughter of a blessing does not go to the family without a blessing. Don’t marry if you can’t afford it. Relying on the girl who likes the girl, she calls the girl to post a man. What good birds can be!"

"I know my aunt, let’s not say they!"

The aunts took me and my mother to the mall and bought a lot of things for the children.These, the Xu family has never thought about preparing.

My grandparents walked early. My aunt took care of my brother and sister early, and the strong personality was famous.

When I was young, I didn’t like my aunt, and I felt that she was so noisy.

But in the year of high school, my cousin was planted by a classmate in the class, saying that she stole her bracelet, and the teacher called the parents.

After my aunt went, I asked my cousin what was going on first. My cousin said that she did not steal it, and it was put in her drawer.

Then the aunt cared for my cousin in the office, quarreled with the teachers and the parents of the other classmates, and resolutely believed that the cousin did not steal things.

The other party said, "Forget it, now the bracelet is retrieved, and we have no loss, and we will not compare with people like you."

My aunt refused to calculate: "People like us don’t have other skills, but love to count.

"My girlfriend did not steal things, but you slandered her. You are slander, personality insults, or destroying her for a lifetime. Why should my daughter suffer this grievance?

"The children of the senior year are eighteen years old. I have to bear legal responsibility. I have called the police and waited for the police to obtain evidence. I want to go to the court to sue you!"

In the end, this incident was based on the class owner and the owner of the bracelet in the class to apologize to my cousin in the class. My aunt turned to buy a 20,000 yuan big gold bracelet for my cousin and worn it on my hand.

The teacher called her and said that the child could not wear jewelry, and the aunt quarreled with the teacher again: "Why can’t others wear jewelry?

Since then, my aunt has become famous in the first battle. Whether it is our child or the child of my uncle’s side, the parents are called by parents at school without looking for my parents, and they love to find my aunt.

My cousin is not a "child of someone else’s house", but my aunt is definitely "the mother of someone else."

It is really my luck with such family and relatives.

After returning home, my dad heard that I was pregnant with the twins and had to be with his surname. When I was so excited, I hummed Qu’er, and immediately went to the supermarket to buy food and returned to cook in person.

I also went to the bookstore to buy a bunch of books to take care of pregnant women to wait for confinement and take care of children, and studied in the middle of the night with my mother.

"Now it’ s not a small cost to raise children. Our family will add two at once. In the future, children’s special class, tuition classes, and Xia Lingying have a lot of money. We have to prepare in advance. "

My dad is very concerned about the future of the child. The child has not been born. From kindergarten to university, it is good.

"One is Jiang Yangyang and the other is Jiang Yangcan, whether it is a boy or a girl, it is called this name!"

My mother is a bit disagree: "Will this be too perfunctory?"

"What do you know? The current children’s names are all whisty, the right rate is too high, and there are rare words, which will affect children in the future.

"Our children are simple and unpretentious, and the sun is bright for a lifetime!"

I also think these two names are good, so I set it directly.

In the circle of friends, I saw Xu Nanxing’s chat history.

He and a woman talking about each other’s failed marriage is obvious that it was previously added by the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Men really complained. He described himself as a little pitiful in front of that woman. He felt that he was compromised for me endlessly, but I was not satisfied.

I also told the woman that I took my family to his company for no reason, saying that my whole family was a vixen.

The woman was very distressed and emotioned: "Why do good women encounter scumbags in this world, and good men have been ruined by bad women?"

I want to vomit, really, you two go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to take the certificate, it is too good!

As soon as Xu Nanxing’s circle of friends, many of our common friends left a message to reply to a shock than one.

"No, I can’t see that Jiang Xiaxia is such a horrible person. Women only need to end the marriage and look bad, hey, buddy understands you!"

For a long time, no one spoke in the class group, and the male classmates comforted Xu Nanxing in the group: "That Jiang Xiaxia, I can see that she is not a good thing, maybe it is your family money.Marry you. "

This remark was greatly approved by most male classmates.

When I got married, I did n’t have a penny. I married his house for more than two years and went out of the house with a clean body. In the group, he became a slut to marry Xu Nanxing for money. He suspected that he had abandoned him.

This world seems to be a man who wants to destroy a woman’s reputation, only three words "she worships gold."

