After pregnancy, pregnant women don’t eat preserved eggs, which can easily affect fetal health.

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In addition to living habits during pregnancy, mothers also need to pay special attention to diet adjustment.Because the condition of food can directly affect the development of the fetus and the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

Although the rough attention to each pregnant woman’s diet is very similar, things that each pregnant mother likes to eat during pregnancy may be very different.

For example, some mothers like to eat eggs, and others like to eat beef, and even some pregnant mothers will like to smell that special smell. It can be said that pregnancy is a strange stage of the mother’s diet habits.

Usually, everyone will say what is like to eat during pregnancy and what is the lack of fetal development.

Many people also advise pregnant women to eat more food they want to eat, because the fetus can supplement nutritional development better.

However, some food pregnant women cannot eat more even if they like to eat, because these foods may not only bring a significant negative impact on the body, but even cause fetal malformations.

I ate this kind of egg during pregnancy. After the color Doppler ultrasound, the family was surprised

After graduating from Xiao Fang, he met his current husband under the introduction of his family. The two got married for more than a year, and they were very loving after marriage.

Seeing that Xiaofang is 32 years old, her work with her husband has basically stable, and the economic situation has improved sharply.

So the two began to prepare for pregnancy, and after a year of pregnancy, Xiao Fang successfully became pregnant.After successful pregnancy, Xiaofang and his family also cared for various care, for fear that the child had problems.

Xiaofang not only paid attention to diet, but also gave up the extreme movement he loved for the baby.

But because of the strong pregnancy reaction during pregnancy, Xiaofang did not have appetite at all.The family looked at Xiaofang’s appetite and felt that it was not a way to go on to adults and children, so he began to change his way to cook Xiaofang.

One day the family brought a few preserved eggs, ready to adjust the cold dishes for Xiaofang.I didn’t expect Xiaofang to eat three or four at a time, appetite, and a lot of meals.

The family sees that Xiaofang likes to eat preserved eggs so much. In the future, there is almost no preserved eggs on the dining table every day. Seeing that in the middle of pregnancy, there are more inspections.

Xiaofang and their family also attached great importance to each other, and they almost missed every time.

After the examination, the doctor told Xiaofang and the family that the doctor might have cleft lip and palate.Xiaofang and his family are very shocked, because Xiaofang has strengthened nutrition since the beginning of pregnancy, and has already rest at home to raise his heart. He usually does not use electronic products. Why does cleft lip and palate appear?

The doctor asked Xiaofang’s usual eating habits and told Xiaofang that it might be related to the preserved eggs she loved.

Although preserved eggs are delicious, they are also common cold dishes on dining tables in summer, but in fact it does not look as "naturally harmless".

Because the method of preserved eggs is very complicated, it contains more ingredients such as lime and tea, and a large amount of salt will be added to marinate.

And in the process of production, in order to accelerate the speed of duck eggs into preserved eggs, merchants may add some other substances.

These substances contain a large amount of lead -oxide. After penetrating into the preserved eggs, people will cause lead into the body when eating. If you take too much, it will easily cause lead poisoning and abnormal fetal development.

In addition, the production process of preserved eggs on the market is not the same. In order to make preserved eggs faster, some unscrupulous merchants will inject a large amount of lead -oxide, etc., which are harmful to the human body to duck eggs.

You must know that pregnant women have poor physique. After ingested with a large amount of lead oxide, they will have physical discomfort after harmful matter, and severe ones will also cause fetal malformation or even abortion.

After pregnancy, eating four more eggs is good for pregnant women and fetuses

Although pregnant women cannot eat preserved eggs, it is very important for fetal development.

Especially the following 4 eggs, during pregnancy, pregnant women can eat often, which is more good for the body of the fetus and pregnant women.

The first: egg

Eggs have always been regarded by many people as the main substances that supplement protein.Eggs contain a large amount of protein and are rich in cholesterol.

Eggs can promote the production of neurotransmitters, and neurotransmitters are very beneficial to fetal brain development.Therefore, often eating eggs can not only promote fetal brain development, but also increase the memory of pregnant women themselves.

Second: duck egg

Duck eggs also contain a large amount of protein, which contains more nutrients.Compared with eggs, duck eggs contain more calcium and iron elements, which can effectively prevent anemia during pregnancy and speed up fetal development.

Because calcium elements can promote the bone growth of the fetus, but it cannot be taken too much. After all, there may be a counterproductive effect on any excessive thing. This pregnant mother must pay attention to it.

In particular, pregnant women should eat less salted duck eggs, because salted duck eggs contain a large amount of salt, and eating too much will increase the probability of hypertension for pregnant women.

Third: Goose Egg

Goose eggs have a lot of benefits for pregnant women, because goose eggs can improve the memory of pregnant women.Especially in the early pregnancy, pregnant women’s pregnancy reactions were strong, and memory also decreased sharply.

Eating goose eggs can supplement a lot of nutrients for pregnant women to prevent cold from entering the human body, but the goose eggs should not eat every day. It is better to control it within four a week.

Fourth type: quail egg

Quail eggs also contain a lot of nutrients, especially if pregnant women are not qi and blood, and neurasthenia often occurs, it is more suitable for eating quail eggs.

Although quail eggs are small, its nutritional value is very high.If pregnant women have anemia or malnutrition, and vascular sclerosis, consumption of quail eggs is a good choice.

In addition, quail eggs also have a good skin care effect. Whether women are in pregnancy, they can eat quail eggs if they want skin beauty.However, quail eggs should not be eaten too much, otherwise it will cause excess nutrition.

For pregnant women, daily diet is extremely important.If you want to eat a certain food, you must first determine whether it is suitable for pregnancy.

Avoid material deformities or stagnation of fetal deformity or stagnation due to the fact that too much intake is not conducive to the development of the fetus.

Also try not to eat too much additives, otherwise it may stimulate the body’s discomfort.

At the same time, pregnant women must also supplement a large amount of protein during pregnancy, pay attention to the balanced nutritional intake, and each stage of pregnancy needs to focus on different supplementary nutrition.

In the early pregnancy, more protein and vitamins should be supplemented. On the basis of food in the early stages of pregnancy, you must continue to replenish minerals and reserve fat at the same time.

A large amount of calcium and other elements should be supplemented in the third trimester, and at the same time, it is necessary to eat more animal liver to prevent anemia.

The adjustment of dietary habits during pregnancy is very important for mothers. Although hard during pregnancy, the mother will feel that everything is worth it after the baby is born.

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