After pregnancy, the appetite is not good. I like to eat peppers to appetite. Can pregnant women eat chili?

After women are pregnant, they often make the pregnant mother’s appetite bad because of changes in body hormones, and they can’t eat things. Especially for pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy, they often eat vomiting and vomit.But in the end, there are very few foods that can be left in the stomach and intestines. Not only are they not healthy for pregnant women, they also have an impact on the development of the fetus in the stomach. Therefore, some pregnant mothers want to appetite by eating chili, but they do not know whether the pregnant woman in the endCan you eat chili.

Whether pregnant women can eat chili vary from person to person.According to the situation of the pregnant mother, if the pregnant mother usually cannot eat spicy, or usually does not like spicy food, it is best not to eat spicy or less chili during pregnancy.If you usually do n’t eat spicy and eat spicy after pregnancy, you will get angry, and it will also have a certain impact on the fetus in the belly.

If we are pregnant mothers in our sortic hometown, Chongqing, Guizhou, and Hunan, they can eat spicy food from childhood, and they usually maintain a spicy and unhappy eating habits.Pregnant mothers like this kind of pepper, it doesn’t matter if you eat some peppers.And in our hometown, there are relatively few pregnant mothers who do not eat spicy food. Almost basically eat spicy spicy after pregnancy, just eat more and eat less.

I am the same as myself. Although pregnancy is not very serious when I am pregnant, my appetite is not good.In order to improve my appetite, I often eat chili and Sichuan kimchi. I especially feel that eating chili and kimchi, etc., are particularly flavored, so I was reluctant to eat spicy.

My baby is pretty good, there is no jaundice or eczema, the baby is smart and healthy, and the skin is very good.Take a closer look, just feel that the baby’s eyes are a little red.However, after a day or two, the red blood in the baby’s eyes also disappeared.

Therefore, if the pregnant mother wants to appetite because of her bad appetite, it is okay to want to eat chili, but according to her own situation, it is recommended to eat as little as possible, or eat that kind of hot pepper.EssenceAfter all, the pregnant mother has a light diet, and the combination of meat and vegetables is good.Wish good pregnancy!

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