The rest of the story will make up for the brain.

The former class group has become a complaint conference for this group of dog men. One by one, by comforting Xu Nanxing’s opportunity, scolding his family who served his family and had a child who gave birth to him.Essence

How sad, when a woman walks into marriage without hesitation, enters another family, and gives everything.

Signing the right to determine life and death for himself outside the operating room, but he did not know whether the man was back to you when he was back to you.

I don’t know how to dislike you, abuse you, abuse you, plant you, and slander you.

I watched Xu Nanxing’s crazy words in the group. I even doubted whether he was not spoiled by his parents after returning home. Has his nature like this.

I want to tell my classmates what is the facts, but because I was so angry that I was shaking, I kept playing with wrong words, and finally lost my patience. I simply threw the phone aside.

But I did not retreat, nor did I delete the WeChat of any old classmates.

Slowly, I calmed down.

The more Xu Nanxing was so disgusting to me, the more I felt that the marriage was really right. My Jiang Xiaxia just escaped the birth of birth!

I will not delete them. Time will bring all the truths. I want to keep these people. I want to watch, who has a retribution in the end.

I opened the news that it was free to worry about how they were obscene. They concentrated on learning how to take care of the children and how to give children prenatal education.

After half a month, Xu Nanxing came to steal the car again in the middle of the night.

After sitting in his driver’s position, he screamed.

There is a wooden board under the driver’s car cover with two rusty iron nails on it.He sat down with his buttocks and tied up, and quickly went to the hospital to deal with the wound to break the wound.

I called the police: "Xu Nanxing is here to steal the car again, please deal with the comrades of the police!"

The nail was released by my aunt, and after letting go, we deliberately told us to remember to check before driving.

My dad has a car himself, and my mother and I do not often go out. I have never used the car. I really tied two holes in Xu Nanxing’s ass.

The Xu family wanted to sue us intentionally.

I really laughed: "My own car, I love to put a nail in it and put a knife.

"If this is a deliberate injury, I rushed into your kitchen and chopped my own knife to cut my own knife. Is it you intentionally murdered?

"Xu Nanxing, you just shameless, and you should have a limit. Today, I will return my car key to me today in front of the police."

Xu Nanxing really refreshed my awareness of the words "shameless", and would act in front of the police in front of the police.

"Comrade of Police, we are not really divorced. How difficult for pregnant women to have it also knows that she had to get a divorce certificate at that time. I was also afraid of stimulating her to hurt the child, so I had to compromise.

"In my heart, she has always been my wife. The two of me did not divorce at all. She just had a temper with me.

"You look at her, and now there are my children in my stomach, it is six months old. When she has a child, she thinks clearly, and we will definitely remarry.

"No matter how cruel mother, you can’t let your child have no dad, you say yes!"

After performing for a long time, I finally made a summary: "We are still a family. How can I be stolen with my own car?"

"Xu Nanxing! You are really shameless. When you see yourself when you look in the mirror, don’t you want to vomit?

"Do you think you are a family with me, so you can use my things as a stolen?

"Fortunately, my family is not a bank, otherwise you can move it casually?

"It’s right that I have to divorce you, because your family bullys me a pregnant woman, and your family of three is the same line, making it as if I am an outsider who can be bullied.

"A pair of my life at home is not about your business. When you go out, you will pretend to be a turtle son to pretend to be a man. If you can act, Oscar owes you a little golden man!"

I really regret that this beast was crying and shouted in the Civil Affairs Bureau, saying that I couldn’t forgive me as a woman.

But this time I recorded it.

Then he sent him to the class group that was very happy during this time.

In the eyes of those old classmates, he was bullied by my died vicious ex -wife who was died.

He suffered suffering, and finally was finally relieved. They comforted him and encouraged him. He accompanied him to scold me to curse me and said that I would regret it and there would be retribution.

He shaped himself into a perfect victim. When he did not mention that when he married him from beginning to end, except him, I really didn’t try anything and had nothing.

He did not mention that his parents abused me who had raised me for seven years, and hit me during my pregnancy!

Xu Nanxing’s mobile phone also rang. He glanced at me, looking at me unbelievable, and then he couldn’t play the show.

