After pregnancy, the belly has always been cold. Is it harmful to the baby?

Many Baoma always feels cool after pregnancy. It is obviously lower than the temperature of other parts of the body. I am worried that this will have a bad impact on the baby.Let’s analyze it for everyone!

Pregnant woman

What is the reason why the belly is cold

Because the belly is squeezing the blood on the blood, the blood is not more circulating than other places. Therefore, the temperature has always been lower than other places. This is a normal appearance. If there is no other discomfort, you can not be too worried.

If there is no other discomfort, it is normal, just pay attention to check during pregnancy, pay attention to keep warm and prevent cold, but if you show abdominal pain, if you show bleeding discomfort, you must think about it.Super viewing tire preservation treatment.

Cold limbs are usually partially cold, sprained, poor qi and blood, and calcium deficiency, which will cause this condition.The most common manifestations of prospective mothers in the later period are edema. Poor blood circulation and excessive intake of salt are the causes of edema.Poor blood, and the supply of maternal blood is not so sufficient, which can show the cold limbs.

Women’s pregnancy is to have another life body in the body, and the life of the fetus also needs to provide blood for blood.Therefore, when pregnancy, the blood in the body will be allocated from the beginning. Most of the blood is flowing towards the body of a small life, and the blood that originally flows to the mother’s limbs will be cut accordingly, and then the severe cold limbs will be presented.Essence

Lack of blood supply is the main reason for the cold limbs.Therefore, if there is anemia, cardiovascular disease, etc., it can also show cold limbs.When pregnancy time, if the prospective mother did not reasonably arrange the varieties of diet, the lack of certain nutrient components, the lack of blood supply, and the severe cold of the limbs would also be presented.

Pregnant woman

Does the cold belly affect the fetus?

Usually there is no effect. The cold belly is due to the increased tension of the abdominal wall, the blood vessels are stressed, and the blood circulation of the abdominal wall is caused by the blood circulation of the abdominal wall.It will not affect the baby. Do not need to worry too much.

If it is cold, the belly is cold, it is best to regulate the drug under the guidance of the doctor.

Pregnant woman

What to do if the belly is cold

Do a good job of warmth

The cold belly must ensure the warmth of the body’s body. Do not be too cold or too hot, and the weather is cold in winter. Do not be cold. You must wear hats, gloves, scarves, masks, especially the abdomen when you go out of the home air conditioner or heating temperature.Make a good way to keep warm.

Appropriate exercise

During pregnancy, it is also necessary to exercise appropriately, such as walking, doing housework, yoga, etc., to improve the blood circulation of the body and improve the coldness of the belly.

Pay attention to diet balance

Pay attention to the balanced nutrients of the diet, do not eat too greasy, eat more vegetables and fruits, pay attention to supplementing protein foods such as meat, milk, beans, etc. In addition, pay attention to calcium supplement and drink more warm water.

Timing inspection

The belly is cold, and it is necessary to check on time and close the condition of the baby’s baby to prevent the belly cold and affect the health of the baby.

Persist in your mood happy

Usually adhere to a happy state of mind, do not worry too much, just need to be normal in the body, and the baby’s tire baby develops normally. The cold belly will not affect the baby.

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