After pregnancy, the breast always hurts. What is going on?

The process of women’s pregnancy is difficult, and some discomfort may occur during pregnancy. For example, some women will feel that breast pain is unbearable during pregnancy.Learn about related knowledge.

What about breast pain during pregnancy?

In fact, breast pain is a manifestation of pregnancy.This is a normal physiological response after women’s pregnancy.After a woman’s pregnancy, it is only a month, and the breasts will gradually increase, and in addition, there is a feeling of pain.What is going on with such pain?Generally, this is a large amount of estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin that secrete the placental velvet, which is too high and local stimulation.This is a kind of physiological pain, and is preparing to be a mother in the future.

Usually during pregnancy, this pain will last for three or four months, and if severe, it will always be painful during pregnancy.Some people may perform differently, and some people feel painful.It is recommended not to worry too much. Don’t rely too much on drug treatment when you are pregnant. Don’t wear clothes too tightly, be happy and relax.

What about breast pain during pregnancy?

Doctors of the Department of Breast Gland said that when breast discomfort or pain, they should communicate with the doctor earlier and conduct professional examinations.The simpler thing is that going to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound of this location, and it is usually found that there are not much problem.At this time, most of the female friends have recently lived in irregular life, stress, unreasonable diet, and lack of sleep.It may also be because of some health products, these things may contain estrogen.If there is a situation mentioned above, then correction or prevention should be corrected.

You can use the method of adjusting life, relax your mood daily, slow down the rhythm of life, can make your body and mind happy, and be in a good state.

There are also some in terms of traditional Chinese medicine. The nipples are allocated by the liver meridian, and the breasts are all gastrointestinal deployment.Therefore, liver qi is not smooth, and the spleen and stomach deficiency are caused by this disease.The solution is to regulate the spleen and stomach.You can try some medicinal materials, such as lotus seeds, yam, Poria, lotus lotus seeds, yam, Poria, 芡 and so on.

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