"Jiang Xiaxia, why do you send everything in the group, why are you so insidious? You still video! You are sick!"

I laughed and put away my phone: "Yeah, how can I take a picture of the true face of a set of dogs in the back of your face to show people, I’m so insidious."

The group suddenly exploded.

"Why is there a police officer in this background? Looking at it like the police station."

"What’s going on with Xu Nanxing? Didn’t you just say that he was out of suffering, and that the woman Jiang Xiaxia couldn’t ask.

"Xu Nanxing, you are really not something, Xia Xia is also in this group. You pull everyone to scold her with you, go back to find someone to reconcile, tell us that you are not sick inside and outside, you are sick!"

"Xia Xia is still pregnant? According to the laws of our country, the man cannot propose a divorce during pregnancy, so your divorce can only be mentioned by Jiang Xiaxia."

"You cried in this group for a few days, making it as if he had eaten a big loss. He had suffered a big grievance and finally got rid of the poor girl who got rid of the scum girl. As a result, Xia Xia’s belly didn’t want you as a man?"

"Put Nima and follow here, why are you so disgusting!"

"Well, Xu Nanxing is not a buddy said you, no matter how uncomfortable we are, we will not beat pregnant women, so as not to force his pregnancy wife to divorce himself, you are really not something."

Xu Nanxing’s eyes were blushing, and he yelled in the group: "What do you know? That crazy woman calculates me, you believe it!"

Later, in order to restore his face, Xu Nanxing had a murderous yin and yang in the group, and guided others to misunderstand that the child in my belly was not his species.

Green hat, this is a big deal!

The wind direction of the entire group suddenly reversed. Not only boys, but even girls scolded me with yin and yang strangely, and the chastity martyrs desperately stated that they had a clear line with me.

It’s really interesting.

When they expressed great sympathy for the green hat on Xu Nanxing’s head. When they humiliated all kinds of humiliation, I sent a word to the group: "This child is really not yours, it is my own Jiang Xiaxia himself.

"So you remember that every word that all these people in the group today are evidence. Everyone knows that you admit that your child is not yours!

"If you dare to grab the children with me in the future, you Xu Nanxing is the only green head king in the world, or you take the initiative to recognize in front of everyone.

"I have taken a screenshot of the chat history, I hope I won’t use it in court in the future!"

Xu Nanxing directly scolded his voice: "What are you talking nonsense in Jiang Xiaxia? When does Lao Tzu say that the child is not mine? You are pregnant with the species of my Xu family. Even if you divorce, you have to return my child to me!

"What they said is a fart. When they are in court, the judge will only recognize that parent -child identification will not recognize these mouths. If you want to occupy your children, don’t dream!"

He did not say directly, he hinted that he deliberately provoked others’ misunderstandings and sympathy for him.

Then when the people in the group scolded me, he couldn’t say anything and default.

Now he is anxious again.

I didn’t take care of him again. After a while in the group, there was a boy who made a sentence:

"Xu Nanxing, you are really really true, if you do something to break a sentence, I will kill myself!"

The group was quiet, and many people came in private to apologize to me and persuade me to see it.


After some criticism and education, Xu Nanxing’s dog in person would return me to me, but he said that he didn’t bring it on his body today, and he was given to me after a few days.

On the day of my car keys, the family of three of the Xu family came to my house together and rolled the rogue. His parents said that we hurt him and wanted his life.

Xu Nanxing’s mother pushed me hard and pushed me down on the sofa.

I felt cold and sweaty, and his family ran away.

When I arrived at the hospital, the doctor said that there were signs of signs of abortion and needed to be hospitalized.

I was lying on the hospital bed, feeling the slight fetal movement in my stomach, and couldn’t help but red my eyes.

This life is also this time. The suffering and grievances of pregnancy have been bullied. People are unscrupulous to be addicted, but I can only work hard to calm down my emotions for a little bit of a dead body.

This kind of hardship, I will not stand the second time in my life.

"Baby, you must be strong, your mother will protect you well!"

I really can’t imagine that Xu Nanxing just seized my car, and actually made his parents come to make trouble with me like this, almost harming me two children.

Later, they came to inquire about my child’s situation. My parents stopped them and scolded them outside, and did not let them come in front of me.

Xu Nanxing’s mother still shouted, "Who are you scaring? Domestic abortion, did she flow?"

"Which woman is not pregnant, she is so coquettish, thinking that she is an emperor with her belly, and anyone has to let her wait for her?

"She ran back to her mother’s house by herself. If the child had a problem, it would be your mother’s family.

"I tell you, Jiang Xia Xia is the grandson of my Xu family. If this child has any problems, I will find you to settle accounts, and dare to come to me!"

After shouting a mighty manner, Xu Jiaan gave birth to more than three months until I had a pair of dragons and phoenixes.

The full moon banquet was hosted by the Jiang family. The names of the two babies at the banquet were announced. Brother Jiang Yangyang, sister Jiang Chancan.

At the end of the banquet, the Xu family got the news from the circle of friends, brought relatives and friends to make trouble, and cried and screaming the ground and shouting. What was the surname of the Xu family’s grandson?

Laughing to death, my hukou is all ready, are you useful?

When I was pregnant, when you bullied me to death, and when I pushed me upside down, I did n’t see a little human nature.

Now it is a heartbreaking performance, it is really a sub -drama.

After returning home, my aunt looked at the two children and lamented: "I looked at Xu Nanxing’s look, and had no kindness. After these months, they might not have much bad water!

"By the way, did you return you back to you?"

I nodded: "Focus."

"Then you sell your car to your brother -in -law, let’s go as soon as possible!

"Now the car is small. You can’t put two strollers. It’s inconvenient to go out together for five of your family. You have to change.

"Your brother -in -law’s small car is still driving by your uncle. It has been more than ten years, just to change it."

When my car was married, I bought 220,000. Xu Nanxing was driving in the past three years, and I could hardly use it myself.

Nothing had occurred and there were no problems.

My aunt was willing to buy it for my cousin, and I couldn’t ask for it. 150,000 to him. When the two sides took a shot, they soon went through all the procedures.

But my cousin has never come to drive the car: "I haven’t bought the parking space yet. I stopped for a few days in my uncle and waited for the parking space to come back."

Half a month later, I took two babies downstairs to bask in the sun and found that the car was gone.

I called me my cousin. He said that he had never been here, and I thought. If he had been here, he would definitely go to the house to sit and say hello.

After checking the monitoring, what is Xu Nanxing? Where did he come from the car key?Intersection

After my brother -in -law knew, I told me: "Xia Xia, this car is no longer yours now, and this matter is given to me, you don’t care."

He hung up my phone, and immediately took out the phone and called the police: "Comrade of the police, my car was stolen."

Then my cousin took all the vehicle transfer procedures with my cousin and went to the police station.

I also sent me a message on the road: "You’re waiting to watch the show this time!"

The Xu Nanxing family did not know what it means to respect. I was accustomed to drawing my hands and feet to me, and to deal with my personal items at will.

They felt that Jiang Xiaxia shouldn’t have any private property and private belongings. Everything that me had to eat must be him, and he had to listen to his Xu family arrangements.

Xu Nanxing habitually felt that my car, like the child in my stomach, should be him.I think he wants to use it, and how can I take him.

This time I did not come forward. The whole process was that my cousin negotiated with the police. It was funny that Xu Nanxing didn’t know my cousin at all.

The Xu family did not like my aunt, and I didn’t know how many times I said, so I asked me to communicate with my aunt.

It is because my aunt is sturdy and short, does not suffer, and does not look at the Xu family. If you know that the Xu family bullys me, I must find them to settle accounts.

They were afraid of my aunt, so they provoked me not to let me walk around with my aunt.

Jiang Xiaxia looked at Xu Nanxing blindly, but I did not remove the brain stems.

The police are speechless to Xu Nanxing: "What are your obsession with your ex -wife’s car? The third time is this, do you want to be shameless?

"Last time you were in front of the police to guarantee that the key was returned to others, and it was guaranteed that he would not go anymore. Do you talk as fart? Then, where did the car key come this time?

"I tell you that your ex -wife has been sold to others for a long time, and the procedures are all very well. Putting on the car key to stealing people’s cars, you are not serious about it?

"Don’t tell us so much nonsense. You have nothing to do with your ex -wife and not remarry with us. It doesn’t matter if you steal your car with you, tell the judge yourself!"

It was Xu Nanxing’s fucking memory, and she recognized my cousin and cousin at a glance. She rolled on the ground on the spot and said that our family deliberately set up a set to frame her son.

In this case, is it we forced him to steal the car with his knife rack?

Xu Nanxing’s mother splashed, and both policemen couldn’t hold it. She pushed my cousin sharply, and my cousin fell on the ground a few steps.

When he supported his hands on the ground, his little thumb just arrived at the table leg.

"Ah … it hurts, Lin Gang hurts me, Lin Gang!"

My cousin screamed and cried, scared the police, and helped the person, and found her left -handed little thumb, and broke backwards with a strange arc.

The cousin blushed on the spot, and pointed at Xu Nanxing’s mother so angry: "Do you dare to beat my wife, why do you hit my wife? I tell you, I will not let you go, you will accompany youSon go to jail! "

When my cousin returned from the hospital, her eyes were swollen, and the whole person looked at it.

Seeing my aunt, he shouted a mother, and cried with grievances: "Xu Nanxing hits me, fractures my hands, hurt me, and it hurts me!"

Xu Nanxing was detained, and his mother was detained. His father went to our community all day long, knocking on the iron basin downstairs in my parents.

While knocking, he yelled, and the people who disturbed the entire community did not have a peaceful day. The police received the alarm call and could not count him eight times a day.

The aunt’s family did not blame me, my cousin didn’t blame me, and still distressed me: "You talk about you in the past few years, how to live with such people, how to live, this marriage should have been left, and it is good to leave!

"There are two more little babies. If they are raised by that family, what will happen, and they will be far away from them!"

I really feel guilty and I don’t know what to say.

I didn’t know what was sinful in her life. How could I see a man like Xu Nanxing and walked into such a house.

Not only did he suffer himself, he almost did not have the opportunity to come to the world, and it caused his parents to be uneasy and restless. Even the neighbors who did not know the community followed.

Is that family really don’t have a little face?

Both of the Xu family were detained. Xu Nanxing’s father found his family and relatives, and everyone discussed to find a lawyer.

As a result of the last consultation, the left thumb fracture was slightly injured, which did not constitute a criminal case. The fines were fine for a few days. They did not even plan to compensate.

My aunt is not so bully. I do n’t care about the Xu family, and I directly find someone to cry at the door of the police station.

Pulling the police not to let go: "My daughter is in your police station, and I have been fractured under your eyelids. At least I have to tell her a provocation!"

Then the Xu family found a lawyer again and asked what was sinful to find a provocation.

The lawyer was also speechless: "Is it a fracture in the police station? Why don’t your family go to heaven!"

The Xu family is really anxious this time. I took the initiative to ask me to apologize to admitting wrong and reconciliation, and compensated my cousin 20,000 yuan.

Mother Xu was all day in the detention center. Oh, it hurts here to make the police tirelessly. After the reconciliation of the two sides, she was put back for seven days.

As soon as I came back, I came to my house to find a concubine. I just gave my cousin downstairs and was hit by her.

She was a elder who was kneeling in front of me directly in public, and was pulled by me and my cousin.

"Xia Xia, you can’t be so vicious to be a man, you can’t kill all!

"Our family is sorry for you, you can’t send my son to prison!

"You are the mother of the children of the Xu family. Your child will know that his mother is such a vicious person in the future. You know that you will send his father to prison, he will hate you!"

The Xu family’s knees can be soft, but their mouths are always hard.

"You also think about the future future for your child. Dad is in jail, and the child’s future will be destroyed."

My cousin guarded in front of me, for fear that she would suddenly rush over to hurt me: "Who do you threatened?

"The little babies are all surnamed Jiang, who is your Xu family! What is your Xu family, what is Guan Xiaxia? Do you think anyone is as unreasonable as your family?

"Three and sixty lines, the champion is out, the baby’s future is widely promising. As for your thief son, it also affects their future. First of all, worry about your family’s future!"

Mother Xu ignored my cousin and just shouted to me, "Xia Xia, why are you so cruel, you let my son, I beg you!"

Speaking of kneeling on the ground again, from her, she really couldn’t see the arrogant look when she slapped me at home.

I held her again: "Auntie, your son stole three times, and after the police filed the case, it was a public prosecution case.

"Public prosecution cases, those who are not reported to the case will reconcile, and they will withdraw the case if they are willing to withdraw the case. Do you understand?

"Don’t say that it is a car, even if a bicycle breaks a bicycle, it is necessary to go to jail three times in a row.

"What’s more, he still secretly equipped the key to steal the car by himself. Didn’t he know that his behavior was committed? He knew that he thought I had no way to take him, so he deliberately bullied people."

"Now that I have been retributed, it is useless to find anyone, and it is not useful to find me, because the car is not mine long ago!"

Dare not dare to go to my aunt’s family, come here to pretend to be pitiful, do you think I am so handy?What do you miss!

"I advise you to go home and ask him to ask a lawyer. Don’t let your husband come to our community to disturb the people. The police have warned many times, and then they are loud.Woolen cloth?"

"Jiang Xiaxia! Why are you so vicious? He is the father of the children. You dare to hurt him so much. You are not afraid that the child will grow up and hate you in the future, not filial piety to you!"

"If they are the older child you raised, I am of course scared. I am afraid that they are like you who are as bad as you.

"But you rest assured that my son and daughter have nothing to do with the Xu family. They will not go to your family for a day, so I will not grow like your Xu family, what’s so scared!"

"You want to be beautiful! I tell you, that’s my grandson of the Xu family, we will definitely come back!"

"Then you find a way, I am waiting for you."

Xu Nanxing was really sentenced to sentence. After my sister went to watch the court, I couldn’t eat it when I was angry.

"That family is really outrageous, so outrageous!

"Until now, Xu Nanxing was still clamoring that you were his wife in the court, saying that you would remarry, saying that in his eyes, you have not divorced, and everything you have shared with each other!

"I’m almost vomiting, do you know? Really vomiting! He is so affectionate, what did he do early?"

I made her a cup of chrysanthemum tea: "Don’t use the word" affection ", but it is just to fight for the judge’s sympathy and acting. Their family has a good play. What is the result?"

"After four years of judging, you should really look at his expression at the time. It was a moment when the whole person collapsed. Do you know the feeling of collapse?"


Probably, I was taken to the hospital with me. The doctor said that I had signs of a pioneering abortion. When the child might not be able to keep it, my mood was the same.

Innocent, painful.

Now, he has realized it.

"He still feels too much to judge. He wants to appeal. His lawyers remind him that what he committed was a standard for sentencing for three to ten years. His habitual nature was very lucky for four years."

The Xu family knew the results of the judgment and cried and grabbed the ground.

The husband and wife were ten years old all night, washing their faces with tears all day, incarnate into Xianglin, and scolding me outside every day.

When he met a person, he pulled his hands and cried and complained and scolded the daughter -in -law who was vicious.

Mother Xu fell outside, was helped by a college student, and scolded me again with her hand.

The college student was also kind, and directly shot the video on the Internet and discussed the old grandma.

So many people who do n’t know, think that I am too vicious, and feel that Xu Nanxing’s marrying me Jiang Xia Xia really poured blood mold for eight lives.

They said that it was my restless house that I was hurting, and said that the Xu family married the wrong woman to destroy three generations.

Some people even released my photos and analyzed my looks, saying that I was the standard Koff face.

I love to listen to this. It is best that everyone believes that if there are not men who come to my side in my life, then I am so happy.

I registered an account and sent only one dynamic, and I took a few photos and screenshots inside.

The divorce certificate, three alarm records, the record of my hospitalization, Mother Xu injured my cousin compensation for reconciliation in the police station, and Xu Nanxing’s judgment document.

Text: "Four years have passed quickly. Whoever hurts him who led him home, don’t generosity, do you feel bad about him, but you call me to pay? There is no such reason in the world."

The eyes of the masses are still clear. Was I harmed people, or Xu Nanxing bullying others to die.

In the end, the college student couldn’t help but took the initiative to delete the video to apologize to me, admitting that he was deceived, and did not figure out the facts.

I didn’t pursue him, and this matter should be able to make him a lot of lessons.


My dad is a professor of material science. After retirement, he was returned from a high salary of a company in a foreign country and provided a villa.

Although there is only the right to residential, but the rent, water and electricity, and property funds are all -inclusive, our family moves directly with the children.

Xu Nanxing’s parents found our new home for more than a year. From time to time, they were crying and kneeling. It depends on the grandson.

When I hit me, the ruthlessness of our mother -in -law was alive?When I pushed me down directly, what was the free and easy?

Want to see the grandson now?is it possible?

And from beginning to end, the granddaughter is not mentioning the word. Fortunately, I divorced myself to bring my children.

Otherwise, the two children are born in the Xu family, and this group of eccentric people have to make my daughter look like!

When the child was two years old, the Xu family changed his strategy and did not pretend to be sympathetic. After all, Jiang Xia Xia was ruthless, and it was useless to pretend.

They started to keep me for my son, for fear that I would remarry.

I heard that every time I went back from us, Mother Xu shouted to the neighborhood and shouted:

"Jiang Xiaxia gave birth to our Xu family. Which man in the world dares to ask her?

"Does a woman with two dolls have a way to live? Now should she ask us to remarry, otherwise how do she raise children herself?"

What time is it? Do you think women do n’t have any survivability. Can I only wrap my feet at home and ca n’t make money by themselves?

The Xu family weighed eight or two face, and the remaining two or two were all mouths.

At first, she was dead and tired to force his son to divorce me. Xu Nanxing began to be proud of the Civil Affairs Bureau, saying that he could find a better one after the divorce, and no one had a woman with a second marriage with a child.

What is it now?I’m afraid that I have left Jiang Xiaxia with others. Does anyone pick up Xu Nanxing’s disk?

I won’t want other men, I won’t want Xu Nanxing!

My Jiang Xiaxia is not able to live away from a man. I have children and women now. My parents are healthy and healthy. The family is happy and happy. Why should I find a man to torture me?

Go to serve his parents and be suspected of abandoning fighting wisdom. Maybe he has to be forced to give him birth to his biological and blood, and then experience the suffering of October’s pregnancy. I am sick!

I am only in my career now!

I plan to continue my studies.

If I had to get married as soon as I graduated, I should go to the postgraduate entrance examination, but after so many years of delay, I brought my children at home for two years. It may be difficult to go out to find a job now.

Therefore, in the past two years, I brought children at home, and I prepared carefully and applied for graduate students abroad.

At the beginning, I learned that international trade and also selected Italian by myself, but after graduation, Xu Nanxing’s family did not agree with us to go to big cities.

It is difficult for us to find counterpart work in ordinary small cities with unique industries, so I work for three years after marriage, and my major is useless.

Now I followed my father to a big city and came into contact with the developed foreign trade industry. I recovered my dream and enthusiasm when I reported their professionalism.

Maybe one day, I can also be the kind of professional set in TV, holding a folder with a folder and walking out every day. The commercial female elites who switched them in three languages!

Think of excitement.

I got the admission notice, but the application was delayed for one year. When the two children were three years old, they took them abroad.

My mother is not assured. If I want to follow, I am very willing. People cannot always be limited to a small world.

This is the main reason why I want to wait for the child to take two children together.

Laurea Magistrale has two years, and his academic qualifications are recognized by the Ministry of Education.

With my mother helping to take the child, I started to find a part -time job after I stabilized. At this time, my mother tongue advantage was successfully reflected.

He directly entered a company that cooperated with Chinese companies to start with the translation of materials.

After graduating, I successfully stayed in this company, became a formal employee, and was assigned to domestic branches.

The children are more than five years old and should go back to elementary school. Everything is so good.

Not long after I returned to China, I received a subpoena from the court. Xu Nanxing was released from prison. He wanted to sue me and grab the custody of the child with me.

Without morals, anything is possible.

I was not afraid of him. Now, he is even more nothing in my eyes!

When the parents of the Xu family came to make trouble before, they planned to sue me, scolding me to let my child go with my surname, and scolded the sky.

Isn’t my surname who stayed with my surname in October?If you follow your surname, the first thing after my divorce is going to abortion!

Know /////// hu

Author: Shanhe Wanwan

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